Why Won’t My Skateboard Turn?

Skateboarding is a lot of fun. There are many different types of skating, but for this blog post we’ll be talking about the most common type – skateboarding.

Finding your footing on a skateboard can be tricky at first, and it may take some time to get good at it. However, with patience and practice you will soon find yourself turning like an expert.

It can be frustrating when your skateboard won’t turn. The most common reasons for this are either too much grip where you are turning or not enough grip where you are turning.

So what can be done about that?

To fix too much grip, try wiping off excess grip with a rag or towel while skating over it. If that does not solve the problem then try putting less pressure on your foot during turns.

Finally, if all of these solutions have failed then it may just be some type of mechanical issue like worn bearings or wheels which would require a professional fix.

How do you loosen a skateboard so it turns?

If you’re looking for a way to loosen up your skateboard, there are a few different methods.

One of the most popular methods is to use an Allen key/wrench and loosen the bolts on both trucks and then tighten them back up in order to “stretch” out that area of your board.

How do you loosen a skateboard so it turns?

It’s important when loosening these bolts that you do not over-tighten them. This can cause damage or even break your skateboard completely. 

If this sounds too complicated, another option would be using one of those handy hand tools called a skate tool which has two parts: one side with a Phillips head screwdriver and the other side with an Allen wrench.

Some people might find it easier to use this type of tool in order to get the correct torque when turning the bolts.

This way, when you push your foot on one edge of the board and pull back on the other, it will spin in a circle without flipping over. 

Why is your Skateboard not going straight?

If you ever find yourself frustrated with your skateboard because it’s not going in a straight line, then it might be due to a number of reasons. 

It may be that the wheels are out of alignment, maybe one wheel has more grip than the other, or maybe you’re riding on an uneven surface.

One way to resolve this is by adjusting your skateboard trucks. If they are too tight, the board will not turn in the direction that you want it to.

In the same vein, if they are too loose the board may wobble side-to-side. It’s best to experiment with different tightness levels until you find what works for you.

What do you do when your skateboard wont turn?

Do you have a skateboard that won’t turn? Skateboards can be very tricky to use when they don’t turn correctly because the rider has trouble staying upright or even moving forward.

When your wheels are too tight, it is hard to get the board to rotate. This can be frustrating when trying to catch up with friends or going downhill. The good news is this problem has a simple solution. 

In order for your skateboard wheel to turn correctly, the inside edge of the wheel needs more space than the outside edge of the wheel. That means if one side of your wheels is touching and other side isn’t, then they need to be loosened up.

The correct way to do this will be to just make sure that they’re not touching anymore and then tighten them back down just until they barely touch.

Also, when a wheel gets a flat spot, turning becomes difficult because it doesn’t have any traction with the ground at all – making it much harder for you to initiate turns.

What Is The Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings?

What Is The Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboarding is an incredible sport. The feeling of being able to move on a board with your feet and hands while gliding around effortlessly is an amazing experience. One thing that can make skateboarding even more enjoyable is having the right equipment, including bearings for your wheels. A lot of people don’t know how important it is to have good quality bearings because they’re not something you see or use often- but they are actually one of the most important pieces of equipment in a skateboarder’s arsenal!

A common problem for skateboarders is having the bearings in their trucks or deck of their board become too dry and not working properly. This can lead to problems such as wheel slippage or a lack of responsiveness when trying to turn your board. There are many different types of lubricants on the market but some people prefer natural oils because they do not feel like petroleum based products will affect the environment around them as much. However, this choice comes at a cost; these oils need constant reapplication because they wear off quickly from friction with other surfaces and don’t work well under high temperatures, making them less ideal for use.

This article will provide you with a list of quality lubricants that can suffice as an answer to the question of the best lubricant for your skateboard bearing. However, before we get straight to the list, we’ve opted to shed a little light on qualities or features that would help you rightly pick out a good lubricant.

Getting straight into it, the first thing to factor in when searching for a good lubricant is the base of the lubricant. For your skateboard bearings, the best thing you can do is getting an oil-based lubricant, that is, if you want to grease properly all of the moving parts in your skateboard bearing. Now, for skateboard bearings, not just any oil-based lubricant will do, you need an oil-based lubricant that’s able to withstand high temperatures, as well as a thin or lightweight lubricant.

This last aspect brings us to the next factor you should consider, which is viscosity. Viscosity here is a term used to describe the thickness of oil, that is, how thick your oil-based lubricant is. Now, for skateboard bearings, you need an oil-based lubricant that is thin or lightweight, therefore, you need one with low viscosity. Having mentioned these two important features to look for when you need to get a lubricant, the next step is obviously to get into the list. Therefore, below is a list in no particular order of five top-quality skateboard bearing lubricants.


Bones Speed Bearing Lubricant

To start off the list is a top-class product from one of the best skateboard brands in the world. The Bones speed cream is perfect to grease up any skateboard bearing, especially when you realize this product is specifically engineered for skateboard bearings.

This cream is made up of a specialized blend of high speed and low viscosity lubricants that ensure your skateboard bearings move faster and last for a longer period, without considerably less wear. The high-temperature formula used for the Bones speed cream ensures that friction is reduced, it also puts in place a reliable thin lubricant film which helps provide it protection against rust or corrosion.

Also, another quality of speed cream is that you are sure of high-performance results every time you use it. The Bones Speed lubricant cream is also backed by a lifetime warranty. So if you need long-lasting protection against rust, corrosion and friction, as well as improved speed and performance, then this will be of great help to you.

Oust Bearing Speed Kleen Kit

Here, we have one of those kits that come with both a cleaner, as well as a lubricant. Hence, if you decide to go for the two in one kits, this is for you, especially since the cleaner it provides is one that is simple, fast and easy to use for cleaning your skateboard bearings.

Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit
  • Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit

When it comes to the lubricant it provides, this Oust product goes environmental, and instead of the normal harsh and sometimes hazardous chemicals, they provide an effective alternative in the form of an orange citrus cleaner. The orange citrus cleaner is an amazing cleaning solvent that is safe, non-toxic and especially effective.

Also, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about damages being done to your bearing races or ball retainer, as the orange citrus cleaner won’t affect any damage to either your skateboard bearing races or ball retainer. Now, apart from all that, there’s also an extra advantage to using this product, which is, the fact that it’s an outright fast and effective way of cleaning your skateboard bearing.

So if you’re looking for an extra effective bearing cleaning lubricant and cleaner, as well as maybe something more environmentally friendly, you should get this.

Heady Shake Skateboard Bearing Oil (Speed Mode)

Following the trend of high quality and amazing skateboard bearing lubricants is the Heady Shake skateboard bearing oil. This is an amazing bearing lubricant and like the oil in the name implies, it is an oil-based lubricant.

The Heady Shake oil is a high-quality oil-based lubricant that is specially engineered to remedy the issues of any skateboard bearing.

This oil-based lubricant somewhat has a preference, that is, it especially pertains to or matches the needs of ceramic skateboard wheel bearings. However, this does not limit the general benefits of this oil, one of which is the faster, smoother rides it provides when applied to your bearing.

Also, it offers protection against locking, freezing and all-round bearing dryness, which can damage your wheels. Another advantage of this lubricant is the fact that it has low viscosity, hence, making it an incredibly lightweight oil-based lubricant, which poses no issues of being too sticky or greasy.

Triple Elite Liberty Oil For Skateboard Wheel Bearing

This is another example of a top-quality skateboard bearing lubricant. The Triple Elite Liberty oil is specially engineered to penetrate and lubricate bearings, in order to achieve the results of prolonging the skateboard bearing’s life, as well as removing breakage caused by dirty and improperly lubricated parts.

Liberty Oil, the Best 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating All Moving Parts...
  • 100% Synthetic oil that will reduce friction between any moving surface.
  • Safe to use on plastics and painted surfaces.
  • Comes with a medical grade 1 1/2 inch long stainless steel needle tip applicator for precision oiling...

