Best Skateboards Buyer’s Guide

Best Skateboards 2021 Buyer's Guide

If you are searching for the best skateboard in 2021, then this article is specifically for you. It will provide you with all you need to know about skateboarding and the different kinds of skateboards. You’ll also get to learn what each of them is capable of. With that knowledge, your search will be made easier as you just have to choose whichever works best for you.

It is common knowledge that skateboarding is a fun and thrilling sport. But, before you venture out to experience the adventures that skateboarding brings, you need to get yourself the best skateboard to maximise your experience. It won’t be as much fun with a sub-standard skateboard.

There are great options for skateboards to choose from if you are a beginner so you can relax. Learn more about skateboards and skateboarding as you glide through this article and you’ll be glad you did.

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    Best Skateboards 2020 – Comparison Table

    Products Skateboard Model Ideal For Read Reviews
    Powell Complete Skateboard Regular Skateboard Adults & Kids


    PUENTE 31-inch Complete Skateboard    Regular Skateboard Kids


    KPC Pro Skateboard Regular Skateboard Budget Friendly


    Rimable Complete Cruiser Skateboard   Regular Skateboard Cruiser Skateboard


    Merkapa 22-inch Skateboard     Cruiser Skateboard Beginners


    Punisher Essence Complete Skateboard Regular Skateboard Adult


    Jucker Hawaii Longboard Skateboard Longboard Teens & Adults


    Yocaher Special Graphic Complete Longboard Longboard Complete Longboard


    Stereo EP Vinyl Cruiser      Cruiser     Mini Cruiser Skateboard


    Penny Classics Regular Skateboard      Cruiser Unisex


    Complete Skateboard or Custom Skateboard?

    In your search for the perfect skateboard, you will definitely encounter these options; the complete skateboard and the custom skateboard. Which is the better option between the two? Let’s compare both skateboards.

    Custom Skateboard

    If you desire to add a distinct touch to your board and pay good money for it then you should totally get a custom skateboard. Bear in mind that custom skateboards are not a great choice for beginners as they do not have sufficient knowledge about skateboarding.

    You will be conversant with the various parts of the skateboard that you will need to customize to suit your taste as an experienced skateboarder. You can create your own skateboard by selecting preferred materials for the board and wheels yourself. Custom skateboards are great for intermediate and advanced players.

    You are free to design your custom skateboard as you would like. Choose preferred color and graphics to suit your persona but make sure you can use the board without unnecessary restrictions. Be ready to spend more time and money if you decide to get a custom skateboard.

    Custom skateboards are generally more expensive than their counterparts, the complete skateboard. It also requires more time, materials and the right designs to get your perfectly customized skateboard as you will have to build it from scratch.

    Complete Skateboard

    The complete skateboard as its name implies is a total skateboard package, all its parts and features have already been assembled before sale. You just need to purchase it and get your skateboarding on, it is pre-built. It is a cheaper option when compared to custom skateboards as you do not have to buy special materials to build it. You also save the time it will take to get all the parts you’ll need to assemble a custom skateboard.

    As a beginner, the complete skateboard is a perfect option for you. Its parts are already in place so you need not be bothered about building your own. That gives you one less thing to worry about considering you have a lot to learn about skateboarding. You can get right to riding and mastering tricks once you get a complete skateboard.

    With your complete skateboard, you can work on learning skateboarding tricks and utilising your board to the maximum. You don’t need to spend time and extra money creating a customised skateboard. Once you become a pro at skateboarding, you can probably take a shot at the world of custom skateboards.

    As an experienced skateboarder, you are aware of all the parts and materials you need to get your own customised skateboard so it won’t seem a herculean task. But, even as an advanced player, if you want to avoid the shenanigans that come with building a personalised skateboard, the complete skateboard is always there for you.

    Factors you Should Consider When Purchasing a Complete Skateboard

    It is quite an ordeal to purchase the perfect complete skateboards. You’ve got to make sure you select the best one and get good quality for your money. How do you get the best skateboard your money can buy? You can choose a complete skateboard that will do all you need it to out of the many options out there if you take these factors to heart:

    best skateboards custom complete

    What Experience You Have

    Having experience as a player provides with you with ideas on complete skateboards to get that will meet your needs. But, as a beginner you are better off purchasing a cheap cruiser, longboard or mini-complete skateboard.

    With these items, you set yourself out to master the intricacies of using them. Pushing off with your feet and maintaining balance on the board when you’re riding can be done effortlessly with them. It is unwise to purchase a complex product as a beginner, so I advise you to try any of the above mentioned. Get familiar with the art of skateboarding first, then, you can explore the more technical skateboard options.

    There is a high possibility that you might get uncomfortable with the skateboard as an intermediate player. You can experiment with new trucks or wheels and find out how they influence your ability to skateboard.

    As an advanced player with well-developed skills due to regular skateboarding, you are able to indulge in more difficult and complicated tricks. Also, with the experience you have gotten over the years, you should have discovered the most favourable terrain for you when skateboarding.

    Building a complete skateboard when you finally earn the ‘advanced player’ title provides you with certainty that your skateboard will suit your needs. Select a skateboard that will allow you to customise its setup to your satisfaction based on your preference. Choose one that will allow you to customise its setup with the grip, hardware and bearings you prefer.

    Customising your own skateboard shows you are truly an expert in the sport of skateboarding.

    Skateboarding Style

    Your skateboarding style is an important determining factor on the kind of complete skateboard you should go for. It is important to note that depending on their preferred terrain, skateboarders are divided into groups.

