10 Top Reasons Why You Should Skateboard

Are you looking for reasons why you should skateboard? I’ve got an answer for you. It’s Awesome!

But I know that’s not going to cut it because it’s not reason enough(It is for some people). So I guess I’ll just have to up my game if I must convince you why you need to pick up a skateboard today. According to BBC, skateboarding improves flexibility, balancing, and coordination. And those are just a few of so many reasons why you should skateboard.

Here are 10 amazing reasons why you should start skateboarding.

Reasons Why You Should Skateboard

  1. Great Way To Commute

Skateboarding is a cool way to move around. Think about going from home to school every day with enjoyable ease with the wind on your face. Plus, you don’t have to be a pro skateboarder to be able to use a skateboard for transportation. As long as you have the basics pegged, you’re good to go.

Another upside to commuting with a skateboard is that skateboards are easy to carry around because they aren’t bulky. You can easily take them into trains or cabs if the need arises.

  1. Great Way To Make Friends

The skateboarding community is one that is extremely large with a variety of people with one thing in common: skateboarding. When you begin to skate, meeting people with similar interests is inevitable. If you were the shy, introverted type, a great way to come out of your shell is by going out there with your skateboard. Surely, sooner or later, people will approach you. If not to show off skills learned, then to offer friendly advice.

This works no matter what age you are. As a teenager, if you choose to skateboard, there is a huge chance you would see kids from school at the park. And whether or not it happens instantly, you could start getting drawn to them. But whatever the case, going out there beats staying home all day. If you ask me, one presents a better chance for you to forge friendships better than the other.




  1. Builds Confidence

Skateboarding demands some level of confidence from skaters. If you go around to ask those who are making progress in skateboarding, you’d factor this into their reasons for being better skateboarders.

To land certain tricks, you need to believe in yourself. You need to be self-assured, convinced and firmly believe that you can get on that board and do what everyone else does.

The great thing is that this isn’t just useful in skateboarding, but in all areas of your life that demands success. It is important you believe in yourself and realize how powerful you are because that is the key to becoming successful.

  1. It Is Fun

There is no place where it is written that only kids should have fun. And that’s great because skateboarding is fun for all age groups that interest in it.

There are so many reasons why you should skateboard, and this reason is as good as any I will mention here. After a tiresome day at work, a stressful day at school, or a few boring hours at the office, skateboarding is an absolutely great way to cut back and relax. Let the wind play on your face and have a good, enjoyable time.

Yes, you might have your video game for that, but with all the other reasons combined, I’m pretty sure skateboarding knocks gaming out the line. You just can’t match the adrenaline rush when you’re cruising at top speed, curving and carving, jumping over rails and landing kick-ass tricks. Skateboarding is super awesome.

  1. Great For Fitness And Healthy Exercise.

If you’ve been trying to get some exercise done but have been unable to make time or find the motivation to do so, skateboarding is a cool way to keep fit.

I’m pretty sure you can’t keep up at the gym for hours on stretch when you go out there to work out. But seeing as skateboarding does a lot to burn calories and you keep at it for hours and hours, I’d say you made a great decision to become a skater.

  1. You Can Skate Whenever You Want

As long as the weather is favourable, you can go skating whenever you choose to. Unless it is your will to skate at parks, you can actually do it anywhere. In the street just outside your house, at a car park, or even at the race track at school, it all depends on how you feel.

When the weather is bad and it’s not safe to skate in open places, you can just stroll or drive(depending on how far) to an indoor skate park to do your thing.

  1. Even A Noob Can Have Fun With It.

It’s not unheard of that skateboarding is only fun when you’ve learned to do those awesome tricks we always see pros do. Well, that’s a big fat lie.

There’s a thrill that comes with skateboarding even for the first time you get on a skateboard. You might not be able to land the most basic trick, but the anticipation of learning and getting very good constitutes most of the fun you’ll have.

The key is not getting worked up over your slow learning pace. The truth is, there are people who are fast learners and others that are not. And getting frustrated is a sure way to get sick of skateboarding. So as long as you are comfortable with your progress and you don’t stop trying, you’ll always enjoy skateboarding.\


  1. You Look Cool Doing It.

If you’re reading this post, I can assume you’ve at least seen one skateboarder and you liked how rad they looked on their board. Well, that’s because, from an outsider’s point of view, skateboarding and everything that has to do with it is really interesting and kinda dangerous. So even landing the most basic of tricks can earn you an impressive nod from a spectator.

If you’re a teen, a great way to get with the cool crowd is to get skateboarding and try learning some tricks. Trust me, you’ll get pat in the back.

  1. Your Reflexes Get Sharper.

In skateboarding, one of the first things you’ll be taught is how to fall safely. Because, yes, you will fall from time to time but that’s beside my point. The trick there is anticipating your fall so you can get to the ground as safely as possible. That’s your reflex at work.

Skateboarding requires you to be in control at all times and you have to be focused. This is so that you can avoid making a mistake and knowing how to make the best of your mistake when it does happen.

  1. It Teaches You Persistence.

With skateboarding, persistence is one very important key to growth. You might not always land that trick on the first try so you have to keep at it. Giving up means failure so you don’t want to do that.

If you can make considerable progress in skateboarding, chances are you can make progress in your other endeavours. So that would mean you can apply to real life, what skateboarding teaches you.



I know you might have heard or assumed that skateboarding is a dangerous sport but it really isn’t if you know how to be safe. There’s a lot you can learn from being a skateboarder and I’d want you to keep an open mind when considering becoming a skater. I promise you won’t regret it.