Also, this particular lubricant acts by forming a protective shield against corrosive build-up, rust, as well as abrasive components like dirt and sand. Also, an added bonus to utilizing this product is that you get incredible pressure resistance, as anti-wear properties, which work without affecting any coatings or seal materials.

Now, like the Heady Shake oil, the Triple Elite Liberty oil is also an oil-based cleaner, which has an amazing feature of coating the surface with an oil film, in order to protect the equipment, as well as clean it and to cut friction. In all, this is a great oil-based cleaner that virtually protects every inch of your skateboard bearing.

Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube

To finish up the list, we have the Ardent Reel Butter Lube, although not specifically designed for skateboard bearings, but still manages to serve as an all-round bearing lubricant. Especially since it’s a fully synthetic lubricant that provides durable and reliable performance over various ranges of temperature.

Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube 1oz
  • This bearing lubricant is for use on all saltwater and freshwater reels to keep them performing at their...
  • Due to its ultra low viscosity, the bearing lubricant works thoroughly into all bearing components and...
  • Preserves your reel’s bearings by providing corrosion protection to prevent bearing noise, grinding,...

This particular lubricant has an excellent catalogue of quality features, but nothing steps close to its ultra-low viscosity, in my opinion. Now, by virtue of this ultra-low viscosity, this bearing lubricant becomes extremely lightweight and can work thoroughly into every inch of your bearing particles and will remain in place.

Apart from that, it also has an amazing feature of providing maximum protection against corrosion build-up. Also, you should note that this bearing lubricant works by flushing out any and all foreign debris or dirt that has been picked up over time, from the bearing.

How to lubricate skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings are the most important part of a skateboard. They provide the necessary friction for your wheels to roll, but they also take a lot of abuse from all that rolling around. A little bit of bearing lube will keep your bearings in tip-top shape and make them last longer.

A sad day in a skateboarder’s life is when they take their skateboard out for a ride and on that ride, they notice their wheels aren’t spinning freely on their own or they hear a weird noise coming from it. When this happens, it means your skateboard bearings are clogged up and long overdue for a cleaning session.

I always one hundred per cent blame the skater, when his or her skateboard starts to squeal, cause it means the maintenance and cleaning sessions are required, and parts like the bearings start to have issues.

  1. Clean your bearings
  2. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the bearing surface
  3. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before use
  4. Enjoy!
  5. Repeat as necessary, but be sure to clean your bearings after each time you lube them up!
  6. If you’re still having trouble with squeaky or rough bearings, try using a different type of lubricant such as Bones Speed Cream or Teflon Spray Lubricant (or any other brand that is compatible with skateboards).


While the top tier quality skateboard bearings we often use come with tolerances and clearances that are thinner than a strand of hair, it follows that if you don’t regularly clean or keep your bearings lubricated, the continual accumulation of water, dust, sand and mud will ultimately clog your bearings up.

In light of that, it is quite clear that your only option is to clean and especially lubricate your skateboard bearings frequently. Now, when it comes to the lubricating, greasing and cleaning of your skateboard bearings, you’ll no doubt need two essential items, which are a lubricant and a cleaner. While the cleaner serves to help remove the build-up, the lubricant which is the most pertinent serves to keep things moving smoothly.

You should note that there are some brands that offer these two items as a two in one solution, coupled with an oil and a cleanser, as well, there are others who provide one or the other. However, regardless of whichever way you as the buyer prefer these items, the deciding factor ought to be quality of it, that is, the best quality of lubricant for your skateboard bearings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you ought to give your skateboard the proper care and maintenance it needs, or it will break on you. Also, you should always remember that when your skateboard bearings stop spinning freely or start singing in a grinding tone, it’s high time to stop riding it and start lubricating and cleaning.

However, if you choose to ignore the signs and ride your skateboard on dirty or badly lubricated bearings, your reward would be permanently damaging your skateboard bearings.

Also, there’s the risk of injuring yourself too, if your skateboard wheels freeze up or locks while you’re riding, so it’s best to ultimately avoiding this by simply cleaning and lubricating your board.

Two Best Skateboard Games For PS4

The PlayStation 4 is a popular home video game console and is pretty high in demand with everyone from football fans to skateboarders. So what are best skateboard games for a PlayStation 4.

Before we look at the best skateboard games for PS4, we should be sure of what skateboarding is.

Skateboarding has been moulded and influenced by several skateboarders throughout the years. It is a sport filled with action that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding is a form of art, and entertainment industry job, recreational activity and a method of transportation.

We’ve chosen to highlight the best two just for you, and they are:

  1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
  2. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood


Tony Hawks Pro Skater

The chapters of Tony Hawk’s game have spawned a total of 17 games after being published from 1999 to 2015 by Activision and endorsed by the eponymous American professional skateboarder. The franchise was transferred to Robomodo in 2008 although it was developed for home consoles by Neversoft from launch to 2007.

The Tony Hawk’s game was one of the most popular and best-selling video games in the early 2000s. As at 20002, three more of the Tony Hawk’s series were released. From 2003 to 2005, the series took a more story-oriented approach releasing Underground, underground two and American wasteland.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4)
  • Pull off infamous Pro Skater moves and extended trick combinations
  • Complete objectives during online sessions and challenge other players
  • Play as one of ten pros with their own tricks, or personalise a unique skater


By 2007, Neversoft developed their last series releasing project eight and providing ground in 2006 and 2007 respectively after developer Robomodo took the franchise. Robomodo released ride and shred in 2009 and 2010 respectively, but both were critical and commercial failures. Robomodo tried again with pro skater HD in 2012 and Pro Skater 5 in 2015 but failed again.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater two is ranked among the best games released for PlayStation and Pro skater 3 for PlayStation 2. Later games developed by Robomodo were voted worst games of the year by several outlets. Activision allowed the licensing deal expires while securing the publishing rights after this.

As the certifying agreement between Tony Hawk and Activision was established to terminate by the close of 2015, the game was quickly technologically advanced within a few months and on the loose incomplete. Upon release, the game was a severe and marketable disaster. It was condemned severely by critics, with criticism focusing on its visuals, listening device and problems, controls, and lack of design.

Features Of The Tony Hawks Pro Skateboard

  • The collection features updated visuals.
  • It includes many original levels, characters and tricks.
  • Includes a more elaborate create-a-park mode where you can share custom skate parks online.
  • Brand new multiplayer modes along with local multiplayer.
  • Extra challenges.

The Tony Hawks series originally was released as a classic arcade game of which the goal of most modes is to get a high score, and the only way to do that is to combine and execute flips, aerials and grinds successfully. Successfully completing this will add to the player’s scores. The number of tricks executed in a sequence, time maintained, degrees rotated, performing tricks on particular landmarks on the map and the number of times the taunts have been used is what the point value is based on.

There is a special meter for the player, and once it’s full, it allows the player to execute special tricks which are worth a lot more than standard skills. No points are rewarded for bails (when the player falls off the skateboard due to poor landing while attempting a trick), and the unique bar is reset to empty.

The controls of the game developed as the series of the game progressed. While the original series had a limited set of movies, as the series progressed, it allowed the player switch between many moves during the same grind, drive and hold on to vehicles, scale walls and walk on foot, performing more advanced tricks by pressing buttons repeatedly and slowing time.

If the player completes enough objectives, they unlock other levels and acquire currency used to improve their play.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4)
  • Pull off infamous Pro Skater moves and extended trick combinations
  • Complete objectives during online sessions and challenge other players
  • Play as one of ten pros with their own tricks, or personalise a unique skater

There are also levels where the player doesn’t need to collect any object; all he needs is a high score with a minimal number of bails to move on to the next level. With underground, the series took over from the career mode with a proper story mode. In the underground, the story is centred on the player climbing to the top or turning into a professional.

In underground 2, the game is centred around the player going on a destructive tour around the world and in an American wasteland, instead of separate levels; the story is focused on the player trying to rebuild an old skatepark in Los Angeles.

Stages in the game are all fresh in sequences, though the massive majority is lacking in the originality of typical stages contained in previous entries. In total, pro skater features ten levels, notwithstanding only seven were obtainable at launch.

