5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

A common fact acknowledged by both experienced skateboard riders and professional riders alike is that for the various styles of riding that exist in the world of skateboarding, there are various and preferred versions of skateboard parts or accessories that either help or deter your chosen style of riding.

Of the parts, the wheels are the most pertinent, for if you get the wrong skateboard wheels for your style of riding, you won’t be able to properly ride.

For a quick look at the best skateboard wheels for street cruising, see the links below.

This is mainly due to the wheels of a skateboard are an incremental part of a skateboard set up and have a major effect on the comfort of the ride, as well as on the rider’s balance and performance on the board. This bit right here is more so pertinent for riders who prefer street cruising with their skateboards.

Hence, to properly ride with no issues and for better balance, grip and speed, you need to get good wheels which fit your style, be it street skating or any other. Therefore, for those who want to cruise their skateboard through the street, this article is set to help you, as we’ve done our research and we’ve come up with a list of the best possible skateboard wheels you can get.

However, before we get into the list, we understand that purchasing wheels for your board can be a tedious chore sometimes. Especially when you have to consider the various factors you ought to before buying skateboard wheels. Also, most times most skaters don’t even know the factors to consider at all and because of this, we are going to help by highlighting the main factors.

Tips To Buying Skateboard Wheels

Now, as already mentioned, placing the right set of skateboard wheels to suit your skating style will definitely go a long way. However, knowing the right brand of skateboard wheels or the right wheel itself to buy for your style, won’t matter if you don’t consider factors like the wheel’s durometer and diameter beforehand.

Also, factors like the wheel’s contact patch and its shape should also be taken account before making a purchase. In light of this, below are brief highlights on factors you should consider before buying skateboard wheels.

  • Diameter: This is one of the core factors to consider when deciding on what wheel to choose. With regards to skateboard wheels, its diameter is usually measured in millimetres, with a size range of 50mm – 75mm. Now, the diameter of a skateboard is a core factor because there is a clear correlation between the diameter of your wheel and the speed and acceleration you’ll be able to achieve while utilising that wheel. In light of this, the smaller the diameter, the lesser amount of speed you can achieve. This also goes in the opposite direction, in that the larger the diameter, the more speed and acceleration you’ll get. Overall, you should always take the diameter size of your wheel into account, as it will greatly affect your riding. For instance, as a new rider, the diameter size of 50mm – 53mm ( the smallest skateboard wheelsets) is more your fit as you learn, while for pros and experienced riders, they should be looking at a range of 60mm and above to achieve their desired top speed.
  • Durometer: Apart from the skateboard world, I doubt the term durometer exist anywhere else. However, in regards to skateboard wheels, durometer is the measurement of a skateboard wheel’s hardness. Hence, the harder the skateboard wheels are, the higher the durometer. The scale of measurement used to determine the durometer is an ‘A’ 100 point scale whereby, a 96a – 99a skateboard wheel is harder than a 78a wheel. However, there’s an additional scale used for measuring here, that is, the ‘B’ 20 point scale, whereby it measures 20 points lower, therefore having an additional 20 points for harder skateboard wheels. This translate to an 80b wheel and a 100a wheel having the same durometer hardness. Now, being that this article is generally meant to help street cruisers, you should note that a higher durometer wheel isn’t best for you. The reason this happens is while softer wheels achieve less speed, they help to absorb impact and are therefore perfect for rough surfaces. So for a street cruising skateboard, get a wheel measured of about 78a – 87a which should be at the perfect level for you.

Now, apart from the two core factors above, other factors you should consider are the contact patch and the shape of the wheel. On the contact patch, this is the part of your wheel that has contact with the ground while you’re riding, that is, the surface area. This is an area of consideration as it greatly affects your performance while skating, especially in the area of body weight and speed acceleration.

On the shape of the skateboard wheel, there are basically two shapes to pick from, which are the sharp-lip and the round-lip shape. The importance of this is, which shape the best suit your style and for street cruising, the sharp-lip shape is your pick.

Having said all these factors, the next step is to highlight our main topic, which is the best skateboard wheels for street cruising. For that purpose, here is the list we arrived at:

Powell Rat Bones Green (90 A) 60mm Wheels

To start off the list, you have one of the best retro-designed skateboard wheels, that’s perfect for street skateboarders.

Powell-Peralta Rat Bones 60mm 90A Green Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5 Inches

The Powell Peralta Rat Bones wheels are built with undeniable quality and amazing features like an 85a durometer, that set it apart from the rest and ensures it’s one of the best set of wheels for rough roads. Now, the high standard features it has isn’t limited to just its durometer, rather, there’s the fact that its diameter is 60mm, with a width of 44mm and an ideal weight of 256g.

Altogether, it is clear that this particular set of wheels is a good fit for cruising and perfectly suitable to take on any surface you place it on.

Spitfire Classic Series Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to skateboard wheels that can be classified as all-rounders, that is, to fit any style of riding, you’re looking at the best there is. The Spitfire classic series are uniquely built skateboard wheels, and also as possess high-quality features.

Spitfire Unisex's Formula-Four Classic Wheels, White, 60 mm
  • classic shape
  • #1 shape in skateboarding worldwide
  • proven for speed and control

Their unique sense of build quality comes from the fact that they’re hand-poured and shaped, making the set of wheels a real testament to longevity.

As for the high-quality features of the Spitfire classic, you can easily see it in its 52mm – 54mm diameter or in the 99a durometer and also in the two different colour-ways they provide, as well as the modern design it wears.

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard Wheels

Based on the pricing, this set of wheels is a bit on the premium side, however, the reason is quite understandable, as the Ricta wheels are undoubtedly creative and overall comfortable.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 92A The 92a Urethane is A Happy...
  • 92A formula
  • perfect choice if you're skating a rough spot or looking just looking for a smoother ride
  • The 92a urethane is a happy medium that allows you to skate rough spots without compromising...

Also, there’s the fact that the Ricta wheels provide for riders NRG Hi-Energy Urethane Formula, which makes the wheels perfect for street or road cruising. Apart from these, there are also the features of a 52MM diameter and a 92a durometer.

So if you’re in the market for skateboard wheels that offer you unfailing smooth rides on rough surfaces and increases your performance, then this set of wheels are a match.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

So we have another skateboard wheel from the Spitfire brand, the Spitfire Bighead wheels which are particularly suited for beginner street skaters.

The reason for the last bit of largely due to this set of wheels amazing rolling efficiency on any smooth surface.

Apart from that, another feature this set of wheels has is it sporting the highest level durometer, that is a 99a durometer, which will no doubt provide sufficient grip and balance.

There’s also the added advantage of multiple diameter sizes which it comes in, that is, from 48mm to 63mm and with sizes in between. So for new street skaters, this should help you learn and hone your style of riding.

Shark Wheels California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Now, this is the last set of wheels on this list, however, this set of wheels are uniquely futuristic and innovative. The reason for such praise is based on the Shark wheels being uniquely and smartly engineered in a hybrid round shape that doesn’t fall within the normal skateboard wheel shapes we know.

Shark Wheel Cruiser Wheels - 60mm - Blue - California Roll Skateboard...
  • Sine-wave shaped wheels that are fast
  • Better slide control
  • Go over rough terrain better than any wheel

Now, the amazing thing about the hybrid round-shaped wheel is that it is three times faster than the wheels around, and it is also smoother. Also, apart from the remarkable hybrid round wheels, there are other features that make this set of wheels top tier. For example, the durometer is set at 78a making it the right level for street cruising, while the diameter is at 60mm.

Additionally, the new innovative wheel construction also provides for better grip and slide control, as well as making skating in the rain easier.

Overall, when looking for the perfect skateboard wheels for your street cruising style, you should always consider the main factors to help you pick out the best option.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Streets

Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Streets

Rough road or street riding can be a bit difficult if you do not have the perfect skateboard wheel for rough surfaces. When it comes to rough Street, you need wheels that won’t result in too much friction. You wouldn’t want to wait until you get a clean or smooth street before you can skate.

When deciding on the best skateboard wheels for rough streets, it is always important to consider the basic feature that suits your preference and interest to make skateboarding fun for you. Also, when we talk about wheels, there are so many options you can pick from.

The principal difference between a normal skateboard and the designed skateboard wheels for the rough road is that normal skateboard wheels are better at performing tricks.

However, getting to know the best wheels for you can be a bit challenging. But with this post, I will help you analyze the best skateboard wheels that work pretty well on rough street thereby relieving you of the stress that comes with identifying the best wheels.

OJ 55-mm Mini Hot Juice 78A Skateboard Wheels

OJ Hot Juice Mini Skateboard wheel is a soft cruiser or filmer wheel that is perfect for shaggy roads. These wheels are also excellent for long-distance skating. They come in a set of 4 Hot Juice Mini skateboard wheels.

Their softness formula of 78a makes it ride smoothly even on the roughest road. These wheels are exceptional for very fast transportation with a small amount of pushing.

They are not so big but have overtime performed excellently even more than the proposed big wheels. However, these wheels are also great for downhill skating.

It has a classic shape which makes them perfect for the street board and longboards. As much as these wheels are soft and grippy, they are not meant for power slides.

Additionally, this wheel has a diameter of 55mm; this is the reason it can ride at its full speed with quick acceleration. They are noiseless wheels and they absorb many impacts making landing quite easy. These wheels also handle all terrains well. With this wheel, you can cruise fast and still be able to pull off your desired tricks.


  • Very good for cruising
  • Run over the rough road very smoothly
  • They fit on any skateboard
  • Durable


  • Not for heavy tricks.

Powell Peralta Bomber 3 Skateboard Wheel (60mm, 85A, 4pk)

Powell Peralta wheel can slide over any terrain; a bumpy road, potholes, mud grass, concrete and so on. With a diameter of 60mm, this wheel can move on any surface without being punctured or getting cracked.

It is a versatile wheel that performs functions like pushing, mellow hill-bombing, sliding and many others. They provide more stability, traction and grip even at a high speed.

