Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Streets

Rough road or street riding can be a bit difficult if you do not have the perfect skateboard wheel for rough surfaces. When it comes to rough Street, you need wheels that won’t result in too much friction. You wouldn’t want to wait until you get a clean or smooth street before you can skate.

When deciding on the best skateboard wheels for rough streets, it is always important to consider the basic feature that suits your preference and interest to make skateboarding fun for you. Also, when we talk about wheels, there are so many options you can pick from.

The principal difference between a normal skateboard and the designed skateboard wheels for the rough road is that normal skateboard wheels are better at performing tricks.

However, getting to know the best wheels for you can be a bit challenging. But with this post, I will help you analyze the best skateboard wheels that work pretty well on rough street thereby relieving you of the stress that comes with identifying the best wheels.

OJ 55-mm Mini Hot Juice 78A Skateboard Wheels

OJ Hot Juice Mini Skateboard wheel is a soft cruiser or filmer wheel that is perfect for shaggy roads. These wheels are also excellent for long-distance skating. They come in a set of 4 Hot Juice Mini skateboard wheels.

Their softness formula of 78a makes it ride smoothly even on the roughest road. These wheels are exceptional for very fast transportation with a small amount of pushing.

They are not so big but have overtime performed excellently even more than the proposed big wheels. However, these wheels are also great for downhill skating.

It has a classic shape which makes them perfect for the street board and longboards. As much as these wheels are soft and grippy, they are not meant for power slides.

Additionally, this wheel has a diameter of 55mm; this is the reason it can ride at its full speed with quick acceleration. They are noiseless wheels and they absorb many impacts making landing quite easy. These wheels also handle all terrains well. With this wheel, you can cruise fast and still be able to pull off your desired tricks.


  • Very good for cruising
  • Run over the rough road very smoothly
  • They fit on any skateboard
  • Durable


  • Not for heavy tricks.

Powell Peralta Bomber 3 Skateboard Wheel (60mm, 85A, 4pk)

Powell Peralta wheel can slide over any terrain; a bumpy road, potholes, mud grass, concrete and so on. With a diameter of 60mm, this wheel can move on any surface without being punctured or getting cracked.

It is a versatile wheel that performs functions like pushing, mellow hill-bombing, sliding and many others. They provide more stability, traction and grip even at a high speed.

They come in an 85A SBA formula which helps to raise the speed of the board. Powell Peralta wheels are a design of quality and classic materials. They are soft and at the same time a fast wheel. This wheel comes in a set of 4 wheels with a reliable SBA formula. The SBA formula used for this wheel makes them a perfect wheel for correct skating. It has a shiny coating that makes gripping quite easy.

Also, this wheel is one of the quiet wheels you can get on the market. They are so smooth that when used on even the roughest roads, it will seem like you are riding on a smooth road. Due to its size, you get to enjoy the maximum speed of your ride. With these wheels, your skating can never go wrong.


  • Perfect for all-terrain
  • Fast speed and super grippy
  • Very smooth wheels


  • Shiny coating fades easily

FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels 82a+ ABEC 7 Bearing Steel and spacers Cruiser Wheels (pack of 4)

This Freedare skateboard wheel is 55mm in diameter. It is a soft wheel of durometer 82a. They are good for cruising and works perfectly on rough surfaces. These wheels are made up of high-quality polyurethanes which last longer compared to other wheels. It is a set of 4 wheels and also comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers.

These bearings and spacers have already been installed in this wheel so you don’t need to bother yourself. The steel is pre-lubricated thereby increasing its speed and durability. They are perfect wheels for penny board and cruising.

These wheels roll smoothly on smooth concrete and asphalt. They are firm enough to be used by beginners. Freedare skateboard wheels provide exceptional grips for downhill rides. They come with great packaging. They are ideal for transportation. After trying this wheel, you will not want to try another skateboard wheel anymore.


  • Very affordable
  • Smooth and quiet on rough road
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Bearing already installed in the wheels


  • The bearing does not last long
  • A bit difficult to pull off tricks

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (set of 4)

This wheel is designed for maximal grip and speed. It is the perfect wheel for hard carving, long-distance pushing, hard carving and pumping. This wheel can rollover any obstacle without causing harm to the wheel.

Also, it has a large 80mm diameter that allows it to roll over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest road. Their sharp and square lip allows for maximum grip and also makes smooth gliding possible. They don’t break traction unless they’re going fast.

This wheel is made up of orangutang urethane formula which allows for a smooth, plush and also gives a buttery-smooth slide. With its exposed 46mm core, the weight reduces making acceleration quick and allowing for crisp slide.

This wheel now has 3 durometers; 77a which is blue, 80a goes for orange and the 83a is purple. A set of this wheel contains 4 longboard skateboards. With this set of wheels, your skateboarding can not go wrong.


  • Good quality wheels and they last long
  • Rollover anything successfully
  • Perfect wheel for long downhill and long-distance
  • Well balanced and run very fast


  • They are not so good for sliding and tricks
  • Expensive

Shark Wheel California Roll (60mm 78a) All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels

Shark wheel is an advanced modification of wheels. They were already in use before it was later reinvented. The rebranded wheel now has unique features that differentiated it from the others.