The game also features the ability to create custom skate parks, as was the case with most previous entries. The game does not feature the choice to make an individual skater available can be modified by switching their head, torso, or legs.



  1. You can chain moves together in the old style if you are so lucky that the game keeps on functioning properly.
  2. Amazing remasters: The games have been recreated from the ground up with new properties which make the remasters have amazing appearances.
  3. Multiplayer mode has been made possible in the game, which makes sure for competition between friends.



  1. When faced with pompous tasks in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the appearances of bits and primary properties cause substantial deviations in the rate of the frame which brings about larger explosions.


Olliolli2: Welcome To Olliwood

Olliolli2 is a skateboarding audiovisual game advanced and distributed by Roll7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

On April 9 2016, it was publicized that Roll7 united with Spanish producer and distributor Badland Games to bring OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood to selling stores, delivered as OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition for Playstation 4.

Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS4)
  • The hallowed 'Tricktionary' also expands with new specials including 540 Shove-its, Anti-Casper Flips and...
  • There's Five NEW worlds, 50 NEW Amateur and Pro Levels and 250 NEW Challenges to tear through, along with...
  • The sequel boasts all new Ramps and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and multi-route levels. Further,...

Much like skateboarding itself, OlliOlli has enough room provided for individual expression within the skateboarding types. It is just like a handbook, helping to bring an entirely new aspect to the gameplay. It works the same way, allowing you land in a handbook out of any trick and thus keep your combos going, opening up the likelihood of defeating each level in a single monster trick. It successes the vita with an additional view, proving just how great technical street skating could be in 2D. OlliOlli2 shocks that first effort out of the water on every level.

Each of OlliOlli2’s stages is undersized gauntlets, crowded with stair sets, railings, ramps, hazardous obstacles and in the instance of the Titan sky stages – lowering robots, hovercars, and toxic ooze. The skating is clean and skill-based. Forget directing: this is a left-to-right stream of skating awareness, where you are rolling stylishly from mini set-piece to the next, endeavouring to communicate with the intelligent level design and trick mechanics.

Flip tricks and grinds are the major tools of your trade. The former is activated with a flick or spin of the left analogue stick. The innovation is that you need to get the trick to land it; the later you catch it, the better the ratings you get. Grinds are a bit slacker to complete, only demanding holding in one of four directions but the same timing relates: move and hold the analogue stick at the last second, and you’ll get a flawless evaluation, this time accompanied by green sparks and a speed boost.

Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS4)
  • The hallowed 'Tricktionary' also expands with new specials including 540 Shove-its, Anti-Casper Flips and...
  • There's Five NEW worlds, 50 NEW Amateur and Pro Levels and 250 NEW Challenges to tear through, along with...
  • The sequel boasts all new Ramps and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and multi-route levels. Further,...

Perfect scores mean a multiplied climbing time for trick combos, but they also factor into the equal design in a pretty main approach. Once you’re a portion of the way through the career mode, you’ll come across grind arrangements that aren’t likely to beat unless you nail the timing or tally goals that involve swapping grinds on the fly – and that is only likely with a flawlessly timed primary grind.

You’ll also be required to use impeccably timed tricks off slopes to increase to the next sector or wind up damaged and battered on the spikes. Thankfully, OlliOlli2 doesn’t request that of you primarily. It gives you enough time to get a feel for the systems and get your eyes in. By the time it starts throwing steeper tasks at you, you should be prepared for them.

Each of the 25 amateur stages has five tasks to win with a great combination, addressing all aspects of the gameplay. From combo and high-score assessment through to securing specific tricks or gathering hard-to-reach things, the tasks are a great coaching instrument in their own right. There’s at all times a sharper challenge, of course. Once you master all five tasks in the inexpert level, the corresponding pro level-opens up, with its own set of five. And if you can beat all 250 unskillful and pro tasks, you’ll reveal another set of even tougher stages.

Apart from the 50 career mode levels, there are a different 50 spots to post a high score on – and see well you played against your friends and the world. There’s even an ultimate spots score, adding up your scores across all 50 spots. It’s a disgrace that the combo rush mode wasn’t prepared for promotion. This split-screen multiplayer mode will help round out OlliOlli 2’s conducts to play when it’s finally patched in.

Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS4)
  • The hallowed 'Tricktionary' also expands with new specials including 540 Shove-its, Anti-Casper Flips and...
  • There's Five NEW worlds, 50 NEW Amateur and Pro Levels and 250 NEW Challenges to tear through, along with...
  • The sequel boasts all new Ramps and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and multi-route levels. Further,...

OlliOlli2 has a knowledge curve that goes endlessly, but its pacing is proficiently judged. The mechanics are strong enough, the controls alert enough, and the level designs finely refined enough that was content to keep at it simply. The restarts are prompt, by the way. That helps a lot.

There’s no boundary to how good you can become at OlliOlli2. Just when you’ve become skilled at thrashing levels in a single combo and timing every single grind and guide flawlessly, there is a host of an additional procedure to assimilate into your skating to bump that high score even more skyward. Why land in an uninteresting old guide when you could revert into it?

Why do a normal trick or grind when you could complement a revolution or pull off something more difficult with a stretched and riskier animation? And hey, are you grind switching on every rail you can? It’s a remarkably covered game and does a great job of tapping deep into the skater psyche, where an obsession with tricks and uncomplicated flair meet.

Features of the Olliolli2

OlliOlli2 is carefree about what is or isn’t conceivable in certainty. A small number of games are as darling when it comes to the real-world subject matter, but that’s what makes OlliOlli2 uniquely awesome.

  • It presents the capability to accomplish a guide at the close of any trick and still keeps your score going.
  • It does not need a complete renovation to make it valuable.
  • The level design is excellent throughout, with over 50 small but perfectly formed stages.
  • It is another encouraging combination of skateboarding and 2D platforming that manages to combine an astonishing level of practicality with some delightfully impossible level of design.


  • It is provided with a great trick structure improved by the addition of manuals and near-perfect controls.
  • Outstanding level design and some cruelly shrewd and misleadingly instructive challenges.


  • The learning curve isn’t quite as sudden as it used to be, but it’s very long, and the game can still often be annoyingly tough.


Can You Skateboard On The Pavement?

Can You Skateboard On The Pavement?

Skateboarding is a popular sport and pastime for many people in the world. Skateboarders enjoy skating on ramps, rails, and other skate-friendly surfaces. But what about pavement? Can you skateboard on the pavement?

Skateboarding on the pavement is safe for skateboarders that live in a very dense area. In very populated areas, skating on pavements or packs is the only way to enjoy skateboarding. Roads in these areas are not suitable for skateboarding due to heavy traffic. Skateboarding on public roads is quickly interrupted. Also, automobiles endanger lives in these areas. So, pavement is an alternative to practice skateboarding.

When skateboarding it is important to be mindful of skateboarding laws in the different areas and countries. Owners of skateboards and property ought to know the law governing skateboarding in their area, to avoid possible injuries to themselves and others. And also, to avoid the penalties for breaking the rules.

Skateboarders skate for different reasons, which include a means of transportation, for fun, or as a sport. But because of the danger inherent in skateboarding, some laws regulate, ban, or control skateboarding activities.

These laws vary in different locations and events. They often affect skateboarders, bicyclists, roller bladders, and other pedestrians in different ways. Although some laws are specifically for skateboarders. Such as local law that prohibits skateboarding on pavements and so on.

Skateboarding on pavement is a topic that comes up often. It’s one of the most common questions we get, and it’s also one of our favourite questions to answer because there are so many different factors to consider! As well as look at reasons why skateboarding on the pavement is controversial.



Skateboarding on pavement or sidewalk depends on the location you want to skate or the area. Regulations and laws can vary from one place to another. So, what’s prohibited in a specific place, another place won’t forbid it. There’s a misunderstanding that skateboarding is not permitted on sidewalks or pavements in general. But it is often a misconception because laws can vary.