    It is highly essential that you be aware of your own unique skateboarding style. It will guide you into choosing the best skateboard, wheels and trucks that can perfectly take on the tricks and surfaces you ride on. Knowing your skating style also helps you pick out the right equipment that will be well suited for the kind of ride you would like to take.

    The longboarding technique, the vert and the street and technical are amongst the common skating styles. Know which style or group you associate with as that will help you determine the perfect skateboard set up for you to go with.

    Height and Weight of the Skateboarder

    You should know that your height and weight will also be an influencing factor on the skateboard you will get. Regardless of the type of board you purchase, it will need to comfortably carry the weight you place on it and let you control the skateboard easily with no restrictions.

    A professionally made skateboard is designed such that its width, length and shape perfectly adhere to the body, height and weight of its user. With that at the back of your mind, look out for one that will compliment your overall body size, height and weight.

    Skateboard Deck

    It is also important that you check out the deck of your skateboard. Find out its size also. You should go for a skateboard with a 7.5 to the 8-inch deck if you intend skating often on the streets.

    But, the accepted deck should be a minimum of eight inches if you prefer to ride at the parks or pools. A deck that is about eight-inch wide and thirty-inch long is recommended for beginners with no riding preference yet.

    Skateboard Wheels

    We can’t forget the skateboard wheels when purchasing a skateboard. They are what keep you rolling and gives you a smooth ride. Again, if you are enthusiastic about street skateboarding, you should get a skateboard with smaller wheels than those used for skateboarding in the park.

    Getting smaller wheels are advisable for street skateboarding. They are lighter and easy to manipulate which helps with your flipping. Wheels are measured in millimetres. For street skating, your wheels should be within 49 – 52 mm.

    If you are more into the vert or transition skating, you should go for wheels within 52 – 54 mm. They are larger and they are well able to cover more ground. Getting the right wheels is important for you to enjoy skateboarding.

    In conclusion, a lot of factors influence your decision if you are seeking to get the ideal skateboard. You can go for a mini- or cruiser complete skateboard initially. You can go on to purchase regular complete skateboards later on or a customised skateboard once you become a pro at skateboarding.

    Cruiser Complete Skateboard or Regular Complete Skateboard: Which should you pick?

    The cruiser skateboard and the regular complete skateboard are well-known types of skateboards you will most likely hear of when searching for the right skateboards. What differentiates both types of skateboards and which of them should you pick?

    Purpose of the Board

    For starters, you should take into consideration the purpose of both boards which is what they can specifically do. If you are a lover of tricks, a regular complete skateboard is right for you. It is great for riding over obstacles in your way on the streets or at the park.

    The regular complete skateboard, however, is not a great choice for travelling long distances; it will get uncomfortable in that situation. For travelling, get a cruiser complete skateboard and cruise to your destination in style. It is perfect for long distances and your daily trips.

    The Shape of the Deck

    Another difference between both types of complete skateboards is the size of their deck. Regular skateboards have decks shaped like lozenges. They are equipped with a tail and an elevated nose. You can find them in various lengths and width.

    Cruiser decks are also available in different shapes and sizes. Some alongside a kick-tail help the rider to overcome obstacle when travelling or during tricks. You can decide to go for the Mello boards referred to as mini-cruisers. They are 22 inches in length.

    Size of the Wheels

    The wheels that come with the regular complete skateboard are usually hard and small; therefore, it is suitable for smooth and hard surfaces giving the rider a perfect skating experience. 

    Cruisers, however, come with polyurethane wheels. They are soft and are about 59mm. They are suitable for riding on rough surfaces and its rider will enjoy travelling on it.

    There are also other noticeable differences between both skateboards apart from those mentioned above, like the trucks and the bearings. But, ultimately you have to know what will fit your level of experience and skateboarding style.

    10 Top Rated Regular & Cruiser Complete Skateboards

    Best Overall Regular Skateboard – Editor's Pick

    Powell Complete Skateboard

    If you want a skateboard so versatile that it can be used by beginners and advanced riders too, then, the Powell Complete Skateboard is the right one for you and that’s why it was chosen as our best overall skateboard. It is beneficial to beginners still learning the ins and outs of skateboarding and also serves experts well.

    With this skateboard, you won’t have to spend money getting another one when you master skateboarding; it also gives you a smooth and enjoyable ride. It can be used by both adults and kids, so, it’s a really awesome skateboard.

    The skateboard has a small plastic board deck which makes it a strong skateboard for its users. It is very helpful for beginners or experts looking to try out new tricks. The sturdy nature of the board and the stability it provides makes it great for kids also. It allows for easy riding and control even in a crowded street. This skateboard is comfortable to carry around as it is lightweight

    This complete skateboard has a really flexible and long-lasting ligament deck with a considerably wider polymeric strap attached. This fixture prevents the board from bending. Its bidirectional design allows it to be ridden from both sides.

    Cool, right?

    The grip tape on the deck creates traction between the deck and the rider’s shoes. The aluminium trucks on this Powell Skateboard are 7.625 inches, helping the skateboard slide and turn efficiently.

    Its polyurethane wheels provide the rider with more balance allowing you have a smooth ride and an amazing experience. The board is about 31 inches in size, so, it is light and easy to ride, it’s also quite easy to control and carry around.



    The Powell Complete Skateboard remains our top choice because it is strong, lightweight, flexible and can be used by different kinds of riders; kids, experts or newbies.