Powell-Peralta Bombers 60mm 85A Black Skateboard Wheels
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 3 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 4 Inches

They come in an 85A SBA formula which helps to raise the speed of the board. Powell Peralta wheels are a design of quality and classic materials. They are soft and at the same time a fast wheel. This wheel comes in a set of 4 wheels with a reliable SBA formula. The SBA formula used for this wheel makes them a perfect wheel for correct skating. It has a shiny coating that makes gripping quite easy.

Also, this wheel is one of the quiet wheels you can get on the market. They are so smooth that when used on even the roughest roads, it will seem like you are riding on a smooth road. Due to its size, you get to enjoy the maximum speed of your ride. With these wheels, your skating can never go wrong.


  • Perfect for all-terrain
  • Fast speed and super grippy
  • Very smooth wheels


  • Shiny coating fades easily

FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels 82a+ ABEC 7 Bearing Steel and spacers Cruiser Wheels (pack of 4)

This Freedare skateboard wheel is 55mm in diameter. It is a soft wheel of durometer 82a. They are good for cruising and works perfectly on rough surfaces. These wheels are made up of high-quality polyurethanes which last longer compared to other wheels. It is a set of 4 wheels and also comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers.

Freedare Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings and Spacers Cruiser...
  • Wheel size: 60mm diameter x 45mm width; Durometer count: 83A Polyurethane wheels.
  • Set of 4 wheels.There comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers, which have been installed on...
  • They roll pretty smooth,very durable for street skating and extremely smooth on skate park terrain.

These bearings and spacers have already been installed in this wheel so you don’t need to bother yourself. The steel is pre-lubricated thereby increasing its speed and durability. They are perfect wheels for penny board and cruising.

These wheels roll smoothly on smooth concrete and asphalt. They are firm enough to be used by beginners. Freedare skateboard wheels provide exceptional grips for downhill rides. They come with great packaging. They are ideal for transportation. After trying this wheel, you will not want to try another skateboard wheel anymore.


  • Very affordable
  • Smooth and quiet on rough road
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Bearing already installed in the wheels


  • The bearing does not last long
  • A bit difficult to pull off tricks

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (set of 4)

This wheel is designed for maximal grip and speed. It is the perfect wheel for hard carving, long-distance pushing, hard carving and pumping. This wheel can rollover any obstacle without causing harm to the wheel.

Also, it has a large 80mm diameter that allows it to roll over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest road. Their sharp and square lip allows for maximum grip and also makes smooth gliding possible. They don’t break traction unless they’re going fast.

This wheel is made up of orangutang urethane formula which allows for a smooth, plush and also gives a buttery-smooth slide. With its exposed 46mm core, the weight reduces making acceleration quick and allowing for crisp slide.

This wheel now has 3 durometers; 77a which is blue, 80a goes for orange and the 83a is purple. A set of this wheel contains 4 longboard skateboards. With this set of wheels, your skateboarding can not go wrong.


  • Good quality wheels and they last long
  • Rollover anything successfully
  • Perfect wheel for long downhill and long-distance
  • Well balanced and run very fast


  • They are not so good for sliding and tricks
  • Expensive

Shark Wheel California Roll (60mm 78a) All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheel is an advanced modification of wheels. They were already in use before it was later reinvented. The rebranded wheel now has unique features that differentiated it from the others.

Shark Wheel - Longboard Wheels - 70mm - Transparent Red - Sidewinder...
  • Sine-wave shaped wheels that are fast
  • Have better slide control
  • Go over rough terrain better than any wheel

This wheel can manoeuvre itself over water, debris and any other things that can affect the way wheels work. These wheels have gained so much popularity that it got featured on Shark Tank and Discovery Channel (1, 2).

This wheel is designed in a way that it has increased length and decreased friction. Due to the wave pattern design, it has a thin contact patch that makes contact with the ground and therefore results in less friction.

They slide smoothly and offer more grips. They also provide traction when riding. These wheels also last longer compared. Additionally, its thin contact patch allows it to be three times faster than the normal wheels. Finally, these wheels are perfect, and they would give you a pleasant experience.


  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect for skating under the rain and on gravel
  • They roll very fast even on debris
  • Ultimate cruising experience


  • Not suitable for tough tricks

Pig Skate Wheels 3D Conical 101A 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Pig wheel is a brand that produces top-notch materials to satisfy their customers. This wheel is a perfect wheel for park and street skateboarding. With pig wheels, you can easily skate on rocks and any other obstacles. It has a glossy and smooth design.

These wheels are a set of 4 wheels with a 53mm height diameter, 33.5mm width and also a riding surface of 20.5mm. They are made up of quality urethane material. And due to its top-notch materials, it lasts longer and allows for shock absorption. You can as well choose from the many colour options that this wheel comes in. They are one of the smoothest wheels you can ever opt for.

They can go as fast as you want it and they are very affordable. These wheels have a pig conical shape and a square edge wheel together with a wide riding surface. They can be used by beginners and also by experienced skaters. This wheel will provide you with an excellent skateboarding experience.


  • Very affordable
  • Gives an excellent skateboarding experience
  • Highly durable and last longer
  • Run over rocks and other obstacles much faster
  • Excellent value for money


  • Wheels are a bit too large; not so good for performing tricks.

Ricta Wheels Cloud 86A Pro Skateboard Wheels 57mm

If you are the type that wants an unsophisticated and an uncomplicated type of skateboard wheel, look no further; Ricta wheels Cloud is your best bet. They can be used by beginners. Also, if you are an experienced and a professional skateboarder, this wheel is good for you.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 86A 86a Ditch Formula. This is A...
  • 86A ditch formula
  • This is a soft cruiser wheel. Great for rough roads or filming. 
  • Ricta 86a Clouds are an excellent hybrid wheel for rugged spots.

These wheels are available in glowing white colour and they have their unique designs. They have a durometer of 86, this makes them fast and grips more easily. The diameter of this wheel is 57mm, this is the reason they can fit into any type of skateboard.

Even though this wheel is a little bit tough, they are designed in a way that beginners will have a decent and promising practice. They are made of high-quality urethane.

Its rounded edges also allow for accurate speed and smooth ride. This wheel has great balance for grip and perfect cushioning. Ricta wheels cloud is highly recommended for skateboarders that wants a decent and wonderful skateboarding


  • Great wheel for rough roads
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect wheel for performing tricks


  • Not the best wheel for a power slide

Penny 4-Set Sparkles Wheels (Pink, 59mm)

Penny as a brand is known for producing great and quality skateboards. Penny skateboard wheels are wheels that perform well even way beyond your expectation. These wheels come in a black, pink, red and green design.

Penny Wheels 59Mm Pink Glitter Skateboard Wheels (Set Of 4)
  • Brand: Penny
  • Wheel Size: 59mm
  • NOTE: Wheels sold in sets of 4 only.

You are sure of the best cruising experience with this wheel. From the glittery design to this wheel running over hills, it is your perfect choice. They ride smoothly even on the roughest road. They also run very fast.

This wheel is designed in a way that it has a better slide control. You don’t have to work very hard when riding as this wheel has less friction when it touches the ground with less rolling resistance. If you enjoy cruising around and not looking all worked up, look no further.


  • Better slide control
  • Very smooth wheel and durable
  • Great for cruising


  • Not really of good quality
  • The wheel does not come with bearings

Mini Logo C-Cut 52mm X 101a

Mini logo brand not only offers quality skateboard wheels, but they also offer other hardware and skateboards. These wheels use a long-lasting urethane material for an excellent performance. These are wheels that provide you with a high rebound formula which aids better grip and traction.

Mini Logo C-Cut 2 101a Skateboard Wheels - Assorted (Pack of 4)
  • Pack of 4 Wheels
  • Sizing: 52mm x 31mm, 54mm x 32mm
  • Durometer: 101A

They are the perfect wheel for technical street skating and also for cruising. They are not gendered biased. They have a C-cut shape and the treaded surfaces allow for a better grip even on smooth surfaces. This wheel makes landing smooth.

Its smoothness is enough to keep a consistent flow in your riding. Mini logo wheels are also quieter than the other wheels. They are pretty fast with a good bearing. These wheels are also hard enough for power slides and tricks. They are also not affected by pebbles.

Finally, this wheel offers a smooth ride with better stability and grip.


  • Provides a smooth ride
  • They do not make noise while riding
  • Provide a great balance between performing tricks and cruising
  • Designed as a C-cut shape that allows for advanced technical skating
  • Landing is quite easy with them
  • Not expensive


  • Do not last as long as they should do

Spitfire Classic series High-Performance Skateboard wheels

Spitfire wheels are shaped and designed in different forms to suit their riders. Since they have a smooth surface, there is less friction compared to the other wheels. These wheels are easier to slide thereby making it fun for you to perform a lot of tricks. Also, they are made in the USA from the finest and quality materials.

However, spitfire wheels are really popular wheels. They are different from the other wheels in that they use the formula four urethane in designing their wheels. And this high-quality formula four urethane makes them last longer. They are also designed to withstand more obstacles and to perform excellently.

Not only do these wheels resist flat spot, but they also have a high rebound that allows for fast speed over smooth and rough surfaces. Since they have a hard durometer, they can give a fast and smooth ride.

Due to its classic shape, you have total control for downhill rides and also have the power to manoeuvre yourself at sharp turns. With Spitfire classic skateboard wheels, your skateboarding can never go wrong.


  • Guarantee against any manufacturing defect
  • Resist flat spot
  • Great speed control on all surfaces
  • They are made up of fine and quality materials
  • Good wheel for street and Skate park riding


  • Not so durable

Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama wheel is made up of a full-figured urethane that ensures high speed with great comfort and grip. As a result of its large diameter (85mm), it runs over rocks, cracks, sticks and even on the roughest road with an unbelievable speed. They are perfect wheels for downhill rides.

Orangatang Caguama Skateboard Wheels
  • BIG, SMOOTH LONGBOARD WHEELS — Designed for maximum speed, comfort, and momentum for longboard...
  • FAST AND COMFORTABLE — With a large 85mm diameter, the Caguama rolls with incredible speed and plows...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN — The 56mm contact patch with its surface skin provides confident grip, while the...

It comes with a 56mm contact patch that allows for a reasonable amount of grip. Also, the rounded edges of this wheel make it possible to run smoothly over surfaces of any kind. The urethane formula used for this wheel allows for a fast smooth and grippy ride.