The laws governing skateboarding on pavements differ from one place to place. So, it’s not a general law that skateboarders can’t skate on pavements. Just like the rules guiding bikes and rollerblades, skateboards are acceptable so long as pedestrians are not put in harm ways.

What are the laws on Skateboarding On Pavement?

Skateboarding is a popular sport that has been around for decades. The skateboarders of today still follow the same basic rules as they did back in the 1970’s, but what about laws on skateboarding on pavements?

Some people may believe that skateboarders are allowed to skate on pavement while others may think otherwise. Many skateboards can be used both indoors and outdoors; depending on where you live, you might find it legal or illegal to use them outside your home. If you want to know if skating is legal where you live, here are some things to consider:

  • Is there any signage prohibiting it?
  • What does the law say about sidewalk usage vs street usage?

Some communities have tried to ban skateboarding on the streets in order to make them safer for motorists and pedestrians. In other places, skateboards are not allowed on sidewalks but they are permitted on the roads because of their low speed. However, some cities do allow skateboards only on certain designated routes where there is no traffic or pedestrian activity.

When skateboarding, it is important to remember the following;

  1.  Skateboarding is not illegal on public property
  2.  It’s illegal to skateboard in a crosswalk or intersection
  3.  You can be ticketed for skating on private property without permission from the owner
  4.  If you’re caught skating where it’s prohibited, you could face fines and/or jail time
  5.  The law does not apply if the sidewalk has been designated as a “skate zone” by the city or town council

Skateboarding on Private Property

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports among today’s youth. Skateboarders are always on the lookout for new places to skate, but when they’re not allowed to be there, it can get frustrating. Private property is a tricky area because as soon as you set foot on someone else’s land without permission, you could be trespassing and face legal consequences.

The owner of the property will not be accountable for any casualty that may occur due to skateboarding on the property since skateboarding is a ‘hazardous recreational activity. This law translates that if you skate on any property and have any form of harm, it’s at your detriment. Irrespective of whether the property owner put up signs or not.

Although property owners are not allowed to seize your skateboard or assault you, if you refuse to leave, they can call the police and hand you over to them. This is a case in point where an arrest occurs for encroachment. The police can either escort you home or ask you to leave.

Skateboarding and Pavements

When skateboarding on the pavement, you must keep in mind the passers-by so as not to startle them and cause a form of chaos. As long as you yield to pedestrians while skateboarding on the pavement. You should have no issues.



Also, pavements are made up of hard materials such as asphalt, concrete, stones, bricks, tiles, and wood. These materials are hard and can cause a lot of damage if fallen on them. So, you must skate with a helmet, which will reduce the impact of a fall or collusion when skateboarding.

Your skateboard wheels also play a part in skateboarding on a pavement. Pavements are coarse, having many irregularities that a skateboard with a hard wheel won’t do so well. To be in control when skateboarding on the pavement, go with a softer wheel because the soft wheel absorbs vibrations and gives you an enjoyable smooth ride. If you’re landing some tricks, you should go for stable, hard wheels.

Understanding Municipal regulations law governing skateboarding in your location will guide you. It will guide you on the dos and don’ts regulations for skateboarders in the area. For example, in general, by law, it is illegal to practice skateboarding without a helmet. You may not incur an arrest for skateboarding, but you can incur a fine for not wearing a helmet. It’s also essential to put on safety wears when skateboarding. It helps to reduce damages from an accident if any.

Often, when skateboarders skate on pavements. It is often seen as a nuisance and damage to the public Places. In some countries or locations, it’s against the by-laws and may lead to the skateboarders’ arrest. It should be noted that some of these arrests, however, are generally due to escalation such as unyielding to the police instructions, damage of property, assault, or battery, which happens in rare cases.

As a skateboarding lover, you will love to skate and not end up spending the night in jail. So, you should take caution. Thus, you don’t violate Municipal regulations law governing skateboarding in your location. That said, sometimes, residents’ take the law into their hands.

They seize the skateboard (which is a form of theft) or by attacking the skaters (assault and battery). In such a situation, document the situation if possible, keep your cool and call the police. Don’t take the law into your own hands and escalate the situation as it can move from a non-crime to a peccadillo or worst-case scenario a felony.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever been asked if it is possible to skateboard on the pavement, this article will help clear up some of your confusion. You might have seen videos or pictures of professional skaters skating down their local street and wondered “Can I do that?” The answer is yes! Skateboarding requires a large amount of balance skills as well as mastery with pressure distribution when balancing in different positions. It can be difficult at first but once you get past the learning curve, there are no limits to what can be done. Get out those boards from under the bed and start practicing today!

Skateboarding is fun, full of energy, and cool but before engaging in this activity in your area, make sure you check on the local laws that govern skateboarding in your area to enjoy skating without breaking any law. Remember, always put on your safety wears and be mindful of pedestrians.


Best Skateboards In The World

Best Skateboards In The World

Skateboarding is considered an extreme sport because the limits the athlete can go are only compelled by his skills and foresight. Most skateboarding is done for fun either on the streets or at a skateboard park. Still, in the supposed Olympics to be hosted in Tokyo[1], skateboarding will be carried out competitively.

A skateboard is a flat device used for skateboarding. It consists of two small wheels underneath each end on which one can ride in a kneeling or upright position by frequently pushing one foot against the other. There are different types of skateboards and different brands which includes; Minority 32-inch maple skateboard, positive team complete skateboards e.t.c

We have carefully selected the skateboards which passed all critics, and these skateboards have been labelled the best in the world. Sit tight and enjoy as we take you through this new list of the best skateboards in the world. Before that, how were these skateboards selected as the best? Here we go…

How We Chose The Best Skateboards In The World

There were some criteria we used in labelling these skateboards as the best, they include;

  1. Board Quality

The quality of any product makes it stand out among other products of the same purpose. These listed skateboards are labelled to be the best because of their top-notch quality. Their wheels roll quickly and can move on any type of terrains without difficulties providing a smoother ride. They also have ABEC 7 and above bearings for a better grip and even more sturdy decks.

  1. Durability

The selected skateboards are very durable as they are made from the best materials, unlike some brands of skateboards that are made of plastic (which is not advisable to use, although they are much cheaper). These skateboards are made from quality woods, which gives enough stability to the boards. They are constructed with long-lasting materials such as Canadian maple wood, which boasts of high-quality maple: rock maple, aluminium, polyurethane for the wheels, and ABEC 7 and above bearings. The mixture of these materials used on specific parts results in the perfect skateboards.

  1. Price

These skateboards are very affordable for the kind of quality they deliver. Who says you can’t have quality at an affordable price? They are obviously wrong because, with these skateboards, you have it all!

Best Skateboards In The World

Here’s the list for the best skateboards in the world. These skateboards have solved the problem of having bumpy rides as a result of the poor wheels of other skateboards. They are also more comfortable and can be used by all levels of riders without fear.

They are:

  • Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard
  • KPC PRO Skateboards
  • Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

This skateboard’s design is an exquisite example of engineering. It has a comfortable shock-resistant deck made with 7 ply maple wood assembled with epoxy glue.

This skateboard is on the top of our list because it can be used by both beginners and skilled riders. Beginners will enjoy using this board to practice the necessary skills. At the same time, experienced riders will admire the reliable aluminium trucks for grinding. It has a moderate concave and a spacious kicktail and nose that deliver stunning performances and incredible scheming.

This board ensures you experience a smooth ride and offers you plenty of stability with its two 5-inch trucks, which are constructed with genuine aluminium alloy. It is furnished with rust-free hardware, chrome steel axle, and a carbon steel kingpin. Furthermore, it has a 32mm 102A high rebound wheels and ABEC- 9 bearings built by chrome steel. This makes it possible for riders to attain top speed with only a three power paddle.

If what you desire is a board that looks and operates like the ones you see at sporting events, this board is perfect for you. It’s one of those boards that come in a vast display of designs and artworks. However, it’s not the most flexible board on the market, which makes it hard to ease into turns, but this feature makes it just the right board for learning and practising tricks. The skateboard can be easily transported as it has a weight of 5.05 pounds (about 2.29kg).