    Best Skateboard for Kids

    Puente 31-inch Complete Skateboard

    Are you on the hunt for the best complete skateboard especially just for kids? You’ve found one. The PUENTE 31-inch complete skateboard is a brilliant choice. It is made from the 8-layer Canadian maple wood. This wood makes the skateboard durable and safe for kids to use.

    The board consists of a full-cover grip tape right over the top of the deck. This greatly enhances the strength and durability of the board and also improves the safety level of its users during their rides. This makes the product very well suited for kids.

    Additionally, the board is equipped with a 5-inch truck with a very reliable and sturdy deck capable of containing riders weighing up to 180 kilograms. This confirms the fact that it’s a good choice for kids. It is a thoughtful gift for a young lover of skateboarding.

    You do not need to assemble this product yourself, as this 31-inch skateboard is already pre-built which is really convenient. You are relieved from the trouble of putting the skateboard together all by yourself.

    One other interesting thing about this complete skateboard is the fact that it provides really smooth and convenient control for its rider which is what your kid will love, right? It has most features that are needed to ensure an easy and fun ride and that includes the soft PU bushings and the ABE-9 high-speed bearing.

    Safety is guaranteed due to the presence of the shock-resistant 95A PU wheels installed into the skateboard. Additionally, the skateboard’s double kick tail concave design is not just good looking but it also gives its riders a hundred per cent control over their movements during rides. This allows for easy braking.

    This design can come in handy when performing a number of tricks which is great for kids regardless of the experience they have with skateboarding. The ease of riding the skateboard allows kids to have a good time when skateboarding.



    Generally, this complete skateboard is a really solid choice for kids as it has a good build, it is safe to use and it can be gotten at a reasonable price.

    Best Budget Skateboard

    KPC Pro Complete Skateboard

    If you are in need of a budget-friendly skateboard with good quality, then look no further. The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete makes for a perfect choice. It is very affordable, providing you with a good and durable skateboard without straining your pockets.

    This complete skateboard is made in such a way that its users find it easy to control and that is good quality. Its sturdy deck about 31 inches is constructed with Canadian maple wood. The deck is quite helpful because it is so strong to accommodate riders that weigh above 200 lbs.

    To the appeal of most customers, the deck is designed with really beautiful graphics which includes the red and white checker, blue flame, black and red checker, black and white checker, and heartagram. You are also guaranteed to have a smooth and fun ride, courtesy of the 52-mm Krown graphic wheels and of course the ABEC-5 bearings.

    In addition, the presence of a grip tape ensures that your feet have sufficient grip and traction when you place them on top of the skateboard. As a tall skateboarder, be rest assured that this skateboard can meet your requirements as it is about 7.75 inches wide.

    This width provides the rider with suitable positioning no matter how tall he/she may be. Being able to control this skateboard easily is quite beneficial especially for beginners with little experience in skateboarding. The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete is also lightweight but still very reliable and you can easily transport it without causing a ruckus.

    The skateboard is suitable for both expert riders and beginners to planning to try out and master new tricks. The shape and size of this skateboard help its users perform their tricks or stunts excellently with a great grip. You are also assured of a smoother ride as you roll.



    You can prevent this from happening by using your skateboard with extra care. This skateboard is your best choice if you are working with a low budget but you still desire a skateboard with good-quality that works properly.

    Best Overall Cruiser Skateboard

    Rimable Complete 22-inch Skateboard

    If you intend to get a skateboard that will provide you with great value for its price, then purchase the Rimable Complete 22-inch Skateboard. It is among the best skateboards and it is quite famous for its really nice design and function. It can be used by beginners, cruisers and travellers as well.

    The skateboard’s deck is solid and constructed from a hundred per cent plastic material which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. It is about 22 inches and weighs just 4 pounds but it is still suitable for riders weighing up to 198 lbs. The board can be gotten in 23 different graphics and colours so, you just need to select the one you prefer.

    The plastic built deck makes the skateboard flexible but it still remains stiff. The high flexibility of the deck allows the rider to have good control over the skateboard and guarantees a steady and enjoyable ride. It also comes with a kicktail, a usual feature for cruisers that allows them to do slides, tricks, and turns.

    A really nice feature this skateboard has is the 3-inch light aluminium truck that fits the board perfectly. This feature assures the rider of smooth skateboarding experience. The screws that are used in putting the skateboard together are of really high quality making it stronger in comparison to others.

    The fact that this skateboard is small in size and lightweight makes it easy for the rider to control its movements when skateboarding. Also, it can be carried around to wherever due to its lightweight nature. Its flexibility makes it suitable to meet the needs of all its users and that includes travellers, kids, cruisers, beginners and expert riders.



    This cruiser provides you with a beautifully designed and colourful skateboard that is quite affordable but still of high-quality, this is why it is our top choice. I mean, you get great quality for a reasonable price.

    Best Cruiser for Beginners

    Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard

    One of the highly-rated skateboards perfectly suitable for beginners in the world of skateboarding is the Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard. This skateboard has a beautiful design with a colourful deck a lot of persons get really attracted to as well as its wheel which has multi-colour LED light. So, if you are a beginner in search of the best cruiser, consider getting this product.

    What’s more? It is convenient as it comes completely assembled and you get to use it immediately without any hassle which is what you would want considering the fact that you are new to skateboarding. This is perfect for beginners who desire a pre-built skateboard so they can get right down to skateboarding once they get it. It is also suitable for experts or advanced riders.

