Best Cruiser Board For Commuting

Over the years, we have all witnessed and experienced the growth of skateboarding as a sport. It has transformed from just a weird sport with nice tricks, to becoming a global mainstay.

In line with this, skateboarding has picked momentum and gained its deserved popularity in modern times, and because of this, more people around the world have come up with various fun ways to put the sport to good use.

Now, one of these various ways, in which people are now utilising the sport is using their skateboard for commuting, that is, riding their skateboards to work each day or covering distances of as long as ten miles in each direction with their skateboards. Altogether, commuting with your skateboard is an amazing idea and a great convenience for any rider, especially when you factor in the various advantages it gives you.

For example, you get to cover long distances within record time and with less stress than if you were walking, and you also get a more eco-friendly means of mobility than utilising a car. With advantages like these and the plethora of others it has, it is little wonder that it’s become a big hit in the skateboarding community.

Now, with the rise of commuting with a skateboard came the necessity of a commuter skateboard, and truly, owning one is a huge convenience. However, you need to own a good one, or rather the best you can get. This is because a skateboard used for commuting goes through a lot and as a skateboarder, you know your equipment must match and be able to withstand your riding style.

Therefore, if you’re to get a commuter skateboard, it must be able to manoeuvre corners and other turns, withstand the weather, be durable and a whole lot more. Basically, you need the best skateboard for commuting, one that can you properly swift-ride to work on.

Now, if you fall within this boat and you’re in need of a commuter skateboard, we’re here to help you get the best. With extensive experience and research, we’ve got a list that showcases some of the best skateboards for commuting, that you can get.

These amazing cruiser boards for commuting will be highlighted in no particular order below, so let’s get to it.

Cal 7 Mini Complete Cruiser Skateboard

If you need a skateboard that easily fits into your carry on or backpack, or one that’s generally easy to carry around, but it’s still a great commuter skateboard, this is it.

The Cal 7 mini cruiser is a great skateboard for commuting, that even comes from the factory fully assembled, hence, ready to use on arrival. However, the ready to use bit isn’t what makes it a great commuter board, what does though are the features and qualities it has.

For one, still on the fact that it comes completely assembled, the hardware utilised for it by the factory, are all of the superb quality which provides an increase in both the functionality and the durability of this board. Also, this skateboard features a durable and sturdy deck, in the form of a classic waffle top deck, which apart from being super study also offers a firm grip.

Also, in line with the need for stability, the Cal 7 mini cruiser skateboard sports 60mm 78A wheels which absorb shock on rough roads. Also, there are the ABEC 7 bearings and aluminium alloy trucks of about 3.2 inches. Also, a fun aspect of this skateboard is the different colours and designs it comes in, so you have a variety to pick from.

Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cruiser boards can double as an amazing commuter board, you’re still basically cruising around town, but with a lot more distance to cover. Now, the Flybar skate cruiser board is a really amazing skateboard for cruising and also for commuting.


The skateboard sports awesome and high-quality features that make it a prime option as a top tier commuter skateboard, one of which is its 7 ply Canadian maple wood make, which results in an incredibly lightweight yet durable deck. In line with this, the deck takes a concave shape, coupled with a kicktail to give it that manoeuvrability ensuring it’s ideal for cruising around town.

Also, the Flybar board’s deck isn’t the only top feature, it also has an 80s black printed grip tape which ensures you always have a stable and firm grip, as well as a steady ride. Also, for the purpose of a steady ride, as well as avoiding wheel bites and offering a more responsive ride.

This skateboard gives a higher ride height by utilising 6mm riser pads that fit perfectly with its 60mm SHR 78A polyurethane wheels.

In addition, the Flybar board also has ABEC 9 chrome bearings, 4-inch aluminium trucks, polyurethane cast medium bushings, which all serve to provide a fast and stable ride, as well as a smooth and superior turning experience.


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

A third cruiser skateboard on the list certainly shows that a high percentage of cruiser boards are definitely compatible with commuting. And for this particular board, the compatibility with commuting is quite outstanding, as it offers riders everything required to enjoy covering and carving through your route every day.

With a deck made from 6-ply Canadian maple wood, this skateboard is incredibly durable and strong, that it’s no wonder it can withstand a rider’s weight of up too 280 pounds conveniently. To this, there’s also the addition of a sand grit finish on the top of the deck, to ensure your feet stay firmly on the maple deck.

Apart from that, you should note that the Magneto mini cruiser is a board designed for superior sturdiness, stability and durability, as it sports gravity cast aluminium trucks, as well as high-quality SHR polyurethane bushings and wheels.

Also, with a width size of 7.5 inches and a length of 27.5 inches, the Magneto mini cruiser board is designed to be super portable, easy to carry or store throughout the day. In all, with its high-quality features and no substantial setback whatsoever, this board is one of the best you can get.

Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard

Next on the list is another Mini cruiser skateboard, but the Krown is rather different from the great above, as it is made with drop-through mounts. For the majority of riders who may not be aware, drop-through mounts on skateboard functions to make the board sit lower, thereby giving the skater a lower centre of gravity, which makes the board easier to push off.

Apart from that feature, there are also a ton of others that ensure you get the best out of this skateboard as a cruiser or commuter board. One of which is the 9 plies Canadian maple that makes up this skateboard’s deck and helps to make it, in all a durable and sturdy skateboard.

The deck is also coupled with 80 grit black grip tape to ensure a proper and firm grip when riding. Also, there’s the trucks and the wheels, and for this skateboard, the Krown brand utilises heavy-duty aluminium 7.0 reverse kingpin trucks and 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels, which offer increased speed and stability.

For that same goal, this skateboard also sports ABEC 7 precision bearings. Now, another important fact of this skateboard is that it comes ready to use straight out of the box, that is, fully assembled from the factory, with high tensile Philips head mounting hardware.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

The final skateboard on the list is an electric one, the Boosted Mini X, which is a premium break from the norm.

This electric skateboard is near perfect for commuting, as it has enough power to climb the steepest hill on your commute route, it’s brakes are super responsive and it can reach incredible speeds of up too 20mph. And as for durability, as well as grip, the deck is made of a deep dish composite which is stable, durable and keeps your feet locked in while you’re riding.

Also, a fun aspect of the electric skateboard is it has a lengthened battery span of up to 14 miles, as well as being compatible with Android and iOS devices. Now, while this electric skateboard is great and will certainly make an amazing commuter board, it does have a disadvantage, which is its weight.

The Boosted mini x electric skateboard is quite a bother to carry around, as it is really heavy, well depending on the rider’s strength, I suppose. However, while it seems portable with a width size of 11 inches and length of 29.5, it weighs on its own 16 8 pounds which is quite a load to be carrying around each day.

It will still make a great board for commuting, especially when you consider features like its regeneration brakes and its 3 ride modes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the skateboards mentioned above are perfect choices for commuting and can be well said to be the best. But if neither of them fits your fancy, you can always hit the store and simply use them as a guide to get what you feel bests suits you. Also, you should note that the best commuter skateboard is the one that makes commuting easiest for you.