This skateboard is relatively fast, which is as a result of the ABEC-9 Precision bearings.

The minority 32-inch skateboard smoothly manoeuvers on streets, pools, and ramps.

Its 5- inch aluminium trucks with PU bushings make this skateboard lightweight and sturdy.

It has remarkably stunning styles ranging from modern to classy, making this board suitable to be used as a gift.

The cold-pressed 7- ply maple hard rockwood deck makes for a durable and stable feel.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It offers a high weight capacity of 220 pounds regardless of its lightweight.
  • The wheels speed up freely.
  • It’s a ready-to-use skateboard, after unpacking there’s nothing to adjust.
  • It is incredibly stable and very sturdy.


  • The grip tape is prone to peeling.

KPC PRO Skateboards

This skateboard is among the best selling brands of skateboards in the market; it is budget-friendly. It provides you with high quality without having to break the bank.

One good thing about this skateboard is that its deck is constructed with 7-layers of Canadian hard maple wood, which makes it very strong, flexible, and easy to control. It has a width of 3.9 by 31.5by 7.7 inch size, which guarantees a better placement on the board regardless of your height.

The KPC pro skateboard is a skateboard for all riders, whether you’re a beginner, skilled, or a professional. You can have a smooth ride by using this board because it has a grip tape that allows the rider to fix his feet securely on the board without the fright of slipping off the board. It has a mild concave-shaped kicktail and nose, which enables you to raise it high in the air. The road’s condition, whether rough or bumpy, does not cause a disturbance in your craving for a steady ride because the board has soft and large wheels.

You will eventually fall in love with the stunning blend of different deck graphics used to design it that is enough to satisfy your cravings. This skateboard is the only skateboard that allows the rider to alter the board’s design according to his own choice.

The manufacturers have gracefully assembled the components to provide the customers with the best product. They also put into consideration the price of the product as you can have all the features of expensive brands at an affordable amount.


The inch deck and black grip tape are strong enough to accommodate tall and heavy riders.

Its modern concave shape adds more comfort to riders and helps them perform tricks a lot easier.

The kpc pro skateboard is perfect for all levels of riders.

It’s made of aluminium alloy trucks with the combination of ABEC 7 bearings, which ensures you have a smooth ride regardless of the road texture.

This board is a well-balanced mini-cruiser due to its 52mm known graphic wide wheels with impressive quality.


  • It is effortless to control and manoeuvre
  • The board is very affordable
  • It is lightweight yet durable.
  • The tight and soft wheels make it perfect for learning.
  • The board is sturdy and firm, it’s capable of supporting 90.7kg of weight.


  • The paints on the skateboard are prone to peeling when used actively.

Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Skateboarders of all levels desire a skateboard that can handle the everyday grind that they place on it. How would you feel if you purchase an expensive board to find out it’s worth is less than it’s weight?

A board’s style and price are of significance to both professionals and beginners. This skateboard is one whose exquisite construction and design do not discriminate as to the level of riders to use it, as it’s best for beginner adults and intermediates.

The Powell golden dragon flying has a deck with an extra polymeric strap instead of three straps in the ligament. This extra polymeric straps hold the pack together and put it in place. In a situation where there is a crack in the deck, these straps come in to play, allowing you to ride out of it. These straps do not only make the deck stiffer, but it also works in preventing the deck from breaking into two pieces. This board boasts of its excellent grip because it’s covered in grip tape with a deck that has different functionality.

I personally admire this skateboard because it has stunning graphics, which makes it pleasing and perfect for skating in the park. Its screen-printed bottom is very colourful, having the feel of scathing dragons giving it a unique look.

The Golden dragon skateboard is constructed using the Airlam process. This process involves mashing all the required materials together at a very high pressure, which results in this durable skateboard capable of withstanding riders of weight up to 200 pounds.

This skateboard is one of the best skateboards made in Asia and also the toughest. This board is perfect for those who desire a quality skateboard at an affordable price. Each piece of this skateboard has been constructed for stability and also tested to guarantee that the result is an overall outstanding product.


This skateboard is made up of cast aluminium trucks which offer excellent durability

The concavely shaped deck has a length os 31.625 inches and a width of 7.625 inches, its wheelbase is13.75 inches, nose of 7 inches, and a tail of 6.63 inches.

This skateboard offers reasonable control overall, and it’s perfect for tricks.

It has carbon steel axles and kingpin, which increases the strength of the board.

It has an extra polymeric strap which makes the deck stiffer and holds it together even when there is a crack.

It possesses hand casted polyurethane sturdy wheels, with a diameter of 55mm that allows high rebound and provide great roll and grip.

The easy guide capability of the skateboard makes it easy for beginners and even intermediates to pull out tricks effectively.


  • The board is relatively fast, even with riders who weigh about 200 pounds.
  • The wheels are smooth and glide along freely.
  • The board is amazingly durable regardless of its lightweight.
  • It is constructed with high-quality materials.
  • It’s relatively cheap for the quality it delivers.


  • The board’s speed may be a problem for young children.
  • The wheels can be a little too hard to move on pebbles on the road.


Skateboarding has become an everyday sport not only among the youths but also among kids. There are so many brands, structures, and designs of skateboards available on the market presently. We carefully selected these few brands as the best skateboards in the world because they surpass the others with their outstanding attributes, and also for the fact that they can be used by all levels of riders.

These skateboards allow for smooth and fearless riding. They give you the feeling you desire, so whether you are an amateur looking to buy a skateboard, an intermediate or a professional searching for a better skateboard, search no more.

Our carefully selected list of the best skateboards in the world has much to offer and will wow you. These skateboards are very affordable for the quality they deliver, so if you’ve been on the fence about which skateboard to get, now it’s all up to you to choose the skateboard that best suits you out of our selected few.



[1] Link


Skateboarding vs Roller-Skating

Skateboarding vs Roller-Skating

There are a variety of ways to get around on wheels. Skateboarding and roller skating offer fun activities that get you moving and both activities require a fair amount of skill to get good at. They also both have their own set of possible injuries if not used properly. Skateboarding and roller skating each have their own subcultures that focus on the tricks that can be done using each piece of equipment. Skateboarding and roller skating have a few similarities but they are really quite different.

Skateboarding vs Roller-Skating – The Similarities Between Both

Both of these activities use a wheeled device for travelling around. They each require you to push off the ground to move forward. They also both come in contact with your feet when you use them. Both skateboards and roller skates require you to have good balance and leg strength to use them. Both skateboarding and roller skating became popular in the 50s. They both have only increased in popularity since then.




Skateboarding and roller skating both require incredible amounts of balance. However, each of these pieces of equipment requires you to balance differently. Roller skates are boots that are attached to a set of four wheels. These wheels are often made of rubber or polyurethane material[1] and are connected with ball bearings to a truck that is adhered to the bottom of the shoe.

Obviously, you wear two shoes, so when you’re roller skating, you’re really using eight wheels. Roller skating requires you to balance the majority of your weight over the middle of the skate so that the wheels do not roll and you do not fall over. You propel a roller skate by pushing off the ground with your opposite foot and allowing the wheels to roll forward.

This motion allows you to find a rhythm where you would be easily able to continuously kick with little effort. Balancing on a pair of roller skates is quite simple once you get the hang of it because it does not require you to balance side to side.

In skateboarding, you use a wooden board that uses four wheels attached by ball bearings to two trucks. The trucks are flexible and the board rolls forward and backwards. It can tilt from side to side. The skateboard is not strapped to your feet so you have to completely balance while resting on top of it. Balancing on a skateboard requires you to engage your core and make slight movements and a 360-degree rotation to stay on the board.


When riding, a skateboard requires you to push off from the ground. This motion uses an exertion of force through the foot into the ground. This is an explosive force that is quite difficult to do well if you want to move quickly. Riding a skateboard is quite difficult because you have to balance on the board while propelling yourself forward.