    The Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard can cater to the needs of kids and teenagers who weigh up to 180 lbs. It does not require batteries to work making it really convenient to use. The presence of LED lights is a great source of brightness and batteries are not needed so you can begin skateboarding as soon as you can.

    Also, this skateboard assures you of safety when riding as the grip feature installed on the board is not slippery and so, proper grip and traction is available. Additionally, you will find its penny size to be quite beneficial. Its size allows you to safely and easily manipulate it when skateboarding.

    In contrast to other skateboards, its wheels are not stiff and that is quite a relief. Stiff wheels make you feel they could lock up any second when you are riding on your skateboard. The wheels of the Merkapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard, however, are smooth and suitable for beginners. It also assures you of easy control with zero friction as you ride.

    In addition to all of these helpful features, the lights and colour combination gives it an even nicer look. It will surely catch the eye and attention of others with its unique design as you ride.



    This, however, is a little fault. Generally, this skateboard is of good quality and is made to satisfy its users. It remains a great choice for beginners.

    Best Unisex Adult Skateboard

    Punisher Skateboards Essence Complete 31-inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple

    A really great skateboard suitable for adults of both sexes is this Punisher Skateboard. If you are a lover of beautiful and artistic graphic designs then this skateboard is recommended for you. It provides you with a colourful and highly functional skateboard.

    It is basically a combination of eye catchy designs and top quality, so you have two cool features in one skateboard.

    It’s sturdy double kick concave deck is constructed from Canadian maple wood. The deck is 31 inches long and about 7 inches wide, this provides sufficient space for the rider’s feet making him/her comfortable when controlling the skateboard.

    This Punisher skateboard is also equipped with heavy-duty alloy trucks and polyurethane cast wheels ensuring a firm and smooth ride when skateboarding.

    The double kick concave deck allows its user to control the board efficiently when riding, turning and performing tricks while maintaining balance. There is also the presence of the ABEC-7 bearings, together with the wheels; they are perfect for riding on skate parks or pavements. Its strong trucks make it suitable for adult riders.

    Let’s not forget how convenient this skateboard is as you won’t have to assemble it yourself before use. The heavy grip tape placed over the deck on one side helps to emphasise grip and traction between your feet and the deck which is important for any rider.

    Other cool features the Essence Complete 31-inch Punisher Skateboard has also include PE riser pads, polyurethane cushions with punisher skateboard logo printing, and bases. 

    The easy to control nature of this skateboard makes it a good choice for both beginners and experts who desire a skateboard that will help with learning tricks and also guarantee them a smooth ride.



    Generally, this Punisher Skateboard still stands as the best choice for adult riders of both sexes regardless of their level of experience. It is built to ensure riders have total control and enjoy their rides.

    Best Longboard Cruiser

    Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard Skateboards

    The JUCKER HAWAII is a simply amazing longboard that expresses the Hawaiian lifestyle across the waves on Pacific islands. This label was created by two friends, Mr. Barns and Mike. They lived their dream of traveling the world in search of the perfect wave and still do so with their JUCKER HAWAII label.

    If you fancy the free and breezy Hawaiian lifestyle this product reflects, then this longboard is the right skateboard to get.

    Components of this product are unique and suitable for skateboarding. The longboard is built to last long as its features are made of high quality materials like wood, bamboo and fibreglass. The design on the deck further expresses the Hawaiian spirit bringing together cultural beauty, art and sports.

    Every single feature on the board is produced by JUCKER HAWAII and they are known to use materials of unquestionable quality and that is why it is our best longboard for cruising.

    It does not matter whether you are new to longboarding or it has always been your thing, these boards will definitely give you a thrilling experience regardless of your current level. The width and length provides enough space for the rider to comfortably control the board when riding.

    The 78A thick cruiser wheels give the user a smooth ride while allowing you to maintain a good speed. If you plan on getting a typical cruiser board the JUCKER HAWAII Makahuna longboard 42 inches long will serve you well but the new JUCKER HAWAII Hoku 39 inches is a better choice if you love to do tricks or ride at higher speeds. 

    The former’s deck is constructed from five layers of Canadian maple and two bamboo layers while the latter is made from Canadian maple, zebra bamboo and fibreglass. These materials are of good quality and durable.

    The JUCKER HAWAII is suitable for adults of any height and sex as it is wide enough to accommodate even the largest feet. You are guaranteed to have an amazing skateboarding experience. 

    To get a feel of the Hawaiian spirit, get a JUCKER HAWAII longboard. Aloha!



    This is not an issue when you think about all the amazing benefits of riding with the JUCKER HAWAII. It remains our best longboard for cruising.

    Best Overall Longboard

    Yocaher Special Graphic Complete Longboard Pintail Skateboards W/70Mm Wheels

    Still, on the subject of the best skateboards to buy, I introduce you to the Yocaher Special Graphic Complete Longboard. It is beautifully designed and it is available in 9 colours so you can select that which you prefer. It is a longboard and its deck is made from 9-ply maple wood making it strong and durable. 

    It’s comfortable for riders with any level of experience making this an exceptional longboard to purchase. Regardless of your age and experience, this longboard is constructed to meet your needs and that is why it is among the top skateboards to get.

    Another great feature this skateboard is endowed with is a black widow premium-grade 80A grip tape. This grip tape is sticky adhesive and is a really good feature for longboard users and skateboarders as it provides more grip for the rider. More grip equals to better control and safe rides, it also helps in learning and performing tricks. 

    If you are a lover of tricks, I guess you know what to do but just a gentle reminder, this skateboard might be the best for you.