Also, they are designed for longboard commuting, pumping, long-distance pushing and electric longboards. They have a great surface area that helps to deliver high speed and smooth ride.

Overall, a 46mm core is embedded in these wheels and its function is to reduce the weight of this wheel to ensure better acceleration and momentum. With this wheel, you’ll get the best grip and traction.


  • Perfect wheel for downhill riding
  • Last longer
  • Run pretty well on pebbles
  • Guarantee against manufacturing defect
  • Very fast and comfortable wheels


  • Edges chipping away too easily
  • A bit heavy

Ricta Cloud White Skateboard Wheels 78a

Ricta wheels allow for a smooth and fast ride over any surface. Since these wheels are designed from soft urethane with a solid 78D core, they roll over rough surfaces just like they do with smooth surfaces. Their modern and sleeks design makes them light in weight and not so bulky.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 78A 78a Cruiser Formula....
  • 78A cruiser formula
  • Smooth-rolling and fast 78A soft urethane with a solid, 78D core
  • modern shaped and not heavy or bulky

If you are the type that loves cruising, filming and performing crazy tricks, this wheel perfect for you. They are of standard shape thus makes it suitable on all surfaces. With the shiny coating on the surface of this wheel, you are assured of better grip and traction while riding.

The diameter of this wheel ranges from 52mm-60mm. However, you need to consider how good you are in skateboarding before choosing the diameter that will suit you. Besides, Ricta cloud wheels also come in different durometer. These wheels will offer you outstanding performance and you will look no further other than these wheels.


  • Available in different colours, diameter and durometer for different riders.
  • Very affordable
  • Super bouncy and fast
  • Provide maximum grip on sharp turns


  • They are still slowed down from rolling friction

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-terrain Longboard is a perfect wheel for longboarders. This wheel is a versatile Gboarder. They are cast with a 78A high rebound urethane for an even speed. With durometer 78a, they are pretty soft.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels - 100mm X 65mm - Black
  • 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels
  • Cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane for unparalleled speed
  • Perfect addition to any long boarder's quiver

These wheels will roll over almost any surfaces without any issues. Their diameter is 100mm; they are also designed in a way that it closes the gap between mountain boarding and longboarding. These wheels are also perfect for longboarding down rough terrains.

Since there is less friction, this wheel moves very fast and smooth on all surfaces. They provide you with enough grip and traction. It is a tough wheel that can roll over anything.

They offer a smooth and steady speed. If you want to ride your skateboard over sidewalks, this is the perfect wheel for you.


  • Great for downhill riding
  • They can rollover any surface smoothly
  • Perfect wheel for electric skateboard
  • Wheels offer a smooth ride on rough surfaces.


  • Very heavy
  • They don’t come with bearing


Bones Wheel Rough Riders 80a Skateboard wheels

These wheels are designed such that they are excellent for rough terrains. Their special and soft urethane formula makes them stand out. Regardless of the type of surface, these wheels will roll on any surfaces smoothly. They are as well resistant to flat spot. And because of its 56mm diameter, they ensure fast acceleration and they also maintain great speed.

Their 80a durometer makes them perfect for transportation and carving. With durometer 80a, these wheels are hard enough to perform tricks. Also, they are soft enough to allow for smooth and quiet riding. They are ideal for skating on rougher pavement and asphalt. They are also great for riding on sidewalks.

Finally, the material used in manufacturing this wheel is top-notch, thereby making your riding fun and great.


  • They can roll over anything smoothly
  • Perfect wheel for rougher surfaces
  • Great wheels for riding on the sidewalk
  • Perfect durometer for transportation
  • Super-fast, quiet and very comfortable


  • Not for sliding
  • Kind of hard for cruisers


Finally, I’m pretty sure I have done justice in carefully listing out the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. A wheel with any of the features that I have written above will be perfect for rough roads.

You must pick from the features I have stated above to guarantee you that you are picking from the best skateboard wheels. it is also important you know that picking the best wheels will also bring you comfort and ensure your safety.

As I have said earlier in this post that the basic elements you need to consider before choosing the type of skateboard wheel you want are: the wheel diameter and the wheel durometer (that is, the hardness of your wheel). 

How do Pro Skateboarders Practice? 9 Key Tips To Get Started

How do Pro Skateboarders Practice?

It is interesting how a pro skateboarder pulls off different amazing tricks. It seems so magical that he does all of these with no fear during performances. Do you think that they were born with abilities? If you think so, then you are wrong. Skateboarding, like every other game, is a sport that is learned. It is not inborn. Pro skateboarders strive hard to be better at what they do and they never stop pushing.

It is not a one day journey or an accident. It is a deliberate plan.

So if you ever asked yourself how do pro skateboarders practice? How do they skateboard so well? An what exactly they do that others do not do? Then it is worth noting that, pro skateboarders do not go to performances unprepared. They do a lot of behind-the-scenes preparations.

Something you can call proper homework. The wins in competitions will depend on how much practice was put in. He goes to contests to display what he has spent weeks, months, and years to practice. He does not learn his tricks when he gets to contests. He prepares before going.

The basic truth is that for a pro skateboarder to land any trick, he must practice. There are no two ways about it. He cannot rule it out of his career plans. The practice is the engine room of a pro skateboarder. It is the only way to skate well. Skating well attracts sponsors to him.

It is pertinent to note that when a pro practices it is not just about mastering tricks. They also practice the art of having the right mindset. This is because no matter how hard they try out physical practice if they do not have a positive mindset, their will to keep pushing will be non-existent.

How Do Pro Skateboarders Practice?

1. They Set Goals

Pro skateboarders do not go about practising aimlessly. First, they determine what they hope to achieve from each practice then they work towards it. Pro skateboarders make their living from skateboarding so they usually work with targets and push themselves to meet these goals.

A pro skateboarder’s goals do not permit him to be undisciplined. These guys don’t take their practice carelessly. To them, no day of practice should be useless; something has to come out. They do not dabble into practice. Pro skaters see the practice as a process, a serious one at that. This is because their entire life in the career is a goal-driven one. They know that whatever they put out there is a product of how well they have practised, so they carefully have a clear picture of what they hope to gain from each day.

Beforehand, a pro will decide the number of new tricks to try out and the old ones to master. Then the pro writes it down. This way, he is closer to achieving it. When he eventually goes out to practice, he ensures that each trick that has been written is perfected before going home.

2. They Have a Clear Purpose

A pro knows that achieving his goals is paramount to him. He has a clear purpose of what he is doing. Each of his practice is not a mistake because he knows where it is all headed. The average pro skateboarder wants to attract a sponsor, and to do that, he has to be the best he can be. You’ll notice that almost every pro skateboarder that is listed have a sponsor(s), and those that do not, strive to have one.

He knows his purpose, and he focuses on it. At this point, he does not allow himself to be distracted or give up halfway. His focus is to practice until he gets to the rank he wants to be.

He tracks his results from each practice and measures it to see if he is improving or not. He can keep track of his weekly, monthly, or yearly records. This is one of the reasons he grows faster. He knows what to do to achieve his goals.

3. They Have A Practice Strategy

Having set up goals, a pro thinks of means to achieve them. He comes up with well-defined strategies. He researches what to do to achieve his goals. He finds out the number of hours to practice each day, how often he should practice, the places to practice, whether to practice alone or with other pros.

A skateboarder determines where to practice before he sets out. He knows that the right location will go a long way to either lead to productivity or futility. Getting interrupted by the cops(or anyone else) will affect the number of hours he has set aside to practice so his location must be right.

4. Pro Skateboarders Practice Full Time 

Since pros take skateboarding as a means to earn a living, they practice full time. Practice to them is not seasonal. They do not go on and off it. Some practice at least one hour per day. They know that consistency is one of the keys to their success, so they do not break protocol. They don’t give up on the journey. The rule is simple, practice to progress, or relent to become poorer in your performance. The full-time practice is the key to get better and keep up with the latest tricks in the industry.

Skipping practice hours or days is usually as a result of some type of emergency. The best a pro skater can do is reduce the number of times he practices in a week when he is not in the best of health, or go on a break when he is down because his body needs time to heal to be able to function well. He can also reduce the duration of his practice on days he does not feel well or something more important comes up.

5. Pros Practice With The Right Mindset

A pro skateboarder works on his mind a lot. He strives towards possessing the right spirit. He knows that a negative mindset will affect how much effort he puts into practice and how much result he gets.


Before practice, he puts himself in the right frame of mind. First, he trusts himself that he can do well when he goes to the park to practice. He visualises his tricks before landing them. It happens in his mind first. His mind’s eye goes a long way in helping him before he tries the tricks in reality. He believes in himself. This helps him to boost his confidence. He trusts his feet and motions.

A pro skateboarder does not give room to fear during practice. He has accepted the hazards that come with skating. He is not afraid of what will happen when he dares new things. This mindset follows him to contests, demos, and video making. Laziness is not his thing when he wants to practice.

Pro skateboarders are aware that injuries are inevitable during practice (note that injuries are not a regular occurrence). They have accepted it as part of the process. Even when they sustain injuries, they still do not give up on the trick that led to the injury.

A positive mindset is what enables him to try out new tricks, and ensures he is good at them. It makes him not give up when is failing or slow at perfecting his moves during practice.

During practice, he does not get too hard on himself. To him, skateboarding is fun, there is no need to be frustrated or mad at himself for not getting any trick right. He does not see skateboarding as a chore or something he forces himself to do. Neither does he see it like he is doing anyone a favour by practising. He uses every opportunity to catch some fun because he knows that skating is fun itself. This is how he gets better and make adequate progress.

6. They Work On Their Health Before Practicing

A pro skateboarder knows that his well-being is what puts him on the scene in the first place. A worn-out muscle or an injured joint from too much practice will hinder his performance. He ensures that he gets enough sleep and rest in between practices. This helps him recover from the stress of the previous practice sessions.

He takes the right food, drinks, drugs, and consume a lot of water. As part of ensuring he is fit to practice, he understands that certain foods can weaken his ability to achieve his goals. For example, a running stomach or stomach ache can send him back home even before he begins to practice.