If you’re looking to do tricks on your skateboard, the difficulty is increased tenfold. Jumping on a skateboard requires you to jump up and kick the board in a way that brings it up with you and down in a balanced formation to the ground. Doing tricks on a skateboard can be incredibly difficult because it requires you to do a complicated set of jumping and kicking. You then have to land on top of your board while it’s moving through the air.

Generally, roller skating is not too difficult. Roller skates are designed to help you balance and roll around easily. Propelling yourself forward is done by pushing off of alternating feet. Picking up speed on roller skates is fairly easy because the motion is repetitive and can be done rhythmically to increase speed.

It is popular to do tricks while roller skating. Most popular tricks mimic dancing around the rink. If you’re looking for something more extreme, inline skating uses roller skates to perform tricks similar to skateboarding. Tricks like these can be extremely difficult because of the high speeds needed to make large jumps.


Roller skating is generally safe. You may fall when first learning and you could jam a wrist or develop a bruise. But usually, high-intensity impacts do not happen in roller skating. Roller skates are much easier to control in dangerous situations so you can avoid possible injury. However, roller skating does have a possibility of serious injury. Just like with any high-speed activity, you could fall, break a bone, or sustain serious head trauma. It is recommended that you wear the correct protective equipment like kneepads, wrist pads, and a helmet when you roller skate.

Skateboarding is much more dangerous than roller skating. No matter your skill level, falling is a part of skateboarding. When you skateboard, there’s a huge possibility for injury. Minor injuries like bumps and bruises are incredibly common for skateboarders. Broken bones, concussions, and large bruising are also fairly common. In skateboarding, the board can leave your feet at any time throwing you to the ground.

Skateboarding is most commonly done on asphalt which can both provide an impact on your body and small abrasions to your skin if fallen on. When doing high-level tricks, you are at a higher risk for worse injuries. To be safe, it is suggested that you wear a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards when skateboarding. However, the majority of skateboarders do not follow these suggestions which results in some very serious injuries.


Both of these activities are a great way to get active. They both are incredibly fun ways to get your body moving with friends. You can do either of these activities anywhere, but skate parks and roller rinks are incredibly popular throughout the United Kingdom. You can always find somewhere to skate. Skateboarding and roller skating have extensive communities that are welcoming and friendly. They can teach you new things as you begin your journey as a skater.



[1] Link

Which Is Harder Skateboarding Or Snowboarding?

Which Is Harder Skateboarding Or Snowboarding?

If you live in an area that has warm summers and cold winters you may have the opportunity to do both skateboarding and snowboarding[1]. Both of these activities are exciting and perfect for thrill-seekers. The feeling of gliding over the asphalt or the snow can give you a rush of adrenaline.

If you are new to both these activities you may be looking to try one. If you’re in this situation you may be asking which is harder skateboarding or snowboarding?

Skateboarding Or Snowboarding – Differences and Similarities


Both of these activities require a great deal of balance if you want to do them well. Skateboarding requires you to stand on a board that is connected to trucks with wheels on them. These trucks are flexible and the ball bearings inside of the wheels are perfectly crafted for maximum spin speed.


On a snowboard, your boots are strapped into the built-in structures on the board. Once strapped in, you are balancing on a fairly wide piece of material that often has a slight curve. In snowboarding, you also have to deal with the snow and ice. Balancing on these terrains may be difficult despite the wide area of the board that touches the ground.

When comparing these two activities it is quite clear to see which requires a better balance. Although snowboarding does require a good amount of core strength and balance to stay upright in the snow, skateboarding has many more factors that can contribute to knocking you off the board. Unlike snowboarding, in skateboarding, your shoes are not strapped into the board. You stand on grip tape on the board, but nothing secures your feet on to the skateboard. The flexibility of the trucks and the movement of the wheels make it incredibly difficult to stay balanced while moving. In terms of balance, skateboarding is much more difficult.

Forward Movement

High speeds are a huge factor in both snowboarding and skateboarding. In snowboarding, your forward movement is determined by the slope of the hill and the slickness of the snow that you are riding on. Snowboarding uses gravity to propel you down the side of a hill or mountain. Snow and ice can contribute to your speed which can reach up to 60 miles an hour in the right conditions.

In skateboarding most forward movement is determined by how hard you kick off from the ground. Skateboarding requires you to push off from the ground repeatedly to build up speed. Your speed on a skateboard can be increased by going downhill, but most often you will need to kick. When riding in the most common areas like the street or a skate park you will need to kick extensively to reach decent speeds.

When it comes to forward movement, each of these activities is difficult in a different way. In snowboarding, you are moving much faster and have to control and steer yourself much quicker. This can be difficult and require both physical ability and awareness. Skateboarding is difficult because you have to physically exert yourself to move forward at all. Reaching high speeds on a skateboard requires frequent and powerful pushes from the ground.

Moving forward on a skateboard is much harder because you have to do the work to propel it. In this situation, it may be harder for skateboarders to move because once they get going and moving at a decent speed it will still have to do the same things as snowboarders to stay safe. The addition of having to do the work to move forward makes skateboarding a bit more difficult when it comes to forward movement.

Performing Jumps and Tricks

If you’re an advanced rider in either of these activities you may want to start trying a few small jumps or a couple of easy tricks to add to the complexity of your ride. In snowboarding, jumps and tricks are usually only done off of ramps. The rider will approach the ramp at a high speed, jump at the height of the ramp, and be propelled forward and upward.

Jumps and tricks on a snowboard can be extremely difficult because of the high speeds that they happen at. Learning to jump on a snowboard will take time and effort to figure out when is the right time to try and lift your snowboard off the ramp.

Jumps and tricks on a skateboard are more often done without the use of a ramp but can be performed with one. Basic tricks like the ollie and the kickflip are done off the ground at relatively low speeds. Even the most basic tricks on a skateboard require you to both lift yourself and the board off the ground through a series of jumps and kicks. Getting your board off the ground in the first place to be incredibly difficult and require a lot of practice because the method is fairly complex.

When it comes to doing jumps and tricks both activities can be incredibly difficult to learn. The lack of forwarding momentum in skateboarding and the possibility have your board leaving your feet to make jumps and tricks in skateboarding far more difficult than snowboarding. Skateboarding offers a higher risk for injury because even if you land the trick or jump the board may still roll away and leave you on the ground.

The Verdict

Both activities are hard. Their challenging nature makes them fun and a perfect activity for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. They both require physical ability and technical skill to be good at. However, many things make skateboarding more difficult than snowboarding at the most basic level.

Snowboarding has many more safety precautions put into place and the momentum of a downhill movement makes it easier to hop on and try for the first time. Skateboarding is unforgiving and requires you to learn balance quickly. Moving on a skateboard is much more difficult and when you finally get to the point where you can learn jumps and tricks, the process is slow and possibly painful.


[1] Snowboarding – Link

Countries Where Skateboarding is Popular

countries where skateboarding is popular

Since the early 1950s skateboarding has become a global force. Both as a counterculture and an activity, skateboarding has weaved its way into many countries.

From the early beginnings of sidewalk surfing in the United States to the amazing skate culture in Barcelona today, skateboarding has provided a refuge for youth. With skateboarding officially entering the next Olympics, many are interested in the countries that will be competing.

Here’s a list of countries where skateboarding is popular and a little bit of history of how skateboarding developed there.

Countries Where Skateboarding is Popular

The United States

The United States is the birthplace of skateboarding. In the early 1950s surfers in Los Angeles needed something to do when the waves calmed down. They put wheels on their boards and took to the streets. Over the years skateboarding in the United States has grown from a West Coast hobby to nationwide activity. Los Angeles remains a hub for skateboarding. The city features several amazing skate parks that feature ramps, rails, and full-size pools for you to ride. San Francisco also offers intense downhill street rides and historic pools that are sure to impress any adrenaline junkie.

New York has also become a hub for skateboarders in America over the years. Almost every city in America has a skate park and high-quality skateboard parts are accessible everywhere. The majority of young people have tried skateboarding at least once, with many of them riding into adulthood. The history of skateboarding in America has made it so that the activity can be shared by generations of people. In America, people young and old skate frequently.