    Other helpful components include the HD7 heavy-duty 2 tone aluminium alloy trucks, 125mm hanger grade, 8 kingpin, and 90A PU cushion. All components of this longboard are carefully fashioned to complement the longboard’s construction. The alloy trucks which are heavy-duty help to maintain stability when riding.

    Its wheels are 70mm with hardness of 78A that provides you with the elastic nature of rubber wheels. The wheels of this longboard can comfortably ride on terrains with small cracks, pebbles, and rocks. 

    It grips the ground and helps its user to pick up speed. The wheels contain ABEC-7 chrome bearings and it also assists the rider in the picking up and maintenance of speed.

    This skateboard is suitable for riders of all ages and with any level of experience. Its features make it easy to use and control ensuring the safety of its rider. If you need a colourful and quality skateboard, the Yocaher Special Graphic Complete Longboard Pintail Skateboard might just be the right choice for you.



    This Yocaher Longboard still remains a great choice with features that will ensure you have an exceptional skateboarding experience.

    Best Plastic Cruiser Skateboard

    Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser Complete Skateboard

    This Stereo Vinyl Cruiser was inspired by the creative American jazz and blues alongside the culture associated with it. It comes completely assembled and ready for use. If you need a cruiser skateboard that will give you substantial value for your money, then, you can be sure this product will do just that.

    It is available in red and green colours and you also get free stickers and a pair of sunglasses to make your ride even cooler.

    It is perfect for cruising on a skate park, moving around town or even riding on campus. You can stash it away in your locker, truck or backpack when you do not need it. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it around and that is very comfortable especially for young skateboarders.

    Music and fun inspired the creation of the Stereo Vinyl Cruisers; this cruiser will definitely appeal to young skateboarding enthusiasts.

    Although made of plastic, the board is strong and reliable and valuable for its price. You will be impressed by the function of this skateboard. Its bearings and wheels will give the rider a smooth ride.

    The deck of this cruiser is about 26 inches long; it is covered with a die-cut grip tape to provide grip and traction between the rider’s feet and deck. It features 59mm wheels that are 78A thick. These cruiser wheels provide the rider with stability during each ride.

    When it comes to plastic skateboards with good quality that will give you great value for its price, the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard is the best choice. It is solid with a nice design and will allow you have an exciting time when you go on your skating adventure.



    When you take good care of this skateboard which applies to other skateboards, it will definitely serve you well and ensure you have a smooth and stable ride whenever you go skateboarding.

    Best Unisex Cruiser Skateboard

    Penny Classics Skateboard

    The Penny Classic Skateboard should be among the list of quality skateboards to consider purchasing if you fancy a durable skateboard that will let you experience all the fun that comes with skateboarding. It is great for riding in college campus.

    So, if you are a student or you want to get a gift for a student who is skateboarding enthusiast, this skateboard will be the right choice to make. It is suitable for use by both sexes.

    Commonly called ‘Nickel‘, it is quite obvious to see how this nickname came about. This Penny provides you with a bit more control and helps maintain stability as you ride. It is great for anyone who does not mind getting a little more plastic under his/her feet.

    It comes with creative designs and colour combinations that make it unique amongst others. For those who want a combination of high-quality and colourful design, the Penny Classics Skateboard might just be the right one for you.

    This skateboard is 27 inches long and its non-slip waffle deck makes it light to carry around. You will definitely fall for the great quality and colour-coded ABEC 7 stainless steel bearings alongside the high tensile bolts on the skateboard. It also features aluminium powder coated trucks which are sturdy and really strong.

    The polyurethane wheels used for this skateboard is 59mm and 83A thick, it ensures the rider has a smooth ride and also adds to the colourful look and design of the skateboard. Its lightweight nature allows you to carry the skateboard around easily ensuring you have a great ride whenever you decide to skate.

    It is relatively small and can fit easily in a small space, so, you can carry it along comfortably on any trip. You will appreciate the soft wheels on this complete skateboard as it can take on sidewalk cracks so nothing gets in the way of you having a smooth and exciting ride.

    Any sex, children or adults can enjoy using the Penny Classic Skateboard. You get a lightweight and comfortable skateboard with peculiar designs to suit your personality.



    Regardless, this Penny Classic Skateboard is just enough to satisfy your needs as it can guarantee you have a smooth and memorable ride every single time.

    What Is The Price of a Skateboard in 2020?

    Let’s have a quick look at skateboard prices, that way, you will know how to plan your budget if you want to get a complete skateboard or a custom skateboard. If you are going for the complete skateboard, the average amount you can get one in 2020 will often be between £30 – £180. If your budget is within that range, you can comfortably purchase a complete skateboard.

    If you decide to get a skateboard from a well-known brand, the prices could be above £200. The complete skateboard is a pre-built package ready for use immediately after purchase, so, you might agree it’s worth the price. On the other hand, you can choose to go for a customised skateboard but prepare to spend a little more money than it would normally take to get a complete skateboard.

    As we have established earlier, you have to build a custom skateboard yourself. The average amount you might spend building your custom skateboard can be within £100 – £400. You are building a skateboard with materials and parts of your choice, so, you will spend more than you would if you got a complete skateboard.

    So you will have an estimate on how much you will spend making your unique skateboard, below are prices of its parts:

    Deck: The deck is a highly essential part of your custom skateboard. It is the platform you stand on when you ride or do tricks. As you are making your own skateboard, prepare to spend £30 – £45 for your deck.