This wheel can manoeuvre itself over water, debris and any other things that can affect the way wheels work. These wheels have gained so much popularity that it got featured on Shark Tank and Discovery Channel (1, 2).

This wheel is designed in a way that it has increased length and decreased friction. Due to the wave pattern design, it has a thin contact patch that makes contact with the ground and therefore results in less friction.

They slide smoothly and offer more grips. They also provide traction when riding. These wheels also last longer compared. Additionally, its thin contact patch allows it to be three times faster than the normal wheels. Finally, these wheels are perfect, and they would give you a pleasant experience.


  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect for skating under the rain and on gravel
  • They roll very fast even on debris
  • Ultimate cruising experience


  • Not suitable for tough tricks

Pig Skate Wheels 3D Conical 101A 53mm Skateboard Wheels

Pig wheel is a brand that produces top-notch materials to satisfy their customers. This wheel is a perfect wheel for park and street skateboarding. With pig wheels, you can easily skate on rocks and any other obstacles. It has a glossy and smooth design.

These wheels are a set of 4 wheels with a 53mm height diameter, 33.5mm width and also a riding surface of 20.5mm. They are made up of quality urethane material. And due to its top-notch materials, it lasts longer and allows for shock absorption. You can as well choose from the many colour options that this wheel comes in. They are one of the smoothest wheels you can ever opt for.

They can go as fast as you want it and they are very affordable. These wheels have a pig conical shape and a square edge wheel together with a wide riding surface. They can be used by beginners and also by experienced skaters. This wheel will provide you with an excellent skateboarding experience.


  • Very affordable
  • Gives an excellent skateboarding experience
  • Highly durable and last longer
  • Run over rocks and other obstacles much faster
  • Excellent value for money


  • Wheels are a bit too large; not so good for performing tricks.

Ricta Wheels Cloud 86A Pro Skateboard Wheels 57mm

If you are the type that wants an unsophisticated and an uncomplicated type of skateboard wheel, look no further; Ricta wheels Cloud is your best bet. They can be used by beginners. Also, if you are an experienced and a professional skateboarder, this wheel is good for you.

These wheels are available in glowing white colour and they have their unique designs. They have a durometer of 86, this makes them fast and grips more easily. The diameter of this wheel is 57mm, this is the reason they can fit into any type of skateboard.

Even though this wheel is a little bit tough, they are designed in a way that beginners will have a decent and promising practice. They are made of high-quality urethane.

Its rounded edges also allow for accurate speed and smooth ride. This wheel has great balance for grip and perfect cushioning. Ricta wheels cloud is highly recommended for skateboarders that wants a decent and wonderful skateboarding


  • Great wheel for rough roads
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect wheel for performing tricks


  • Not the best wheel for a power slide

Penny 4-Set Sparkles Wheels (Pink, 59mm)

Penny as a brand is known for producing great and quality skateboards. Penny skateboard wheels are wheels that perform well even way beyond your expectation. These wheels come in a black, pink, red and green design.

You are sure of the best cruising experience with this wheel. From the glittery design to this wheel running over hills, it is your perfect choice. They ride smoothly even on the roughest road. They also run very fast.

This wheel is designed in a way that it has a better slide control. You don’t have to work very hard when riding as this wheel has less friction when it touches the ground with less rolling resistance. If you enjoy cruising around and not looking all worked up, look no further.


  • Better slide control
  • Very smooth wheel and durable
  • Great for cruising


  • Not really of good quality
  • The wheel does not come with bearings

Mini Logo C-Cut 52mm X 101a

Mini logo brand not only offers quality skateboard wheels, but they also offer other hardware and skateboards. These wheels use a long-lasting urethane material for an excellent performance. These are wheels that provide you with a high rebound formula which aids better grip and traction.

They are the perfect wheel for technical street skating and also for cruising. They are not gendered biased. They have a C-cut shape and the treaded surfaces allow for a better grip even on smooth surfaces. This wheel makes landing smooth.

Its smoothness is enough to keep a consistent flow in your riding. Mini logo wheels are also quieter than the other wheels. They are pretty fast with a good bearing. These wheels are also hard enough for power slides and tricks. They are also not affected by pebbles.

Finally, this wheel offers a smooth ride with better stability and grip.


  • Provides a smooth ride
  • They do not make noise while riding
  • Provide a great balance between performing tricks and cruising
  • Designed as a C-cut shape that allows for advanced technical skating
  • Landing is quite easy with them
  • Not expensive


  • Do not last as long as they should do

Spitfire Classic series High-Performance Skateboard wheels

Spitfire wheels are shaped and designed in different forms to suit their riders. Since they have a smooth surface, there is less friction compared to the other wheels. These wheels are easier to slide thereby making it fun for you to perform a lot of tricks. Also, they are made in the USA from the finest and quality materials.