Skateboarding in America was primarily seen as the activity for outcasts in the ’80s and ’90s. With professional skateboarders like Tony Hawk breaking onto the scene, skateboarding became more normalized in the early 2000s. The release of the Tony Hawk video games brought skateboarding to the masses. The number of skateboarders in America continues to grow significantly each year.


Since the late 90s skateboarding has been incredibly popular in Spain. The activity is done across the nation in skate parks and streets alike. Freestyle skating is huge in Spain and you can often see unique and interesting tricks being done throughout the streets. Spain has a good amount of skate parks across the country, but not nearly as many as the United States.

The Spanish Capital of skateboarding is Barcelona. It is here where the majority of skate parks are. Barcelona is the place where Spanish skateboarding culture thrives. It is the birthplace of many traditional Spanish tricks and techniques. Professional skateboarders use Barcelona as their playground and amateurs from around the world come to skate the beautiful scenery.


Brazil features a long history of skateboarding. The activity reached Brazil in the early 70s. Skateboarding has been growing in popularity in Brazil ever since. Brazil features a wide variety of skate parks and beautiful street skating all around Rio de Janeiro. Skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist lives in Brazil and continues to grow the scene play, building skate parks and helping kids go pro.

The skateboarding culture in Brazil has helped grow several professional skateboarders, but it is also open to anyone interested. The Brazilian skateboarding scene is mostly focused on Sao Paulo. Rio de Janeiro also features tons of opportunities for young skaters. Brazil’s skateboarding scene has recently witnessed a resurgence and the number of skaters in the country is expected to continually rise over the next 10 years.


Skateboarding is relatively new to this northern African country. The sport has only entered the Egyptian zeitgeist[1] within the last 10 years. Since then, the number of skaters in Egypt has grown significantly. Egyptians most often used skateboarding to escape the troubles of daily life, but they also rely on it as a form of transportation.

The majority of skateboarding in Egypt is centred in Cairo and is done by children and young adults. There are not a whole lot of skate parks throughout Egypt, but the amount of kids who skate in the streets is on the rise. Skating through the streets of Cairo has often been compared to a ride through an early 70s Los Angeles.


China is a vast country that has a good amount of skateboarding. Since the dawn of the new millennia, young people in China have taken up skateboarding. China’s skate culture is pretty small compared to its huge population, but those who do skateboard are very active. Multiple cities in China are considered must-skate destinations for all serious skateboarders.

Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city but is the home to the majority of the country’s skateboarding population. Guangzhou features and number of plazas that are perfect for skating. If you prefer to ride ramps, the city also boasts some of the most intense halfpipes in the world.


Australia has had a budding skateboarding scene since the 70s. The rebellious attitude of most Australians is perfectly depicted when they skateboard. The country is filled with skate parks that feature a wide variety of ramps and rails to ride on. street skating is especially popular in Melbourne. The city lends itself to be the hub of skateboarding in Australia.

Melbourne has 20 skate parks in a 10-mile radius and has the perfect city layout for interesting rides. The skateboarding community in Australia is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Cities like Melbourne are hot spots for groups and clubs that skateboard regularly. The number of skateboarders in Australia increases each year. this is due to the growing support for skateboarding by The Australian government in the overall population.


Skateboarding is a global phenomenon that can be done anywhere. Although some countries do not traditionally skateboard, it is possible to find spots with skaters in any country. Skateboarding builds a community and provides an excellent source of exercise. Many cities value skateboarding is an activity that brings young people together it keeps them active. With its new place in the Olympics, skateboarding will only continue to grow across the globe.



[1] Zeitgeist – Link

Can Skateboarding be a Workout?

Often seen as an activity for outcasts, skateboarding has gotten a bad rap over the years. Skateboarding is often attributed to teenagers who would like to get in trouble. However, with skateboarding entering the next Olympics many are left questioning skateboarding’s legitimacy as a sport. Many people have never skateboarded before and are curious. Can skateboarding be a workout?

Can Skateboarding Be a Workout?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Despite its history as an activity for hooligans, skateboarding requires an extensive amount of physical ability and skill. The act of skateboarding can be tiresome and can cause exertion. Skateboarding helps build cardiovascular health as well as strengthen your legs and overall flexibility to your body. Riding around the streets may not feel like running a marathon, but once you start moving to more difficult manoeuvres and tricks, you will start to feel the burn.


Strength Building

Skateboarding is a great way to build up the muscles in your legs and core. Skateboarding requires you to push off of the ground to move. This pushing can help grow and define your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The motion of kick off from the ground puts tension on your leg muscles that can break the tissue down and allow it to grow.

Skateboarding also requires you to jump and kick off from the ground when performing an ollie or any other type of trick. This motion can build your leg strength up considerably. People who have been skateboarding for a long time usually have pretty strong leg muscles. They may be good at jumping high and running fast. The muscle fibres necessary for an explosive movement built up extensively through skateboarding. When you consistently perform explosive movements, like kicking off the ground or jumping, the overall strength in your legs increases.

Skateboarding also requires you to engage your core. Core muscles like your abs and back are used to stay balanced on the board. Your core muscles keep you upright and give you the ability to make small movements that can affect your speed and direction. Your abdomen and back muscles are used to keep your spine aligned over your hips. This is the general function that keeps you upright on the board. If your abs and back were to suddenly stop working, your spine would flex and throw you from the board. Engaging your legs when you push off from the ground also uses your core muscles.

After skateboarding for a little while you will feel a bit of muscle soreness. This sensation is your muscles tearing and preparing to grow. Over time you will notice the definition in your quadriceps and calf muscles. The areas will be solid to the touch and will look well developed. Your muscles will also become more functional allowing you to jump higher, run better, and ride your skateboard faster. The increase in muscle mass may also help increase your ability to maintain balance.


Skateboarding requires repetitive use of your muscle fibres to perform minute movements for balance. It also uses larger muscles like your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings extensively. The more you use these muscles to move forward on a skateboard the more you stretch them out. As you stretch your muscles out, your overall flexibility will increase. Skateboarding is a great way to make your hips and legs more flexible. The leg swing that is required to move a skateboard forward mimics the movements of traditional callisthenics[1].

As you swing your leg, the muscles in your hip and around your thigh begin to loosen and stretch. Flexible muscles are far more resilient to injury and can make you feel better overall. When your muscles are flexible you will feel less soreness throughout your body. Increase flexibility also allows your body to reach its full mobility potential. This means that your body will function the way it was meant to you’ll be able to move and bend when necessary.

Can Skateboarding be a Workout?

Cardiovascular Health

Skateboarding can be an extreme cardio workout. Skateboarding is an activity where you switch from moments of extreme exertion to moments of rest. It resembles High-Intensity Interval Training in that it requires high effort and explosive movements in-between moments of rest.

This type of exercise can strengthen your heart. As the heart becomes stronger, it pumps blood through the body more efficiently. A strong heart is also less susceptible to Heart disease and high blood pressure. The more that you practice skateboarding, the better your heart will perform over time.

Skateboarding can also make a considerable improvement to your lungs. When skateboarding for a while you may become tired and even winded. If your heart rate rises, the amount of air you need to fuel your body with oxygen also increases. This causes your lungs to work overtime to pump oxygenated blood through all of your extremities so that they can do the work to propel you forward and escape work.

When you put your lungs through a consistent workout like this, they get better at pumping in an increased amount of oxygen. This increased amount of oxygen will help fuel your body’s movements. Through exercise, your lungs become more efficient and can get more oxygen into your blood with less work. Increasing your lung function can reduce your risks for other cardiovascular issues.

You may have a smaller chance of getting lung cancer and you may be more resilient to illnesses that affect the lungs. Stronger lungs mean that you have all the oxygen you need to fuel your extremities and your brain. Efficient oxygen usage in the body can lower your risk for several diseases.