    Truck: The quality of your truck reflects on the smoothness of your ride. It normally costs £10 – £20.

    Wheels: Wheels are really essential as you need them to roll or you can’t ride. The price of skateboard wheels depends on the formula, size and shape. However, wheels cost anywhere within £10 – £25.

    Bearings: Bearings are also important parts of skateboards. You will not have to push when riding especially if you love street skating. You might spend around £15 – £120 to get bearings.

    Hardware: The hardware mainly consists of locknuts and bolts that you’ll need to attach the truck to the deck. Hardware comes in a set with 8 items. You get each set from £2.99 – £8.

    Tips to Help Save Money when Buying a Skateboard

    Tips to Help Save Money when Buying a Skateboard

    There are tips that will help you save money when building your personal skateboard.

    They include:

    • Go for blank skateboard decks – Blank skateboard decks are made of decks and wheels with no logo or company name. These decks are normally available in a single colour. To save money, get a blank deck as they are considerably cheaper than others and quite as functional.
    • Take advantage of discounts: Keep tabs on specific skateboard brands as they could offer discounts most especially during holiday seasons. Try to get discounts in occasions like that.
    • Know what you need: Prior to purchasing the perfect skateboard, make sure you know what you need. If you need a skateboard to travel long distances or do new tricks, it will influence the kind of skateboard you will buy.

    It is wise to know the specific purpose of a skateboard before you buy it. So, you do not waste money getting or building a customised skateboard that will not serve you well and leave you feeling unsatisfied.

    Custom Skateboarding Buying Guide

    If you are looking to get a custom skateboard and not a complete one, you have to know the important parts of a skateboard and ensure you make the right choice when purchasing a customised part.

    Skateboard Deck

    skateboard decksThe deck acts as the foundation of your custom skateboard. As a result of this, there are factors you should consider when you want to customise or buy the deck. Your unique riding style, parts like trucks or wheels and the number of obstacles you will most likely encounter when you ride should be considered.

    Width – Width is a higher criterion for choosing a skateboard deck than the length. The ideal width for the deck is within 7.5 to 8.5 inches. Choosing a width that is suited to your skateboarding style and your body size

    Getting a deck that is too wide for your feet and height will mean you will have to use more force when you ride making skateboarding and tricks difficult for you.

    Length – The average length of the skateboard is within 28 to 32 inches. Know that a shorter board increase the chance of it getting narrow and longboards can lead it to become wider.

    Note that the width should be given more consideration than the length when you are building your customised skateboard.

    Wheelbase – One essential thing to consider in selecting the right deck for your custom skateboard is the wheelbase. The wheelbase is simply the distance between the inner mounting holes on the board. The average wheelbase should be between 13 to 15 inches.

    Getting the perfect wheelbase and adjusting it has a significant effect on the general performance of your board. Your level of experience also influences what will be the right wheelbase for you.

    You should also consider the nose and tail, mounting holes, concave and general construction when choosing the ideal deck for your custom skateboard.

    Skateboard Trucks

    skateboard trucksThe trucks also known as the metal axles that hold the wheels are essential components of your custom skateboard. They are mounted on the skateboard’s underside as you will see. They help keep its wheels and bearings securely attached. You have to be really careful when purchasing the trucks, for this reason, make sure they are durable and will last long.

    They have to be tough enough to withstand wear and tear associated with the daily work. These factors will help you get the best trucks for your skateboard:

    Truck profile height – This describes the distance between the bottom part of the deck and the hanger. You can go with the mid-sized truck. It’s a common choice for a good number of skateboarders. Low or high trucks can also serve you well if you want to use it for different skating styles.

    Get the low truck profile if you would like better stability when you perform flip tricks. This goes well with small wheels. The mid-sized trucks are what you would call all-rounders, especially for riding in the streets or parks. Pick the high-sized trucks for cruising and carving. They are well suited for it and they go well with huge wheels.

    Width – Making the perfect custom skateboard involves choosing the right width. You will have to find out the size of the truck that will be suitable for the deck. The truck’s width should correspond to that of the deck.

    A narrow truck is pretty much an unstable truck. If it is too wide, then there will be problems like shoe and wheel contact when you push. So, the right balance is important.

    Alongside the width and height, check other components of the truck carefully, that includes the kingpin, axle and bushings.

    Skateboard Wheels

    skateboard wheelsThe way you ride is definitely influenced by your skateboard’s wheels. It will determine your speed and how you control your skateboard which affects your overall riding experience. Wheels are available in different sizes, colour and even their durability levels vary. Choose the one that fits your skateboard and riding style.

    Are you planning on making a custom skateboard? Then, you should select wheels that will go with your truck, deck and hardware. Below are some tips that will guide you into getting the right skateboard wheels:

    Material – Skateboard wheels are made with polyurethane (PU). Make sure your wheels are constructed from pure polyurethane; this will influence your skateboard’s performance.

    Polyurethane wheels are not expensive, so, you won’t have to spend a huge sum purchasing them.

    Diameter – The diameter of most skateboard wheels are normally between the ranges of 50-75mm. When considering the diameter of wheels to get for your skateboard, know that smaller diameter equals slower rides and larger diameter equals faster rides.

    The diameter of a skateboard’s wheels has an effect on the rate of acceleration and firmness of turn. If you plan on frequently doing complex tricks on shortboards, smaller wheels will be better. For longboards and cruisers however, larger wheels are perfect. They help with your speed and balance.

