5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

A common fact acknowledged by both experienced skateboard riders and professional riders alike is that for the various styles of riding that exist in the world of skateboarding, there are various and preferred versions of skateboard parts or accessories that either help or deter your chosen style of riding.

Of the parts, the wheels are the most pertinent, for if you get the wrong skateboard wheels for your style of riding, you won’t be able to properly ride.

For a quick look at the best skateboard wheels for street cruising, see the links below.

This is mainly due to the wheels of a skateboard are an incremental part of a skateboard set up and have a major effect on the comfort of the ride, as well as on the rider’s balance and performance on the board. This bit right here is more so pertinent for riders who prefer street cruising with their skateboards.

Hence, to properly ride with no issues and for better balance, grip and speed, you need to get good wheels which fit your style, be it street skating or any other. Therefore, for those who want to cruise their skateboard through the street, this article is set to help you, as we’ve done our research and we’ve come up with a list of the best possible skateboard wheels you can get.

However, before we get into the list, we understand that purchasing wheels for your board can be a tedious chore sometimes. Especially when you have to consider the various factors you ought to before buying skateboard wheels. Also, most times most skaters don’t even know the factors to consider at all and because of this, we are going to help by highlighting the main factors.

Tips To Buying Skateboard Wheels

Now, as already mentioned, placing the right set of skateboard wheels to suit your skating style will definitely go a long way. However, knowing the right brand of skateboard wheels or the right wheel itself to buy for your style, won’t matter if you don’t consider factors like the wheel’s durometer and diameter beforehand.

Also, factors like the wheel’s contact patch and its shape should also be taken account before making a purchase. In light of this, below are brief highlights on factors you should consider before buying skateboard wheels.

  • Diameter: This is one of the core factors to consider when deciding on what wheel to choose. With regards to skateboard wheels, its diameter is usually measured in millimetres, with a size range of 50mm – 75mm. Now, the diameter of a skateboard is a core factor because there is a clear correlation between the diameter of your wheel and the speed and acceleration you’ll be able to achieve while utilising that wheel. In light of this, the smaller the diameter, the lesser amount of speed you can achieve. This also goes in the opposite direction, in that the larger the diameter, the more speed and acceleration you’ll get. Overall, you should always take the diameter size of your wheel into account, as it will greatly affect your riding. For instance, as a new rider, the diameter size of 50mm – 53mm ( the smallest skateboard wheelsets) is more your fit as you learn, while for pros and experienced riders, they should be looking at a range of 60mm and above to achieve their desired top speed.
  • Durometer: Apart from the skateboard world, I doubt the term durometer exist anywhere else. However, in regards to skateboard wheels, durometer is the measurement of a skateboard wheel’s hardness. Hence, the harder the skateboard wheels are, the higher the durometer. The scale of measurement used to determine the durometer is an ‘A’ 100 point scale whereby, a 96a – 99a skateboard wheel is harder than a 78a wheel. However, there’s an additional scale used for measuring here, that is, the ‘B’ 20 point scale, whereby it measures 20 points lower, therefore having an additional 20 points for harder skateboard wheels. This translate to an 80b wheel and a 100a wheel having the same durometer hardness. Now, being that this article is generally meant to help street cruisers, you should note that a higher durometer wheel isn’t best for you. The reason this happens is while softer wheels achieve less speed, they help to absorb impact and are therefore perfect for rough surfaces. So for a street cruising skateboard, get a wheel measured of about 78a – 87a which should be at the perfect level for you.

Now, apart from the two core factors above, other factors you should consider are the contact patch and the shape of the wheel. On the contact patch, this is the part of your wheel that has contact with the ground while you’re riding, that is, the surface area. This is an area of consideration as it greatly affects your performance while skating, especially in the area of body weight and speed acceleration.

On the shape of the skateboard wheel, there are basically two shapes to pick from, which are the sharp-lip and the round-lip shape. The importance of this is, which shape the best suit your style and for street cruising, the sharp-lip shape is your pick.