Although he may not have full control over how his body reacts to food, a pro skateboarder tries as much as possible to identify those that do not go down well with his system. He stays off these foods when it is close to his practice time. Also, he takes foods that will make him happy and put him in the mood to practice, and the right ones to take which will make him recover faster.

The same thing goes for drinks. He stays off strong alcoholic drinks. No one wants to practice when staggering unless he wants to commit suicide. He needs balance, stability, and a clear head to practice, hence, he is mindful of what he drinks before going to practice.

A pro skateboarder does not take drugs that will slow him down during practice. Some drugs will make him feel dizzy or weak. This is why pro skateboarders rely on medical prescription before taking any drugs.

One of the strategies in achieving his practice goals is ensuring proper health. Pro skater practices for fewer hours when he is not very healthy then go for long hours when he is best in shape. He does not force himself to practice when his body is failing him.

7. Pros Observe Safety Measures

Although landing a trick is important to him, he puts safety first too. He wears the right gear to prevent serious injuries when an accident occurs during practice. He wears the right helmet, shoes, knee and elbow pads. When selecting his safety gear, quality is important to him. He does not go for gears because they are fancy but because they can serve their purpose, and protect him from an accident.

He puts safety first before he goes to practice. When practising at night, a pro skateboarder uses board blazers for illumination. He does not take his safety for granted because he is a professional.

8. They Know Repetition is Key

This is the key to how well pro skateboarders master their tricks. This is the essence of good practice. He goes on repeating the same tricks until he masters it. Once he gets a trick in his head, he trusts himself to be able to do it, and then he sets out to practice it repeatedly.

Pro skateboarders can practice a single trick for years. They go on breaks when a major injury is sustained. After recovery, they resume practising that same move.  It took Tony Hawk ten years to land the skateboarding holy grail, making him the first person to perform the trick.

9. They Keep Track

Pro skateboarders keep track of their progress during practice. They study what they do wrong that affects their progress and strive to get it right. Sometimes when a trick is too difficult to master, they create or find other similar moves that will help them master it.

Pro skateboarders practice consistently. They may not have control over how a judge will rate them, but they take control of how best their practice can be productive. During a performance, they exercise perfect control over their boards because they have done their homework and have mastered their art over time.


To be a pro is a lot of work, but like it is often said, there is no great victory without courage, effort and a battle. Luckily, you don’t have to fight a battle; you just have to follow these tips to become a pro.

As long as skateboarding is your passion, be sure you will have the best time becoming a skateboarding professional.

How Does Gravity Affect Skateboarding? 3 Ways Physics Comes Into Play

How Does Gravity Affect Skateboarding?

To understand just how gravity and skateboarding go together, a look at what goes in some skateboard tricks and skills is an important part of understanding how everything works.

So how does gravity affect skateboarding? Understanding the physics involved in skateboarding is particularly useful to skateboarders when performing their jumps and tricks. It will allow them to identify the major principles that will enable them to properly execute particular moves, which will prove beneficial from a performance perspective.

In addition to the understanding gained, using experience that has been garnered over time through hours from a lot of practice, a look at some of the theories behind the jumps and tricks can provide a clearer understanding of the various mechanics involved. This is most especially useful for people who are still beginner skateboarders.

A book like this one on how to not kill yourself skateboarding will give you a lot more examples of how gravity affects skateboarding

The Physics Behind The Popular Hippie Jump

For this trick, skateboarders often ride along a flat area at a particular velocity (Vh). He will then jump up without putting any force on top of the skateboard. This will allow him to fly in the air with similar horizontal speed as that of the board (which is also drifting at Vh). This ensures that the board stays directly under his feet and he can then land on it.

For this particular trick, the skateboarder has to propel himself by vertically pressing down using his feet. If he presses down on the skateboard using the force of a horizontal nature, that same board will shoot up behind him or in his front. After the skateboarder has jumped off the skateboard, gravity will come into play and he will then follow an arc as he will fly in the air before he then proceeds to land on it again.

The physics involved on this particular skill can be understood by projectile motion – this is where just the vertical part of its velocity changes. This is because gravity solely acts in a vertical direction. Since there’s zero force of gravity that acts on the skateboarder in any horizontal way, the horizontal component regarding his velocity will not change in the slightest (without the issue of air resistance).



A friction force that plays a part on the skateboard when it rolls (as a result of it touching the floor) is minimal and will not slow down the board appreciably. As a result of this, its velocity is almost similar to that of the horizontal speed of the skateboarder. This will then allow the skateboarder to land on the skateboard again.


The Physics Behind The Ollie

This skateboarding trick is a basic one. It is regularly used as a springboard for other tricks that are more complicated. The start of this trick involves two actions that occur at almost simultaneous times. The first one involves the skateboarder jumping off and onto the skateboard.

This is followed by him pressing down instantly on the back part of the skateboard – resulting in it rebounding off the floor and bouncing back. The skateboarder then guides the skateboard with his legs as it makes its way in the air, thereby giving him a chance to land on it when coming back to the ground.

First Stage

In the first stage, the skateboarder is supposed to be crouched and preparing to jump off the skateboard. His right foot is placed on the tail of the skateboard and his left foot is close to the middle of the board. All forces on the board at this stage are at zero since it is stationary (with zero acceleration).

Second Stage

In the second stage, the skateboarder pushes himself upwards by making his legs straight and then raising up his hands. As that happens, he will push down using his right leg harder than his left foot. This will cause the board to tilt and strike the ground with its tail.

When its tail proceeds to strike the floor, an impulse force is created with the floor. This will propel the board upwards and will also cause it to rotate clockwise. The skateboarder will then slide his left foot along the board to the left side and tilt it, which will allow him to grasp the rough surface of the skateboard using his shoe’s edge.

This will enable him to guide the board during the remaining part of its motion. The force used on the skateboard by the left foot is divided into two different components. One of these components is the force that drags the skateboard along.

Third Stage

In the third stage, his right foot will lose contact with the skateboard. He will then guide the board with his left foot and drag the board upwards and even higher.

Fourth Stage

In the fourth stage, the skateboarder will then bring the skateboard into a horizontal level by pressing down his left leg while lifting up his right leg, so that it doesn’t accidentally come in contact with the board’s rising tail. He will make contact with the skateboard with both feet and will now be able to squarely land on the board.

It should be noted that the Ollie can as well be done as the skateboarder is rolling at a constant speed on the ground. In this scenario, the physics of the Ollie – already described using the four above stages – will remain the same.


Physics of Skateboarding – The Frontside 180

The physics of this trick is associated with the conservation of angular momentum.

For this trick, the skateboarder rotates his board to 180 degrees while in the air so that at the point of landing, he’ll be facing the opposite direction. He will be able to do this even though his initial momentum is at zero, which means he isn’t initially rotating.

As the skateboarder becomes airborne, the sole force that will act on him is gravity, which acts through the hub of the mass of the system. Due to this, the gravity force will not be able to exert a torque on the system. So, in its entirety, the system will not be able to rotate.

What is the physics behind this and how does the skateboarder manage to rotate the board up to 180 degrees by the time he reaches the ground? He’s able to do this by rotating his lower body and upper body in different directions. With this, he can be able to land with the skateboard facing the opposite direction, while also conforming to the physical requirements that state that the angular momentum remains zero.

The skateboarder will put his upper body in a clockwise rotation, which will result in his upper body being in angular momentum. At that same time, he will give the skateboard and his lower body a counterclockwise rotation, which will result in his lower body and the skateboard being in angular momentum.

Once the skateboarder lands on the ground, it is simply a case of rotating the upper body to face the wall. He can be able to execute this due to the fact that after he lands, he can implement a torque towards the floor, which will then allow his body to be able to rotate so he faces a position that is entirely opposite to where he was facing before.


Physics of Skateboarding – Pumping on a Half-Pipe

This particular tool is used by skateboarders to increase their takeoff speed when they leave the pipe. This will enable them to reach greater heights and also help them perform more tricks while they are airborne.

With this, the skateboarder is able to improve his speed without needing to push off the ground propelling against the force of gravity. What this means is that his feet don’t even need to leave the board. It’s why you have to ask these questions: What physics takes place here and how does the skateboarder improve his speed without needing to push off the ground?

To increase speed, the skateboarder bends down in the straight part of the halfpipe. When he then comes to the curved section of the halfpipe, he will lift up his arms and body, which will then result in him exiting the pipe at an increased speed. The fundamental skateboarding physics behind this can be grasped by applying the principle of angular momentum and impulse.

By constantly pumping his body (he does this by crouching and lifting his body in the curved part of the half-pipe), the skateboarder will be able to increase his speed which will eventually allow sufficient enough height to be attained so as to be able to perform a handful of mid-air tricks.

An intuitive or non-mathematical narration of the physics occurring here is that pumping gives energy to the system in a similar way that a kid pumping on a swing increases energy and also results in him being able to swing higher. Therefore, the physics involved in pumping on a halfpipe is very similar to that of pumping on a swing.

As the skateboarder lifts his body and arms, he will be able to feel some resistance as a result of the force of centripetal acceleration that tends to push his body from the centre of rotation. This resistance actually proves that work is being accomplished, and ultimately, energy is being pumped into the system.

How To Teach A Dog To Ride A Skateboard-6 Steps That Work

How To Teach A Dog To Ride A Skateboard

Ever since impressive videos of skateboarding dogs hit the internet, skateboarding has turned to a standard trick that owners try to teach their dogs. If you want to teach a dog to ride a skateboard, there are steps to be taken. A large number of owners start off by using basic methods to lure their dogs onto the board. These include either giving them treats or just pointing at the skateboard and hoping that the dog gets on it. If he/she gets on the board, they get praised and patted like a kid who has managed to ride a bike for the first time without training wheels.

For some natural skateboarding dogs, this crude technique will work. In no time, your dog will become a sensation at parks. For other dogs, you might end up training them to an extent that they sometimes want to ride their board, and at other times, try to eat it. For people who have dogs that aren’t natural skateboarders, this step-by-step plan should be helpful in teaching them how to skateboard. It is important that these steps should be taken with a lot of patience as your dog needs it.