    Durometer – Durometer describes the wheel’s hardness. On average, the durometer of a skateboard wheel is 99a. As the numbers increase, the wheels get harder. Hard wheels are faster compared to soft wheels. Soft wheels are slower but with satisfying grip.

    Softer wheels are recommended for street skating. Hard wheels, however, are perfect for skating on smooth surfaces like skating parks for instance. So, think of your preferred skating venue when getting your wheels.

    Skateboard Bearings

    skateboard bearingsSkateboard bearings also form an important part of the custom skateboard. It prevents friction between metal in each wheel and in the metal axle where it rotates. Skateboard bearings keep the wheels spinning which involves ensuring the metal does not grind up.

    A few factors should influence your decision when selecting and buying the right bearings to build your unique custom skateboard. 

    They are:

    Materials – There are two options to choose from when it comes to bearings; steel and ceramic. Steel is a more long-lasting and thrifty option. Ensure they are kept clean and dry. They should also be well-lubricated, so they last longer and work well.

    Ceramic material is also a great choice as heat energy has a little effect on it. Ceramic bearings made from silicon nitride are harder and also smoother in comparison to steel.

    Size – The size of skateboard bearings also matter. The common size is the 6o8 standard. It comes with 22-mm outer diameter, 7-mm width and an 8-mm core. This is why it is an industry-standard. It is a great choice and suits a good number of skateboard wheels.

    You should also look out for other parts in the bearings and that includes the inner ring, C-ring, outer ring, bearing shield, ball retainer, and steel balls. This way, you increase the possibility of purchasing the right one that will meet your needs.

    Skateboard Hardware

    The skateboard hardware, also referred to as the mounting hardware is helpful for connecting trucks to decks. Each truck needs 4 locknuts and bolts. If you intend to get hardware to build your custom skateboard, know they are sold in sets consisting of 8 parts. You can also purchase individual parts when needed.

    The size of the hardware you buy is also important. The right size depends on your skateboard type. If yours is for shortboard applications, one inch is the standard length for the hardware.

    If you have a longboard or cruiser, get hardware around 1-1/8 inch. Peradventure you decide to introduce a riser into the board, make sure you adjust the length of the hardware because the riser could increase space between trucks and decks.

    Skateboard Grip Tape

    The grip tape on a skateboard can be defined as a grainy sheet that looks like sandpaper. It also has a sticky underside. The underside adheres to the deck’s surface thereby increasing its grip. Regardless of your skating style, the grip tape fulfils your wish of staying on the board.

    Getting the right grip tape for your skateboard does not involve different factors to determine good quality like buying skateboards and bearings. You can get a grip tape based on the brand you prefer.

    Ensure to purchase a good brand of grip tape. It is important in making sure your skateboard is always ready for the street. Grip tape also brightens your board expressing your specific style.

    It is mostly available in black but you can also find the perfect one for you if you intend to show a particular logo. The die-cut grip tape is a cool choice as it helps display the design or colour of the deck below it. Choose a grip tape with the size that will match your skateboard.

    Skateboard Riser Pads

    Riser pads are tough pads made of plastic that can be placed between the deck and trucks of a skateboard as a way to increase its height. Riser pads form an essential part of the skateboard; it helps to prevent wheel bite. A wheel bite occurs when the wheel rubs against the deck when you do a trick or make a turn.

    Skateboard Riser Pads

    Wheel bite halts the wheel motion. This ends badly for the rider and also causes damage to the wheels. Riser pads help to keep your skateboard’s deck preserved by limiting the occurrence of stress cracks at the points where the deck and trucks meet.

    Before you go on to purchase a riser pad, make sure it is actually needed by your skateboard. Skateboards with larger wheels are prone to wheel bite. If you have such a skateboard like a longboard or a cruiser, you should consider buying riser pads.

    You need to put the length, board size and wheels into consideration when purchasing a riser pad. The riser pad is needed to give more height to longer boards with larger wheels. If on the other hand, you own a short boarder, you could also get a riser pad to avoid wheel bites when you land from performing a skating trick.

    It is highly recommended to get a riser pad as it will help your skateboard absorb impact or shock. If you decide to install a riser pad on your custom skateboard, know that you will have to adjust the hardware to make room for the extra height.

    How to Put a Skateboard Together

    At this point, you are well equipped with the knowledge to help you buy the essentials parts you need for your skateboard.

    Now, it is time to put those parts together.

    best SkateBoards

    Don’t you worry, it is quite a simple process. Below are easy steps to guide you in assembling your custom skateboard. 

    • Put all the skateboard parts together so you are ready to build your skateboard
    • Attach the grip tape to the deck
    • Next is mounting of the trucks to your deck. Now, locate the mounting holes with screwdriver or bolts. Create holes downwards through the grip tape. Make sure the hardware stays put while you attach one truck at an instance. Fasten nuts with a skate tool or socket wrench.
    • Fix your wheel bearings. When you are done, attach the wheels to the trucks of your skateboard.
    • For the final step, check the skateboard. Make sure the grip tape and screws are even. Also, check the trucks and ensure they are firmly attached to the deck. Confirm the tightness of the trucks and see if the wheels are rotating freely.

    Once you’re satisfied that your custom skateboard looks great. You can proceed to use it on the streets or wherever you choose.

    Happy skateboarding!

    Other Skateboard Equipment You Should Have

    It is great that you have a skateboard now but you should also consider purchasing some equipment you might need:

    Backpack and Bags

    As a lover of skateboarding, you would know it is essential you get a quality bag or backpack. If you are someone constantly on the move, it is important you get one. That way you can pack all the things you need for school or at work and bring them along with you on your ride; which means you should make sure you are always with your board.

