Best Skateboards for Kids

Chances are that you already know not to pick up your skateboard of choice from a high street store like ASDA or Tesco or even just toy stores doting around – they are fragile and prone to damage easily. Over the years, I owned and used several durable skateboards, superior in quality to toy skateboards that you would get from those shops.

So what should you look for when looking for the best skateboards for kids? Price, ride quality, best balance, sturdy wheels and durability are just a few of the main features you need to assess before making your purchase.

On a Budget? Best Quality Skateboard for Kids

While it is often out of stock, the CCS logo and natural wood skateboard (link to Amazon) count as one of the very best skateboards for kids available. It comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for kids below the age of 10. If picking, choose the 8″ size, ideal for helping kids keep their balance when learning to skateboard.

This is the skateboard I’d choose if I didn’t have one I’m already used to. Asides from the fair-performance bearings, the skateboard is composed of a tad hard wheel alongside other decent components. The setup is generally adequate. You can swap the bearings and wheels with more suitable alternatives anytime later.

best skateboards for kids

From a kid’s viewpoint, its only disadvantage is the absence of a cool decal print. Like other kids, I liked excellent graphics and their shiny colours. This aspect should never be neglected. I still feel it whenever I get a new deck. You can tweak the graphics yourself by even adding a few stickers.

The skateboard also comes supplied with a bonus tool for tightening and unscrewing the wheels on the skateboard. I still recommend this skateboard over the Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Complete Skateboard.

Now, this is one of the more inexpensive skateboards that I can recommend to anyone. It is very affordable and suitable for kids because it is a pre-built skateboard requiring no additional tinkering. The quality of components might not be 100% perfect, but trust me, it is decent enough. Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Complete skateboard (link to Amazon) is budget-friendly and if you are looking for an ideal choice for the first skateboard for your kid, you can’t go wrong.

It is a typical skateboard with heavy-duty aluminium trucks. The 99a wheels are very quiet and make hardly any noise as they ride smoothly. The bearings can also withstand whatever bumps your kids hit it with, holding out for some time. It also comes in an 8″ size, making it suitable for young kids of any age.

Custom Designed Skateboards

If you need a more customised skateboard which comes in multiple designs then you should consider getting the Osprey Kids Skateboard (link to Amazon). They provide very solid boards of bamboo that are durable and also environment-friendly. Their wheels can deal with twigs, rocks and uneven surfaces because they are soft and grippy.

The Osprey Kids Skateboard comes in a variety of designs for all children between the ages of 5 and 11. It is an ideal pick for a beginner skateboarder as it also has a double kick capability, allowing you to perform tricks from the nose and tail of the skateboard with relative ease.

Long-Lasting Skateboard Choice

For a durable skateboard that will last several years, you should definitely get the Santa Cruz skateboard. This skateboard is suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 9. It also has some decent premium components.

The wheels on this skateboard are renowned and children can ride them in skate parks and other rough uneven surfaces because they are neither too soft nor too hard. They can roll over cracks without their wheels getting clogged.

Santa Cruz skateboard

Its deck has a length of 29.0″ and a width of 7.5″. Its sturdy trucks are made of Canadian maple wood. This skateboard has everything a child needs to start though it’s not the most expensive skateboard in the market.

It comes with great graphics and quality components that aim to prolong its lifespan. You can never go wrong buying a Santa Cruz, no matter which version you go for. Santa Cruz is one of the oldest and most reputable skateboard companies. A smaller version of it is now available on Amazon for kids between the ages of 5 and 8.

Great Things About This Skateboard?

Bearings aside, the rest of its components are premium quality. It is important to ensure the axle nuts are free, so the wheel can spin properly. If you do find it’s too tight and have no silicone lube to hand, just try using some WD40 oil.

It did take some time for my kid to get used to its narrow width, but at the moment, he skates better, and loves it. The slim profile helps him not to hit the sideboards anymore while pushing. He got used to the balance after 30 minutes though it was initially difficult.

Maintaining a Skateboard

So much don’t require a great deal to remain in good condition, but even then, users must be careful to ensure they last longer. They need to be stored in dry places with optimum temperature. Don’t leave it outdoors so that it’s bearings don’t get damaged by rain and excess moisture.

Water can spoil the deck’s lamination. It can also make the grip tape peel and lose grip. They are not to be left in car trunks or stepped on by accident. You can clean their bearings two to three times every year.

Protective Gear

Safety measures can very so often be overlooked when buying a skateboard. A cheap skateboard with some decent protective gear, will always outweigh an expensive skateboard with no protection.

There are often so many kids performing crazy stunts on scooters and skateboards, not being properly supervised by an adult or parent. The negligence of such parents is simply amazing. They conveniently send out their kids with only scooters and skateboards, not minding the risk of a casualty, which, by the way, occurs to them quite often.

A lot of these kids don’t exercise any form of caution and only get to recognise the danger involved when it’s already too late. With a lot of them not considering their safety at all when out on their skateboards. So, protect your child with a helmet and protective gear combo pack.

Final Thoughts on Best Skateboards for Kids

While any of the above skateboards will work great for your kid, you should also make sure they have the right skateboarding shoes on. Ensure that your child uses proper shoes once they start skateboarding. Any regular sneakers will do, but large oversized shoes are a no-no.

Balance is important on a skateboard and you can’t balance properly when you can’t feel the deck beneath your feet. This post I wrote on the importance of balance on a skateboard will also help.

For more options, check this buyer’s guide on the best skateboards in 2020 is also a great resource. It is frequently updated to show only the best ones available. If you haven’t started already, then you should get one for yourself because no one is ever too old to skateboard.


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