How To Teach A Dog To Ride A Skateboard – Step By Step

Step 1: Consider The Age, Athletic Ability And Breed Of Your Dog

Before you start to teach your dog how to skateboard, it’s very important to assess a handful of things. First of all, you should ensure that this is a trick that your pet is able to do physically. For instance, it is easier for a Pitbull to learn how to skateboard because it has a muscular build – making it easier for this breed to be able to balance on skateboards. As for smaller dogs with wonky knees, they might find it harder to learn this trick.

They could also get hurt easily. While it might be possible for any dog to learn the basics of skateboarding, it is a fact that some breeds are more suited than others. For example, Welsh Corgis possess short legs which are just too little to touch the floor if the dog is on the board.


It is also pertinent that you find out from the veterinarian to ensure your pet is fit, in good shape, and is in good enough health to take part in skateboarding and all the complex tricks you might be planning on teaching him/her. You really don’t want to place a dog that is nervous on a skateboard. You’d prefer a dog who has a positive and agile attitude.

At first, your dog might be nervous about the board, but he’ll ultimately get more comfortable with it. If you own a shy dog that doesn’t like to get accustomed to new objects, it’s important not to force him/her. That might be very detrimental and counterproductive. Ruining the relationship with your dog because of a trick isn’t worth it.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Skateboard

Just like any other athlete, dogs can get injured while using a skateboard. So, it’s very important to choose the best board that provides the most stability. This is to ensure that they’re comfortable and stable on the board. For dogs, the ideal choice is a flat board without a flip at the end because this kind of board will not flip up whenever your dog steps on that part.

Step 3: Make Your Dog Accustomed To A Board

Before commencing the process of teaching your dog the basics of skateboarding, you need to ensure that he/she likes the board. It is advisable that you initially introduce the board to the dog as well as ensuring he/she is okay being close to it. Allow your dog to walk around it, sniff it, and ensure that you give him/her a lot of praise. Once he becomes accustomed to the board being stationary, start to slowly push the board around so as to make the dog comfortable knowing that it isn’t meant to be stationary. Push the skateboard little by little and give your dog a reward whenever he/she notices this.

Step 4: Initially Use A Stationary Board

For this next step, it is very pertinent the board doesn’t move. Put it on carpet or grass to make sure it is stabilized. The goal is to get your dog comfortable enough to continually get on top of the board and you need the board in a stationary position because if there’s movement when your dog is on top of it, he/she might become scared and never try it again.

You can additionally try to get your dog to get on top aerobic steps since they’re a similar height to skateboards but are stationary. The idea behind this is to get your dog acclimated with the muscles and movements that are needed to step on top of something.

How To Teach A Dog To Ride A Skateboard

Stand at the back of the board and put your arm over with a treat close to your dog’s nose. Gently direct your dog towards the board till he/she climbs on it. As soon as your dog climbs on the board, ensure that you praise him/her for doing this. Give your dog top quality rewards like cheese, boiled chicken, or hot dogs and tell him/her to stay. Also, give him/her more treats when he/she stays put.

It is advisable not to rush through this particular process. Ensure that you work with the pace of your dog so that you don’t scare him/her. Considering your kind of dog, this step might take five minutes to several hours. Do this for two consecutive days.

Step 5: Moving Outside To The Grass

As soon as your dog feels comfortable touching the skateboard and climbing it, it’s time for the next stage. Take the board outside on the grass and try to coax your dog to get on top of it the way he’s been doing inside. When your dog has become completely comfortable with the skateboard, gently begin to move the board little by little. It’s perfectly alright if he is startled and decides to jump off. The board will move a little on the grass, but it won’t move as much as when it’s on the pavement. You need to go slowly during this stage because this movement will surely surprise your dog.

It is important to take a lot of time to get your dog accustomed to that slight movement. When he/she routinely puts his/her front paw on top of the board, you can hold the treat just a bit out of reach so that your dog will have to push forward to be able to reach it. At this point, tell him to push. This is the easiest way to teach your dog to push off without any help. Praise him/her for each little success. This will show your dog just exactly what you want from him/her.


Step 6: Progressing To The Pavement

It is important that you don’t move on to training on the pavement until your dog is comfortable on grass. When you finally move on to the pavement, try to avoid uneven surfaces. To be frank with you, this is the stage that your dog might most likely get injured. So, ensure that you stay close to him/her just in case your help is needed.

This is also the stage where you’ll be able to tell if your dog is destined to be a complete skateboard rider. If he/she is comfortable with the movement, he/she may naturally climb the board for a short ride. Praise your dog and try to keep the whole training session upbeat and fun. It won’t take long before your dog starts to look forward to these sessions and begin to operate the skateboard on his/her own.


Safety Precautions

  1. Ensure that you make use of a skateboard ideal and appropriate enough for your dog’s size. This is to ensure that they can comfortably stand on it. It is important to never make use of a skateboard that has a width of 10.5 inches or lower.
  2. When teaching a pet this trick, ensure that you’re doing it at a confined and safe area. You certainly don’t need your pet to start his/her skateboarding experience at a parking spot where he/she might roll off and get hit by an automobile. Also, when you’re teaching your dog this trick, whether at a park or at the front of your garage, ensure that you’re always very close to the board so you’re perpetually in control. Start training in a safe place (it can be indoors) and gently work your way up to whatever place you plan on training your dog.
  3. It is also very important to pay the utmost attention to the paws of your dog. If you own a dog who isn’t big on long walks outside or who isn’t that agile, the pads located on their feet may be very soft – meaning the movement of pushing a board might actually hurt them. That’s why it’s significant to keep a watchful eye on their paws.



Teaching a dog a trick as awesome as skateboarding can become a bonding experience on your part and that of the dog. Skateboarding can also be an awesome mental stimulation for dog breeds with high energy levels. Teaching these dogs to climb a skateboard will mentally put them at work. And if you own an energetic dog, this might just be the most ideal way to get him/her tired out.


How To Teach A Cat To Skateboard, 7 Key Things You Should Know

How To Teach A Cat To Skateboard

Cats are very intelligent animals that can be trained. Once you can find an effective way of working with them, you’ll be able to teach them a lot. Training your cat will go a long way in helping them become more social and less anxious.

To understand how to teach a cat to skateboard, you should first know that there are differences in the way dogs and cats are trained. Cats are usually less moved by praise, unlike dogs. It is also worth noting that, cats are not as driven to do things in tandem with humans – something that dogs do effortlessly. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot be trained.

As opposed to what a lot of people believe, cats can actually be trained. They can be able to learn useful behaviours and novelty tricks as well. You can also up your game by training them to participate in tournaments that test their agility.

With the proper methods and some ingenuity from you, your feline friend will be able to surprise you when you see the plethora of things it will be able to learn. Among other things, this can also include the art of skateboarding. We have seen videos of dogs as well as cats riding on skateboards and it is a sight to behold. Your cat can be no different from these skateboarding animals – all it needs is training.

It should be noted that cats respond better to reinforcement on the positive side as opposed to negative reinforcement. They should only learn tricks, behaviours, and skills with positive and incentivised training. Dominance and punishment are neither healthy nor effective methods. Using punishment might create stress which is a very common factor for problematic behaviours in cats.

So, with all these in mind, let’s get started on how to teach a cat to skateboard.



How To Teach A Cat To Skateboard

  1. What Particular Thing Do You Want To Teach Your Cat?

First of all, you need to ask yourself what you plan on teaching your cat. Do you wish to teach them just the basics of skateboarding? Or do you plan on teaching your cat more complex skateboarding moves?

The applied technique is determined by the kind of behavioural action you plan on teaching. Once you have made up your mind on what you want to work on, you can slowly start to brace yourself and your cat for learning.


  1. Keep The Sessions Short

The duration and time of a particular lesson have to be tailored to your cat’s interest and mood. The attention span of cats is shorter than ours and they prefer to do things anyhow and anytime they want to. What this means is that you’ll need to train with your cat whenever they’re interested and for as long as the interest lasts.

The most effective sessions are normally short, frequent, and natural. It is imperative to always be patient, calm, and most importantly, persistent. Even if your cat hasn’t progressed as quickly or as much as you had hoped, don’t give up.

We all know how strong-willed and independent they are, so a lot of patience is needed on your end. The trick to training a cat to skateboard is to remain patient, adopt baby steps, as well as creating habits. Cats – most especially during the beginning – love habit. It is advisable to play to your cat’s strengths and move only at their pace – regardless of how slow it might be.

Having to rush the process or push your feline outside his or her comfort zone might result in long-lasting fears or injuries. It could also even damage the relationship you have built with your cat. So, ensure you take things slow and keep the training sessions short and positive.


  1. Focus On One Action At Once

While it is a possibility that cats can learn a few things at the same time, it is more effective when they learn one thing at a time. For optimal success, allow your cat to learn a particular objective before moving to a fresh one.

Ensure you practice a lot, but let it not be excessive. Repeat the training process multiple times consecutively so your cat can learn why he or she is receiving a treat.

You don’t want to tire your cat, but you want to ensure he/she understands the connection that exists between a behaviour and a reward – including the command that usually comes with such behaviour. It is advisable to teach one thing in exclusivity and limit the session to a maximum of 15 minutes. You will need to repeat this routine the following day and ensure it is regular so your cat can remember all he/she has learned.

How To Teach A Cat To Skateboard

  1. Reward Good Behavior

Cats respond remarkably well to positive reinforcement. Our pets like doing stuff that they get good things out of. Therefore, whenever your cat does something right, reward him/her with a treat, scratch, or encouraging praise.

You could use a clicker any time you reward them. With this, they can make a connection between the clicker sound, the reward, and the objective. Any time they hear the clicker sound, they will know that they did a good job.

The most effective reinforcement remains treats – but not any cat treats will do.  I found these organic cat treats were an amazing choice for my cat, as it came with no mystery ingredients or animal derivatives.

A lot of cats need special stuff to motivate them. This means that you need to toss the kibble and look for the special stuff that your cat loves. Low-sodium tuna, meat-flavoured baby food, diced turkey or chicken and commercial cat treats can be effective – it all depends on your cat’s preferences.