    Get a strong backpack that is durable. A good backpack bag or bag should comfortably help you carry essential items you might need like pens, books, laptops, phones and other devices.


    To ride in style and safety, you should totally purchase great skateboarding shoes. You do not only enjoy safe rides but a smooth ride is inevitable. It is best to get skateboarding shoes with the good-quality sole.

    A great number of skating shoes currently are made with good-quality soles. The soles are usually flat, this helps give maximum surface area allowing you to be in close contact with the board making you in control. Get a long-lasting shoe you can wear with no reservations and have a splendid skateboarding experience.


    Safety first, right? Get a helmet with high-quality to guarantee your safety when you ride. Do not be make the mistake of not buying a helmet or be in the habit of not using your helmet when riding.

    As a skateboarder, there is a high possibility that you will hit your head if you get involved in an accident. Getting a good helmet keeps you save and protects you from injuries. Search for a lightweight helmet so it won’t hinder your movements as you ride. Make sure to put your helmet on at all times for your own protection.

    Elbow and Knee Pads

    It is wise to also get yourself elbow and knee pads to keep your extremities protected while you ride.  Elbow pads are essential safety gears you should buy. Your elbows and wrists are more likely exposed as you skate. To prevent or limit injuries, put on an elbow pad and a wrist guard.

    You should also get knee pads. Your knee pads should comfortably slip on to your leg. Ensure that they can be firmly secured with Velcro strap to keep your knees protected in case of a crash.

    Tool Kit

    Before you hit the road on your skateboard, make sure to carry a tool kit along too. Your tool kit should have the tools you need to ensure your skateboard stays in a good working condition. It will definitely come in handy when you need to fix something on your skateboard.

    It contains all you need to carry out necessary repairs in the event of a bad hit or if you just to tune your board up. Usually, the tool kit contains important things like the L-wrench, sockets, screwdriver, files, and hardware ratchets.

    Finger Skateboards with Tricks

    Finger skateboard is also a useful gear to add to your collection of skateboard equipment. Finger skateboards are mini-skateboards, they are about 96mm in size.

    It allows performing some finger skateboarding streets using just two of your fingers and not your feet.

    It is best for those who cannot skate for some reason. Finger skateboards help you do tricks similar to those that can be done using an actual skateboard. Even those who do the actual skating can use finger skateboards to improve their skills and learn tricks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the types of Skateboards?

    There are various types of skateboards but carve, cruiser, and longboard are the most common skateboards. The longboard is at least 33 inches. It is great for cruising and is a good form of transportation but a lot of persons prefer it as it has a shorter skateboard, this makes transportation easy.

    Carve boards, however, have unique front trucks that allow the skateboard tilt. It also lets the wheels change direction and pivot the trucks. There are different types of a skateboard but it is left for the rider to go for whichever will work well for him/her.

    How do height and weight affect ones skateboard choice?

    Together, your height and weight play a major role when you want to select a skateboard. You should pick a skateboard that suits your height and weight. Having a skateboard that is too big or too small will lead to difficulty controlling it, most especially for beginners still learning the intricacies of skateboarding.

    You should also put the size of your feet into consideration. For younger persons with small feet, it is best to get a narrower board about seven and a half inches or higher if you have a larger shoe size.

    What is the size of the skateboard I need?

    To determine the right size of skateboard for you, your height, weight and overall body size should be considered. Usually, the average skateboard has a deck of about 7.5-8.25 inches. Select a size that is suitable to your height, weight, body size and riding style in mind.

    If you have a bigger body build, go for a skateboard that has a wider deck. If you have a smaller build, a skateboard with a smaller deck is perfect for you.

    Penny board or longboard: Which should a new rider choose?

    As a beginner, you might get confused due to the various types of skateboards available. However, the longboards might be more useful than the penny boards. Beginners will find it easier to manipulate, it also gives a good balance.

    Longboards also give a smoother ride on rough terrain. Penny boards are cool and all but they are not the best for beginners. Their small deck sizes can make them difficult to ride so it is not advisable if you are new to the world of skateboarding.

    Are you allowed to bring skateboards on aeroplanes?

    Yes. Lucky for you skateboards are not amongst the banned items you are not expected to bring with you on an aeroplane in all countries. So, you can totally take your skateboard with you when you travel. But, make sure to learn the luggage restrictions before taking your skateboard with you on your trip.

    Verify if you can take it as a piece of luggage or as a carry-on item. Most airlines, however, allow skateboards to be transported as a piece of checked luggage. But, it should be a maximum of 62 inches and not weigh more than 50lbs or you will have to pay extra luggage fees.


    Skateboarding is truly an exciting and thrilling activity to involve in. It is an amazing sport and it is very beneficial to one’s health. Skateboarding helps keep you fit by burning off excess calories making you remain in perfect shape.

    It also helps increase your flexibility and physical endurance. Some persons say it causes an increase in their tolerance for pain because skateboarders may experience pains, aches, scrapes, bruises and bump. Skateboarding is also a really good stress reliever.

    If you are considering diving into the sport of skateboarding, the health benefits alongside the amazing experience you will have each time you ride are great reasons you should try it out.

    As skateboarding is a sport that benefits the mind, soul and body, you should get your personal skateboard. You can go for the complete skateboard or the customised type and build yours right away to set yourself up to experience all the great benefits skateboarding brings.