Overall, skateboarding gets you in shape. It puts your body through hard work and prepares it for exertion in other ways. Skateboarding can increase your stamina so that you can exert yourself for longer. If you’re looking to get healthy but do not enjoy other traditional forms of exercise, skateboarding is a great way to help you get in shape.



[1] Callisthenics – Link

Best Cruiser Board For Commuting

Best Cruiser Board For Commuting

Over the years, we have all witnessed and experienced the growth of skateboarding as a sport. It has transformed from just a weird sport with nice tricks, to becoming a global mainstay.

In line with this, skateboarding has picked momentum and gained its deserved popularity in modern times, and because of this, more people around the world have come up with various fun ways to put the sport to good use.

Now, one of these various ways, in which people are now utilising the sport is using their skateboard for commuting, that is, riding their skateboards to work each day or covering distances of as long as ten miles in each direction with their skateboards. Altogether, commuting with your skateboard is an amazing idea and a great convenience for any rider, especially when you factor in the various advantages it gives you.

For example, you get to cover long distances within record time and with less stress than if you were walking, and you also get a more eco-friendly means of mobility than utilising a car. With advantages like these and the plethora of others it has, it is little wonder that it’s become a big hit in the skateboarding community.

Now, with the rise of commuting with a skateboard came the necessity of a commuter skateboard, and truly, owning one is a huge convenience. However, you need to own a good one, or rather the best you can get. This is because a skateboard used for commuting goes through a lot and as a skateboarder, you know your equipment must match and be able to withstand your riding style.

Therefore, if you’re to get a commuter skateboard, it must be able to manoeuvre corners and other turns, withstand the weather, be durable and a whole lot more. Basically, you need the best skateboard for commuting, one that can you properly swift-ride to work on.

Now, if you fall within this boat and you’re in need of a commuter skateboard, we’re here to help you get the best. With extensive experience and research, we’ve got a list that showcases some of the best skateboards for commuting, that you can get.

These amazing cruiser boards for commuting will be highlighted in no particular order below, so let’s get to it.

Cal 7 Mini Complete Cruiser Skateboard

If you need a skateboard that easily fits into your carry on or backpack, or one that’s generally easy to carry around, but it’s still a great commuter skateboard, this is it.

Cal 7 22" Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard
  • DECK SIZE — 22.5 X 6" plastic deck easily fits into a carry-on or backpack.
  • TRUCKS — 3.125" aluminium alloy trucks
  • BEARINGS — ABEC-7 bearings

The Cal 7 mini cruiser is a great skateboard for commuting, that even comes from the factory fully assembled, hence, ready to use on arrival. However, the ready to use bit isn’t what makes it a great commuter board, what does though are the features and qualities it has.

For one, still on the fact that it comes completely assembled, the hardware utilised for it by the factory, are all of the superb quality which provides an increase in both the functionality and the durability of this board. Also, this skateboard features a durable and sturdy deck, in the form of a classic waffle top deck, which apart from being super study also offers a firm grip.

Also, in line with the need for stability, the Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboard sports 60mm 78A wheels which absorb shock on rough roads. Also, there are the ABEC 7 bearings and aluminium alloy trucks of about 3.2 inches. Also, a fun aspect of this skateboard is the different colours and designs it comes in, so you have a variety to pick from.

Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cruiser boards can double as an amazing commuter board, you’re still basically cruising around town, but with a lot more distance to cover. Now, the Flybar skate cruiser board is a really amazing skateboard for cruising and also for commuting.

The skateboard sports awesome and high-quality features that make it a prime option as a top tier commuter skateboard, one of which is its 7 ply Canadian maple wood make, which results in an incredibly lightweight yet durable deck. In line with this, the deck takes a concave shape, coupled with a kicktail to give it that manoeuvrability ensuring it’s ideal for cruising around town.

Also, the Flybar board’s deck isn’t the only top feature, it also has an 80s black printed grip tape which ensures you always have a stable and firm grip, as well as a steady ride. Also, for the purpose of a steady ride, as well as avoiding wheel bites and offering a more responsive ride.

This skateboard gives a higher ride height by utilising 6mm riser pads that fit perfectly with its 60mm SHR 78A polyurethane wheels.

In addition, the Flybar board also has ABEC 9 chrome bearings, 4-inch aluminium trucks, polyurethane cast medium bushings, which all serve to provide a fast and stable ride, as well as a smooth and superior turning experience.


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

A third cruiser skateboard on the list certainly shows that a high percentage of cruiser boards are definitely compatible with commuting. And for this particular board, the compatibility with commuting is quite outstanding, as it offers riders everything required to enjoy covering and carving through your route every day.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck...
  • Designed to be fun to ride and portable to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates...
  • Length = 27.5" Width = 7.5" Wheelbase = 18.5"
  • Canadian maple deck with high quality components

With a deck made from 6-ply Canadian maple wood, this skateboard is incredibly durable and strong, that it’s no wonder it can withstand a rider’s weight of up too 280 pounds conveniently. To this, there’s also the addition of a sand grit finish on the top of the deck, to ensure your feet stay firmly on the maple deck.

Apart from that, you should note that the Magneto mini cruiser is a board designed for superior sturdiness, stability and durability, as it sports gravity cast aluminium trucks, as well as high-quality SHR polyurethane bushings and wheels.

Also, with a width size of 7.5 inches and a length of 27.5 inches, the Magneto mini cruiser board is designed to be super portable, easy to carry or store throughout the day. In all, with its high-quality features and no substantial setback whatsoever, this board is one of the best you can get.

Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard

Next on the list is another Mini cruiser skateboard, but the Krown is rather different from the great above, as it is made with drop-through mounts. For the majority of riders who may not be aware, drop-through mounts on skateboard functions to make the board sit lower, thereby giving the skater a lower centre of gravity, which makes the board easier to push off.

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard, 9.25x36-Inch
  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • 9.25-Inch x 36-Inch Freestyle Shape
  • White 71mm 78a Wheels

Apart from that feature, there are also a ton of others that ensure you get the best out of this skateboard as a cruiser or commuter board. One of which is the 9 plies Canadian maple that makes up this skateboard’s deck and helps to make it, in all a durable and sturdy skateboard.

The deck is also coupled with 80 grit black grip tape to ensure a proper and firm grip when riding. Also, there’s the trucks and the wheels, and for this skateboard, the Krown brand utilises heavy-duty aluminium 7.0 reverse kingpin trucks and 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels, which offer increased speed and stability.

For that same goal, this skateboard also sports ABEC 7 precision bearings. Now, another important fact of this skateboard is that it comes ready to use straight out of the box, that is, fully assembled from the factory, with high tensile Philips head mounting hardware.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

The final skateboard on the list is an electric one, the Boosted Mini X, which is a premium break from the norm.

Boosted Mini X Skateboard
  • Exhilarating top speeds of 20 mph gets you there faster
  • Climb the steepest hills of your commute without breaking a sweat
  • 3 ride modes specifically tuned to the Boosted Mini

This electric skateboard is near perfect for commuting, as it has enough power to climb the steepest hill on your commute route, it’s brakes are super responsive and it can reach incredible speeds of up too 20mph. And as for durability, as well as grip, the deck is made of a deep dish composite which is stable, durable and keeps your feet locked in while you’re riding.

Also, a fun aspect of the electric skateboard is it has a lengthened battery span of up to 14 miles, as well as being compatible with Android and iOS devices. Now, while this electric skateboard is great and will certainly make an amazing commuter board, it does have a disadvantage, which is its weight.

The Boosted mini x electric skateboard is quite a bother to carry around, as it is really heavy, well depending on the rider’s strength, I suppose. However, while it seems portable with a width size of 11 inches and length of 29.5, it weighs on its own 16 8 pounds which is quite a load to be carrying around each day.

It will still make a great board for commuting, especially when you consider features like its regeneration brakes and its 3 ride modes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the skateboards mentioned above are perfect choices for commuting and can be well said to be the best. But if neither of them fits your fancy, you can always hit the store and simply use them as a guide to get what you feel bests suits you. Also, you should note that the best commuter skateboard is the one that makes commuting easiest for you.