Get your feline accustomed to receiving treats in response to particular behaviours. Start with the basics like stepping on to the board, then gradually introduce your cat to the movement of the board. Remember to reward them whenever they do the right thing.


  1. Use A Clicker To Reinforce Timing

It is very important that your pet is rewarded as quickly as possible when he/she performs the desired action. However, it is a task for people to precisely time the treats with the behaviour of their cats. This is where a cat training clicker will come in as it introduces a distinctive sound that will tell a cat they completed a good thing.

To ensure your cat learns to recognise the clicker, you can click it and give your cat a treat – without requesting any action. Flowing from this, your pet will recognise that the noise of the clicker means a treat is coming. In due course, the clicker will become a reward of its own.


  1. Do Not Punish Bad Behavior

Typically, cats do not respond well to being punished. This kind of disciplinary method is not regarded as helpful and it even triggers stress and anxiety. Instead, when you see inappropriate behaviour, try your best to distract your cat. For example, if you see them scratching the board, you can make use of a brisk utterance so as to distract them from doing that particular act.

It is important to use a distinct word instead of ‘hey‘ or ‘no‘ so that they don’t get confused when it is used in another context.


  1. Involve Others

It is advisable for other members of the family to be involved in the training. Everybody should be aware of the ultimate goal and the method you’re applying. For instance, any person that spots the cat engaging in bad behaviour should react and use the same corrective measure that you normally employ.


How Cats Can Manipulate You

Frequently, we try to teach cats tricks but give up because the cat lacks an attention span. You might even find that a cat who can normally meow for 30 minutes, cannot focus for just 5 minutes to learn a trick. That should seem odd to you.

That cat doesn’t necessarily lack an attention span, instead, it might be trying to manipulate you. He/she wants the food, but they want you to do all the work. For instance, running after them and trying to put the treat up to their face as they walk away from you.

What should you do in these circumstances? Well, if they’re hungry, you ought to make it clear that the food doesn’t come closer whenever they start to look bored. When your cat starts to walk away or begins to stare at you with a blank look, you can decide to walk the other way or even out of the room. If they follow you, it means they’re still hungry and eager to learn. If they don’t, it means you need to take a break and try again later.

A lot of cats can also look bored when they don’t understand what you want or when they’re not interested in the food reward you’re using. You can try to use something tastier and see if their response improves. If they become more attentive, then the food value was important.

The other major factor in deciding how to teach a cat to skateboard is the technique that you adopt. Do you get the treat to your cat fast enough whenever they do the correct thing? If you’re making use of a treat as a lure, do you position it close to their face to draw their attention and move it in a way that their weight is pushed back? You may need to give them several treats just because they complete the first and most basic part of a task.

When it comes down to it, don’t give up. If a lion or tiger can learn a trick, then your housecat can do the same as well.


Best Trucks And Wheels For Skateboards

Best Trucks And Wheels For Skateboards

Selecting the most ideal skateboard trucks and wheels isn’t as simple as it may seem. To correctly choose the best wheels and trucks for your skateboard, you will need to learn some things about skateboard trucks and wheels in general.

If you’re a skateboarder, then you might already know what skateboarding trucks and wheels are and just exactly what they do. However, if you don’t, you will need to know how they work if you really want to get the best of the bunch.

Skateboarding wheels and trucks are important components of skateboards as they play a part in the way they ride as well as the overall performance of your skateboard. To find out the best skateboarding wheels and trucks, a good understanding of the differences among a host of features like size and height will prove very helpful.

This will not only help you pick out the best wheels and trucks, but it will also help in making you become a better skateboarder.


  1. Spitfire Bighead Wheels

The Spitfire Bighead has gained a lot of positive reviews majorly because of its efficiency when used on top of smooth and flat surfaces.

Spitfire Unisex's Bighead Wheels, White, 53 mm
  • BIGHEAD shape
  • Wider riding surface.
  • Full control.

Note that it has a 99a durometer – making it a very hard wheel you’ll come across in the market. Spitfire skateboards are very reliable and arguably have the best skateboarding wheels for tricks. This is because it can roll smoothly on almost every surface. This makes it ideal for professional competitions or for people looking to show off their complex tricks.

When combined with the correct diameter, the speed is quite remarkable. Depending on the type of your skateboard, you should select the most suitable diameter. This wheel is sold in 6 different colours which include blue, royal blue, yellow, purple, green and red.


  • It provides solid hardness that is suitable for top-grade requirements.
  • It can be able to run seamlessly on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.


  • It isn’t beginner-friendly.
  • It doesn’t work so well on rocky or rough surfaces.


  1. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

This is one of the first names that comes to mind when talking about skateboard trucks. Always remember that each rider has his/her own preference when it comes to skateboard trucks, especially when their riding styles and skills are put into consideration.

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Havoc has one of the best trucks in the skateboarding world and it’s quite a common knowledge that they have consistently provided high-quality skateboard trucks for reasonable prices.

It is one of the lightest (if not the lightest) skateboards currently available on the market. These trucks are particularly suited for beginners and early learners of skateboarding. It is also suitable for casual skaters who aren’t planning to do a lot of grind tricks.



  • It is affordable.
  • The trucks are of standard size.
  • It is made with aluminium alloy.
  • It is ideal for beginners and casual skaters.


  • Isn’t ideal for street skaters.
  • Might experience kingpin bite.
  • Isn’t a good model for performing grinding on trucks.



  1. Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Skateboard Wheels

These are similar to the Spitfire Bighead wheels and is ideal for people who don’t like the branded design. Its durometer is also 99a, meaning it can be used by professional skaters on parks, pools and ramps.

Spitfire Unisex's Formula-Four Classic Wheels, White, 60 mm
  • classic shape
  • #1 shape in skateboarding worldwide
  • proven for speed and control

Even though these particular wheels don’t possess the sleek design of the bighead, its spinning patterns indicate the union between its wheels. This helps to ensure that your deck stands out.

It is important to note the diameter of the scale of the wheels with your colour selection. This means that the red colour has 51mm, the green has a wheel diameter of 52mm, yellow with a diameter of 53mm, so it goes. These wheels are of high quality and if you notice defects in your product, the brand’s warranty should be able to comfortably cover this.



  • It is solid enough for professional skaters to use.
  • It runs smoothly on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It is made with the best materials.
  • It also has brand recognition.
  • It comes with a unified design as well as a spinning model.


  • It isn’t suitable for beginner skaters.
  • Quite inefficient on rocky and rough surfaces.


  1. Gullwing Sidewinder Skateboard Trucks

The Gullwing is a well-built truck made and constructed with quality materials to ensure optimal stability and adjustment. Whether it’s a turn on flat ground or a 180 in a parking lot, these trucks will ensure that the transition is seamless.

Due to it being very stable even at top speed, this board will concisely and seamlessly respond to sharp and light turns.

However, the most satisfying thing about these trucks is its double kingpin feature that allows the trucks to steer further than the normal designs. This means that skaters can decide to create momentum via turning or pumping.


  • With its double kingpin system, you can steer farther distances than most trucks.
  • It is well built.
  • Its great stability ensures that it rides smoothly.
  • It can be easily adjusted.



  • It is majorly suited to be used in freestyle deck.
  • The wheelbase has to be raised by approximately 4″.


  1. Ricta Clouds Wheels

This is another skateboard wheel firmly high up the list. If you’re the type that enjoys travelling and cruising atop skateboards, then this will certainly fit your requirements. The wheels are ideal for both amateur and experienced skateboarders.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 92A The 92a Urethane is A Happy...
  • 92A formula
  • perfect choice if you're skating a rough spot or looking just looking for a smoother ride
  • The 92a urethane is a happy medium that allows you to skate rough spots without compromising...

The wheels are created out of soft urethane and they still possess a steady construction. Their major objective is to go through rough surfaces which include streets, hills – as well as being able to roll over cracks in the surfaces.

They ensure that a seamless experience is provided when cruising with its 52mm wheels. This size makes it well-balanced between acceleration and speed. Users will have complete control over the velocity they would like to reach.



  • It provides a pristine balance between amateurs and experienced skateboarders as they can both make use of the wheels.
  • It can run comfortably well on most rough surfaces and rugged roads.
  • It is reliable and durable.
  • Its 54mm wheels ensure better control is gained.


  • Its price is quite expensive – especially for beginners.
  • Doesn’t perform optimally on smooth ground.


  1. 149 Stage II Skateboard Trucks

The Stage II Forged Titanium 149 is regarded as the most current of all the Independent products. The greatest advantage of this truck is its use of the most modern manufacturing features to ensure its strength is maximized – while minimising its weight.

Independent Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks 149/5.5
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 356 T6 Aluminum Hangers and Baseplates
  • 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles

It is available in an extensive list of axle choices that include the 109 and 215 models – among others. As well as the hanger being 149 mm, it is great to use with decks that are larger than the normal ones – with sizes ranging from 8.25 to as much as 8.75 inches. Unlike the Gullwing model that has a problem regarding trucks of low height, the Stage II model fashions out a regular measurement of 53.5mm that ensures there isn’t any wheel bite trouble at all.

It is made with the best materials and at first glance, you would be of the opinion that it would be too heavy. However, the truck is actually lighter than most of Independent’s models.



  • It has various choices in axles.
  • It is robust, solid and strong, yet, is very lightweight.
  • It doesn’t have any problems concerning wheel bite.
  • Made with materials of high quality.



  • It is on the expensive spectrum.


  1. Orangatang Mini-Logo Wheel

As regards Mini-Logo, their series is mostly geared towards simplicity and optimal performance. Its durometer is in size 101A which makes it even harder than most wheels.

Even though the wheels are quite hard, with the help of the remarkable rebound formula, they can prove helpful in making a dangerous landing become a more comfortable one.

These wheels possess cuts of two kinds: the A-cut, that has a 50-56mm diameter, is predominantly for the street skateboarder. These are the ideal sizes for park or tricks skating.

On the other hand, the C-cut is predominantly meant to be used by transition skaters who are hoping to become professionals. This C-cut has a size of between 55mm – 60mm, that is ideal for skating on the pool, ramp and on smooth surfaces.



  • The hardness of its wheels makes it suitable for professional use.
  • It works so well on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It doesn’t cost that much and it also assures optimal performances.