Having said all these factors, the next step is to highlight our main topic, which is the best skateboard wheels for street cruising. For that purpose, here is the list we arrived at:

Powell Rat Bones Green (90 A) 60mm Wheels

To start off the list, you have one of the best retro-designed skateboard wheels, that’s perfect for street skateboarders.

Powell-Peralta Rat Bones 60mm 90A Green Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5 Inches

The Powell Peralta Rat Bones wheels are built with undeniable quality and amazing features like an 85a durometer, that set it apart from the rest and ensures it’s one of the best set of wheels for rough roads. Now, the high standard features it has isn’t limited to just its durometer, rather, there’s the fact that its diameter is 60mm, with a width of 44mm and an ideal weight of 256g.

Altogether, it is clear that this particular set of wheels is a good fit for cruising and perfectly suitable to take on any surface you place it on.

Spitfire Classic Series Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to skateboard wheels that can be classified as all-rounders, that is, to fit any style of riding, you’re looking at the best there is. The Spitfire classic series are uniquely built skateboard wheels, and also as possess high-quality features.

Spitfire Unisex's Formula-Four Classic Wheels, White, 60 mm
  • classic shape
  • #1 shape in skateboarding worldwide
  • proven for speed and control

Their unique sense of build quality comes from the fact that they’re hand-poured and shaped, making the set of wheels a real testament to longevity.

As for the high-quality features of the Spitfire classic, you can easily see it in its 52mm – 54mm diameter or in the 99a durometer and also in the two different colour-ways they provide, as well as the modern design it wears.

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard Wheels

Based on the pricing, this set of wheels is a bit on the premium side, however, the reason is quite understandable, as the Ricta wheels are undoubtedly creative and overall comfortable.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 92A The 92a Urethane is A Happy...
  • 92A formula
  • perfect choice if you're skating a rough spot or looking just looking for a smoother ride
  • The 92a urethane is a happy medium that allows you to skate rough spots without compromising...

Also, there’s the fact that the Ricta wheels provide for riders NRG Hi-Energy Urethane Formula, which makes the wheels perfect for street or road cruising. Apart from these, there are also the features of a 52MM diameter and a 92a durometer.

So if you’re in the market for skateboard wheels that offer you unfailing smooth rides on rough surfaces and increases your performance, then this set of wheels are a match.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

So we have another skateboard wheel from the Spitfire brand, the Spitfire Bighead wheels which are particularly suited for beginner street skaters.

The reason for the last bit of largely due to this set of wheels amazing rolling efficiency on any smooth surface.

Apart from that, another feature this set of wheels has is it sporting the highest level durometer, that is a 99a durometer, which will no doubt provide sufficient grip and balance.

There’s also the added advantage of multiple diameter sizes which it comes in, that is, from 48mm to 63mm and with sizes in between. So for new street skaters, this should help you learn and hone your style of riding.

Shark Wheels California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Now, this is the last set of wheels on this list, however, this set of wheels are uniquely futuristic and innovative. The reason for such praise is based on the Shark wheels being uniquely and smartly engineered in a hybrid round shape that doesn’t fall within the normal skateboard wheel shapes we know.

Shark Wheel Cruiser Wheels - 60mm - Blue - California Roll Skateboard...
  • Sine-wave shaped wheels that are fast
  • Better slide control
  • Go over rough terrain better than any wheel

Now, the amazing thing about the hybrid round-shaped wheel is that it is three times faster than the wheels around, and it is also smoother. Also, apart from the remarkable hybrid round wheels, there are other features that make this set of wheels top tier. For example, the durometer is set at 78a making it the right level for street cruising, while the diameter is at 60mm.

Additionally, the new innovative wheel construction also provides for better grip and slide control, as well as making skating in the rain easier.

Overall, when looking for the perfect skateboard wheels for your street cruising style, you should always consider the main factors to help you pick out the best option.