However, spitfire wheels are really popular wheels. They are different from the other wheels in that they use the formula four urethane in designing their wheels. And this high-quality formula four urethane makes them last longer. They are also designed to withstand more obstacles and to perform excellently.

Not only do these wheels resist flat spot, but they also have a high rebound that allows for fast speed over smooth and rough surfaces. Since they have a hard durometer, they can give a fast and smooth ride.

Due to its classic shape, you have total control for downhill rides and also have the power to manoeuvre yourself at sharp turns. With Spitfire classic skateboard wheels, your skateboarding can never go wrong.


  • Guarantee against any manufacturing defect
  • Resist flat spot
  • Great speed control on all surfaces
  • They are made up of fine and quality materials
  • Good wheel for street and Skate park riding


  • Not so durable

Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Caguama wheel is made up of a full-figured urethane that ensures high speed with great comfort and grip. As a result of its large diameter (85mm), it runs over rocks, cracks, sticks and even on the roughest road with an unbelievable speed. They are perfect wheels for downhill rides.

It comes with a 56mm contact patch that allows for a reasonable amount of grip. Also, the rounded edges of this wheel make it possible to run smoothly over surfaces of any kind. The urethane formula used for this wheel allows for a fast smooth and grippy ride.

Also, they are designed for longboard commuting, pumping, long-distance pushing and electric longboards. They have a great surface area that helps to deliver high speed and smooth ride.

Overall, a 46mm core is embedded in these wheels and its function is to reduce the weight of this wheel to ensure better acceleration and momentum. With this wheel, you’ll get the best grip and traction.


  • Perfect wheel for downhill riding
  • Last longer
  • Run pretty well on pebbles
  • Guarantee against manufacturing defect
  • Very fast and comfortable wheels


  • Edges chipping away too easily
  • A bit heavy

Ricta Cloud White Skateboard Wheels 78a

Ricta wheels allow for a smooth and fast ride over any surface. Since these wheels are designed from soft urethane with a solid 78D core, they roll over rough surfaces just like they do with smooth surfaces. Their modern and sleeks design makes them light in weight and not so bulky.

If you are the type that loves cruising, filming and performing crazy tricks, this wheel perfect for you. They are of standard shape thus makes it suitable on all surfaces. With the shiny coating on the surface of this wheel, you are assured of better grip and traction while riding.

The diameter of this wheel ranges from 52mm-60mm. However, you need to consider how good you are in skateboarding before choosing the diameter that will suit you. Besides, Ricta cloud wheels also come in different durometer. These wheels will offer you outstanding performance and you will look no further other than these wheels.


  • Available in different colours, diameter and durometer for different riders.
  • Very affordable
  • Super bouncy and fast
  • Provide maximum grip on sharp turns


  • They are still slowed down from rolling friction

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All-terrain Longboard is a perfect wheel for longboarders. This wheel is a versatile Gboarder. They are cast with a 78A high rebound urethane for an even speed. With durometer 78a, they are pretty soft.

These wheels will roll over almost any surfaces without any issues. Their diameter is 100mm; they are also designed in a way that it closes the gap between mountain boarding and longboarding. These wheels are also perfect for longboarding down rough terrains.

Since there is less friction, this wheel moves very fast and smooth on all surfaces. They provide you with enough grip and traction. It is a tough wheel that can roll over anything.

They offer a smooth and steady speed. If you want to ride your skateboard over sidewalks, this is the perfect wheel for you.


  • Great for downhill riding
  • They can rollover any surface smoothly
  • Perfect wheel for electric skateboard
  • Wheels offer a smooth ride on rough surfaces.


  • Very heavy
  • They don’t come with bearing


Bones Wheel Rough Riders 80a Skateboard wheels

These wheels are designed such that they are excellent for rough terrains. Their special and soft urethane formula makes them stand out. Regardless of the type of surface, these wheels will roll on any surfaces smoothly. They are as well resistant to flat spot. And because of its 56mm diameter, they ensure fast acceleration and they also maintain great speed.

Their 80a durometer makes them perfect for transportation and carving. With durometer 80a, these wheels are hard enough to perform tricks. Also, they are soft enough to allow for smooth and quiet riding. They are ideal for skating on rougher pavement and asphalt. They are also great for riding on sidewalks.

Finally, the material used in manufacturing this wheel is top-notch, thereby making your riding fun and great.


  • They can roll over anything smoothly
  • Perfect wheel for rougher surfaces
  • Great wheels for riding on the sidewalk
  • Perfect durometer for transportation
  • Super-fast, quiet and very comfortable


  • Not for sliding
  • Kind of hard for cruisers


Finally, I’m pretty sure I have done justice in carefully listing out the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. A wheel with any of the features that I have written above will be perfect for rough roads.

You must pick from the features I have stated above to guarantee you that you are picking from the best skateboard wheels. it is also important you know that picking the best wheels will also bring you comfort and ensure your safety.

As I have said earlier in this post that the basic elements you need to consider before choosing the type of skateboard wheel you want are: the wheel diameter and the wheel durometer (that is, the hardness of your wheel).