  • It isn’t suitable for beginners.
  • It isn’t efficient on rocky and rough surfaces.


  1. Alomejor 1 Pair Skateboard Truck 4-8 inch Longboard Independent Trucks 

Like a lot of trucks, this particular model is differentiated with colours. Its price is also remarkably affordable.

Alomejor 1 Pair Skateboard Truck 4-8 inch Long board Independent Trucks for...
  • 【WEIGHT SAVING DESIGN】Skateboard truck has clean lines incorporated into a superb weight saving...
  • 【FOR SKATEBOARD】Long board independent trucks bracket mounted on the bottom of the skateboard. Great...
  • 【DURABLE TO USE】Skate board bracket is made of high quality of aluminium & magnesium alloy, this...

The consensus is that low price equates poor quality, but in this situation, I strongly disagree. The Alomejor skateboard truck is an almighty exception – as it is very good in quality and in its performance and construction.

Regarding 5” hanger, it is highly recommended to go for decks with sizes like 5.25”, 8.1” and others, meaning it is also ideal for boards – mostly penny boards. So, for any parent who wants their kid to learn how to skateboard, this product is suitable.

They are durable, stable and sturdy to help amateurs keep a perfect balance while also bearing the brunt of hits and bumps that will not hinder its efficiency for years.


  • It is manufactured with high quality and durable materials.
  • It is very cheap.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • Its balance is pristine.


  • It can be difficult for the bolt to fully connect with the trucks.

Can You Skateboard In An Airport?

Can You Skateboard In an Airport?

Skateboarders are looking for ways to enjoy the skateboarding activity to the fullest. It’s thrilling when you practice skateboarding on the road, pavements, streets, parks, ramps, hills, and unusual places. It’s also exhilarating trying out new tricks on different platforms to capture moments to show to friends and post on social media. Many skateboarders wonder what it would be like to skateboard in an airport. Well, that dream has come to reality for some while others are still conflicted about whether to do it or not.

The question of import in this article is “can you skateboard in an airport? It is very possible to skateboard in an airport provided they do not have any law which bans skateboarding. Also, the utmost care must be taken if this task must be undergone because accidents can easily occur.

This article will highlight a few things about skateboarding in an airport. The appropriate time to skate and places on the airport premises you can carry the activity out. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Can You Skateboard In An Airport?

It’s no news that skateboarding is among the hazardous recreational activities. So, it has to be done with great caution as it can incur severe consequences. Skateboarding at the airport is more unusual because the airport is a bustling place. In the real sense, it’s not a conducive place for skateboarding. You wouldn’t want to go bumping into people and causing chaos. Security restrictions about sporting equipment vary from airport to airport, depending on the location of the airport.

Laws that ban what can and what can’t move in an airport varies in all airports. Some airport has no rule about skateboarding activities on its premises, while some do. Skateboarding in airports where it is restricted might get you in trouble with the TSA. Skateboarding, as well as biking or rollerblading, appears among the hazardous recreational activities. And although there’s no outright law that forbids skateboarding in an airport. Skateboarders are at their own risk if they engage in the activity.

Some airport, however, doesn’t mind your skateboard carried with you. Sometimes it will need to undergo check-in although skateboards are not among the airport’s list of banned items. So, you should be able to take your board into any airport in the world. Some persons claim security stopped them while skateboarding at the airport. While some skate past security men who do not engage them about the activity.

Yet, skateboarding in an airport is a matter of safety, and it has to be done with care. People are all over the place, and it will be a bad move to bump into anyone and inflict injury on them and yourself also. Passengers at the airport don’t like it when skateboarders skate around the airport. Not only are they mindful of their luggage and safety, but they also view people that engage in the activity as irresponsible.

The safety and security of customers and passengers are of top priority at an airport, and it impacts the use of skateboard in its premises. Security men can take it upon themselves to stop all forms of skateboarding. And sometimes won’t let you into the airport terminal building with a skateboard.


How To Skateboard In An Airport

Airports are generally busy at all times. It doesn’t matter the time you choose to skate through the airport. Because even at 5 am, a large number of people will be around to check-in so they can get to their destination on time. Many people catch early morning flights also, especially people travelling for business. Airports are busiest in early mornings and night time.

Visibility is also limited early in the morning and late at night, which makes it a little challenging to skate. But if you are hell-bent on skateboarding in an airport. Go in the afternoon or evening time when the airport would be less busy.

I carried out some research on people who have engaged in skateboarding at an airport. And to my surprise, I came out with some exciting results. Many of them claimed no one at the airport stopped them. Some said they skated through security guards and weren’t engaged in the activity. Although some argued that passengers gave them a frown, no one told them to stop skating. So, from the research, as long as you go about it with care. Regulating the speed at which you skate and being mindful of people nearby, then you should have no problem skating.

Airports have different places you can practice skateboarding. The airport terminal is a good place to breeze through, but be mindful of passengers. An airport parking lot is also a place you can practice skateboarding, but it has to be with care because of the people around and the vehicles going out and coming into the parking lot.

A lounge is also a place you can practice skateboarding, although it’s kind of dangerous to do so, because of the space and all but the floor is so smooth and quite tempting. You can practice skateboarding on the airport runway, hanger, etc. You can skate to get around the airport, as long as you go about it with care wearing a helmet and other protective wears, you should have a great time.

Before engaging in any skateboarding activity in an airport, find out the law that governs that airport you want to skateboard in, especially rules that address the use of skateboard within the airport premises. If there are no direct laws that prohibit the use of a skateboard in that airport, and you are hell-bent on skateboarding in the said airport, proceed with caution. Use protective wears, helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads. And above all, be mindful of passengers and people at the airport. If the security men order you to stop, obey, and stop the activity immediately



To conclude, there are few ups, but more downs to skateboarding in an airport. It’s fun to skateboard in an airport making videos and taking pictures; it makes you look cool. But at the same time, it can go south very quickly if you encounter a strict TSA officer.

Remember to always read about the airport you intend to skateboard. Also, carry out the activity with the utmost care.


How To Be Consistent Skateboarding-8 Ways That Work

How To Be Consistent Skateboarding

Having one’s skateboarding tactics is very crucial to a pro skateboarder’s success. Skateboarders that work on their consistency perform better than those that do not. Skateboarding is more than knowing how to use the board. A lot of physical and mental work is needed to be exceptional.

Consistency is not a one-day thing but something that is built after years of relentless practice. Pro skateboarders that we admire today were not very good at the beginning of their careers. They had their pits and falls. Some performed badly at events and contests. As time went on, they learned to work on themselves to be where they are today. They learned how to be consistent skateboarding.

If you want to know the secret of great skateboarders, check out how well they’ve trained hard to be consistent. Top skateboarders are where they are today because they worked hard to be consistent.

Being consistent does not come along the way. You decide how you want to be consistent. You have to make up your mind on it and abide by it.


Meaning of Consistency In Skateboarding

Consistency in skateboarding is creating and maintaining unique training habits and routines, as well as attitudes that yield the ability to perform at a given performance level. The rule is simple. Ask yourself the rank you want to be in this career. Improve yourself to be just where you want to be.

It does not involve receiving awards, praises, or attracting so many fans. It’s more than getting results. It is a mindset. Once a skateboarder creates these routines or habits, he begins to live with it. He carries this mindset throughout his career. It is something you do today, and change tomorrow. It is a continuous strategy to be practiced regularly if not daily. Stick to it and it becomes part and parcel of your being. It is like an identity. Something that makes a skateboarder what he is in the game.

Consistency attracts awards and other benefits that he can ever imagine. Consistency in skateboarding is the strategy that skateboarders use in achieving their set goals in their performance. It is not about daydreaming to be great in the game. Mapping out plans to achieve this greatness cannot be overlooked.

It is important to note that consistency is different from striving to be perfect. Perfectionism is pursuing unrealistic goals. It ruins a skateboarder’s career. It creates a negative mindset that hinders growth which in turn leads to frustration in personal life and career.

On the other hand, consistency leads to improvement. It is the ladder that skateboarders use to climb to the peak in their career.

A skateboarder striving for consistency will use his mistakes in performances to be better. A perfectionist will get disappointed at himself for performing below his expectations. His frustration will make him perform poorer next time.


How to be Consistent Skateboarding

Understand What Consistency Means to You

Find out what consistency will mean to you. Is it to learn new skills, performing with more confidence, or improving on current skills, etc. This can be compared to setting up goals before proceeding to create tactics to achieve them. Once you figure this out, proceed to how to achieve them. Draw up ways to maintain consistent positive attitudes, intensity, and focus.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals that are attainable. Have a routine. Determine when and how long you want to practice, and how often you want it. Make up your mind on this, and stick to it. For example, you can decide to tell yourself that you are not going to stop practicing until you get a particular trick. Consistency has a lot to do with repetition, commitment, and the drive to get a trick.

Maintain The Same Positive Attitude and Mindset Always

Do away with negative attitudes. Embrace a positive mindset. Your mind controls how well you are willing to take other measures to be consistent. Quit striving for perfection. Don’t overthink it. And do not overdo it. Skateboarding itself is not easy. Do not make it more difficult to be too hard on you. Enough of the self blames for not winning or getting new tricks properly during practice.

Consistency is a mental exercise. Your mindset determines how far you achieve your goals. It goes with the saying that, if you can believe it, then you achieve it. Believe it. Think of it that you can attain that performance level. The power of the mind controls the talent itself. Get your mind right and everything will be easy to achieve. Control your mind; your mind will help you control your boards.

Be confident at all times. Do not be nervous. Nervousness will slow down how fast you learn. Then fear will gradually creep in. Before you know it, your confidence level drops. No matter how hard it seems, keep believing in yourself. Always have positive vibes. Find out what motivates you. This will always be your force. It will make you see reasons to move on when you do not feel like it.

The right attitudes improve how well you are willing to train. It also helps you relate well with your fans, colleagues, the body as a whole, and in obeying the rules of the game. There is no need to put yourself at the risk of being sanctioned every time or getting into fights with colleagues.

To achieve this, work on your mental health. Clear your mind off negativities including malice, and strife.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the success of other skateboarders. Their strategies are different from your own. The best you do is learn from them. Don’t be angry that another skateboarder performs better than you. It will breed jealousy. Jealousy will hinder how well you can perform.


How often do you practice? Do you go and off practice?  The practice is a major rule in the journey to consistency. It makes you get better. This is not a playful or unserious practice. Real practice is required to be a consistent skateboarder.

Leave your comfort zone. Don’t rely on your ancient tricks and skills. Try out new stuff too.

The only way to master a new move is to practice all the time. It does not only stop at knowing a new move, but practice to keep up with the old ones. After you land a trick the first time, continue doing it to be consistent at it. Continue landing a particular trick in single. This will help you to remember it even after a week.

When practicing among people, don’t be shy to try new tricks. It is ok to get laughed at when you fall while trying out a new trick. If you pay attention to how people will react to your mistakes, then you make yourself miles away from consistency.

Also, when practicing, take note of your mistakes especially when you keep missing a particular move. Figure out the things you did wrong in each attempt. The purpose is for you to figure out how to correct yourself. Once you know your mistakes look for ways to correct it. Do not rely on your strength alone to get this done. Research online, read books, watch other skateboarders practice, watch videos, ask questions.

An easy way to know your mistakes is to film yourself when practicing, watch the video when you are relaxed in order to detect your mistakes.

If you keep missing a particular trick during practice, give yourself a break, relax a little, and take a deep breath. You can do this while keeping your feet on the board and then land it.

Practice with friends to know who can land a trick first. Practice with friends, especially those who are better than you so you can learn from them. You can be great too when you practice alone.


Take Care of Your Health

Being consistent means you have to be on the scene always. Going in and out of hospitals will take you out of the scene. In the process of recovery, you could forget new skills and tricks that you have learned before. The time that you use in getting old tricks can be used in learning new ones. Illness and injuries slow down consistency in skateboarding.

Live a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. Do not risk your health trying new layoffs because of potential injuries that can hamper your career. Take caution while trying new tricks.

Put on your safety gear and helmet. Be careful when skating at night. Stay off harmful foods, drink, and drugs. Regular medical checkups are important too. Know the status of your health so that you can fix whatever that is not right before it weighs you down.

Don’t wear out your body with too much practice and other activities. If you skate for many hours in a day, give your body time to rest. You need your body to function well so that you can practice well. Rest will help you get back to your muscle memory. Skateboarding requires both cardio and muscular workouts; therefore, you need rest to get back in shape.

Thinking about new tricks, and your goals when you are not practicing can help you get better at it, your mind needs time to rest too.

Ensure that you have enough sleep in the day. Create time for relaxation and fun.

Build Your Image And Strong Fan Base

Work on your online presence. Online presence attracts a huge fan base. Figure out how to interact with them. Build a community of engaged supporters. Interact well with people.

Cave out an image for yourself, something that people can know you for. It could be how well you respond to criticism, failure, your friendliness, a particular skill you are known for, etc. Whichever image you create for yourself, your fans will know you and like you for it. Some can know you for being an inspiration, an epitome of hard work, or humility. You do not have to be all. What is important is that you create a positive image, and maintain it. This will get you more supporters.

One of the processes of getting a huge fan base and supporters are, shunning illegal activities, supporting young skateboarders, and connecting with the public.

Be Dedicated

Devote yourself to skateboarding. Make up your mind if it is really what you want to do. From this comes to passion. Dedication will make you consistent with the level that you want to be on the skateboard.

When you dedicate yourself to it, daring new tricks plus working on yourself will not be a burden to you. You will find joy in it. You will it as something that is expected of you to do.

Dedication yields a fighting spirit in skateboarding. That is, not giving up easily. When you do not give up, you become consistent in it. Don’t give up on anything until you learn it. Do not relent until you have reached your full potential. Do not let laziness place you in one spot.


Do not get tired of repeating one trick until you get it. Repetition hastens consistency in skateboarding. Apart from practicing, repetition is needed when exercising for skateboarding. Having a routine is crucial in learning how to be consistent. Routines involve doing the same thing continually at a given time. So if you are lazy or impatient to repeat your practices, being consistent may not be possible. Lots of tricks that pro skateboarders put out there are products of continuous practice. They keep learning how to put an upright attitude.

The process of being consistent in skateboarding continuous till the day a skateboarder decides to quit skateboarding. A skateboarder should make up his mind on what he has to do great in the game. If he can do this, he will make himself a consistent skateboarder.

With all the things listed above, if you can follow closely and work hard at it, consistency won’t be a problem for you at all. And while you work, remember your body and mind need rest. So don’t get yourself sick trying to be a better skateboarder. You’ll only be hampering your progress.

10 Top Reasons Why You Should Skateboard

Reasons Why You Should Skateboard

Are you looking for reasons why you should skateboard? I’ve got an answer for you. It’s Awesome!

But I know that’s not going to cut it because it’s not reason enough(It is for some people). So I guess I’ll just have to up my game if I must convince you why you need to pick up a skateboard today. According to BBC, skateboarding improves flexibility, balancing, and coordination. And those are just a few of so many reasons why you should skateboard.

Here are 10 amazing reasons why you should start skateboarding.

Reasons Why You Should Skateboard

  1. Great Way To Commute

Skateboarding is a cool way to move around. Think about going from home to school every day with enjoyable ease with the wind on your face. Plus, you don’t have to be a pro skateboarder to be able to use a skateboard for transportation. As long as you have the basics pegged, you’re good to go.

Another upside to commuting with a skateboard is that skateboards are easy to carry around because they aren’t bulky. You can easily take them into trains or cabs if the need arises.

  1. Great Way To Make Friends

The skateboarding community is one that is extremely large with a variety of people with one thing in common: skateboarding. When you begin to skate, meeting people with similar interests is inevitable. If you were the shy, introverted type, a great way to come out of your shell is by going out there with your skateboard. Surely, sooner or later, people will approach you. If not to show off skills learned, then to offer friendly advice.

This works no matter what age you are. As a teenager, if you choose to skateboard, there is a huge chance you would see kids from school at the park. And whether or not it happens instantly, you could start getting drawn to them. But whatever the case, going out there beats staying home all day. If you ask me, one presents a better chance for you to forge friendships better than the other.




  1. Builds Confidence

Skateboarding demands some level of confidence from skaters. If you go around to ask those who are making progress in skateboarding, you’d factor this into their reasons for being better skateboarders.

To land certain tricks, you need to believe in yourself. You need to be self-assured, convinced and firmly believe that you can get on that board and do what everyone else does.

The great thing is that this isn’t just useful in skateboarding, but in all areas of your life that demands success. It is important you believe in yourself and realize how powerful you are because that is the key to becoming successful.

  1. It Is Fun

There is no place where it is written that only kids should have fun. And that’s great because skateboarding is fun for all age groups that interest in it.

There are so many reasons why you should skateboard, and this reason is as good as any I will mention here. After a tiresome day at work, a stressful day at school, or a few boring hours at the office, skateboarding is an absolutely great way to cut back and relax. Let the wind play on your face and have a good, enjoyable time.

Yes, you might have your video game for that, but with all the other reasons combined, I’m pretty sure skateboarding knocks gaming out the line. You just can’t match the adrenaline rush when you’re cruising at top speed, curving and carving, jumping over rails and landing kick-ass tricks. Skateboarding is super awesome.

  1. Great For Fitness And Healthy Exercise.

If you’ve been trying to get some exercise done but have been unable to make time or find the motivation to do so, skateboarding is a cool way to keep fit.

I’m pretty sure you can’t keep up at the gym for hours on stretch when you go out there to work out. But seeing as skateboarding does a lot to burn calories and you keep at it for hours and hours, I’d say you made a great decision to become a skater.

  1. You Can Skate Whenever You Want

As long as the weather is favourable, you can go skating whenever you choose to. Unless it is your will to skate at parks, you can actually do it anywhere. In the street just outside your house, at a car park, or even at the race track at school, it all depends on how you feel.

When the weather is bad and it’s not safe to skate in open places, you can just stroll or drive(depending on how far) to an indoor skate park to do your thing.

  1. Even A Noob Can Have Fun With It.

It’s not unheard of that skateboarding is only fun when you’ve learned to do those awesome tricks we always see pros do. Well, that’s a big fat lie.

There’s a thrill that comes with skateboarding even for the first time you get on a skateboard. You might not be able to land the most basic trick, but the anticipation of learning and getting very good constitutes most of the fun you’ll have.

The key is not getting worked up over your slow learning pace. The truth is, there are people who are fast learners and others that are not. And getting frustrated is a sure way to get sick of skateboarding. So as long as you are comfortable with your progress and you don’t stop trying, you’ll always enjoy skateboarding.\


  1. You Look Cool Doing It.

If you’re reading this post, I can assume you’ve at least seen one skateboarder and you liked how rad they looked on their board. Well, that’s because, from an outsider’s point of view, skateboarding and everything that has to do with it is really interesting and kinda dangerous. So even landing the most basic of tricks can earn you an impressive nod from a spectator.

If you’re a teen, a great way to get with the cool crowd is to get skateboarding and try learning some tricks. Trust me, you’ll get pat in the back.

  1. Your Reflexes Get Sharper.

In skateboarding, one of the first things you’ll be taught is how to fall safely. Because, yes, you will fall from time to time but that’s beside my point. The trick there is anticipating your fall so you can get to the ground as safely as possible. That’s your reflex at work.

Skateboarding requires you to be in control at all times and you have to be focused. This is so that you can avoid making a mistake and knowing how to make the best of your mistake when it does happen.

  1. It Teaches You Persistence.

With skateboarding, persistence is one very important key to growth. You might not always land that trick on the first try so you have to keep at it. Giving up means failure so you don’t want to do that.

If you can make considerable progress in skateboarding, chances are you can make progress in your other endeavours. So that would mean you can apply to real life, what skateboarding teaches you.



I know you might have heard or assumed that skateboarding is a dangerous sport but it really isn’t if you know how to be safe. There’s a lot you can learn from being a skateboarder and I’d want you to keep an open mind when considering becoming a skater. I promise you won’t regret it.