Best Skateboards In The World

Skateboarding is considered an extreme sport because the limits the athlete can go are only compelled by his skills and foresight. Most skateboarding is done for fun either on the streets or at a skateboard park. Still, in the supposed Olympics to be hosted in Tokyo[1], skateboarding will be carried out competitively.

A skateboard is a flat device used for skateboarding. It consists of two small wheels underneath each end on which one can ride in a kneeling or upright position by frequently pushing one foot against the other. There are different types of skateboards and different brands which includes; Minority 32-inch maple skateboard, positive team complete skateboards e.t.c

We have carefully selected the skateboards which passed all critics, and these skateboards have been labelled the best in the world. Sit tight and enjoy as we take you through this new list of the best skateboards in the world. Before that, how were these skateboards selected as the best? Here we go…

How We Chose The Best Skateboards In The World

There were some criteria we used in labelling these skateboards as the best, they include;

  1. Board Quality

The quality of any product makes it stand out among other products of the same purpose. These listed skateboards are labelled to be the best because of their top-notch quality. Their wheels roll quickly and can move on any type of terrains without difficulties providing a smoother ride. They also have ABEC 7 and above bearings for a better grip and even more sturdy decks.

  1. Durability

The selected skateboards are very durable as they are made from the best materials, unlike some brands of skateboards that are made of plastic (which is not advisable to use, although they are much cheaper). These skateboards are made from quality woods, which gives enough stability to the boards. They are constructed with long-lasting materials such as Canadian maple wood, which boasts of high-quality maple: rock maple, aluminium, polyurethane for the wheels, and ABEC 7 and above bearings. The mixture of these materials used on specific parts results in the perfect skateboards.

  1. Price

These skateboards are very affordable for the kind of quality they deliver. Who says you can’t have quality at an affordable price? They are obviously wrong because, with these skateboards, you have it all!

Best Skateboards In The World

Here’s the list for the best skateboards in the world. These skateboards have solved the problem of having bumpy rides as a result of the poor wheels of other skateboards. They are also more comfortable and can be used by all levels of riders without fear.

They are:

  • Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard
  • KPC PRO Skateboards
  • Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

This skateboard’s design is an exquisite example of engineering. It has a comfortable shock-resistant deck made with 7 ply maple wood assembled with epoxy glue.

This skateboard is on the top of our list because it can be used by both beginners and skilled riders. Beginners will enjoy using this board to practice the necessary skills. At the same time, experienced riders will admire the reliable aluminium trucks for grinding. It has a moderate concave and a spacious kicktail and nose that deliver stunning performances and incredible scheming.

This board ensures you experience a smooth ride and offers you plenty of stability with its two 5-inch trucks, which are constructed with genuine aluminium alloy. It is furnished with rust-free hardware, chrome steel axle, and a carbon steel kingpin. Furthermore, it has a 32mm 102A high rebound wheels and ABEC- 9 bearings built by chrome steel. This makes it possible for riders to attain top speed with only a three power paddle.

If what you desire is a board that looks and operates like the ones you see at sporting events, this board is perfect for you. It’s one of those boards that come in a vast display of designs and artworks. However, it’s not the most flexible board on the market, which makes it hard to ease into turns, but this feature makes it just the right board for learning and practising tricks. The skateboard can be easily transported as it has a weight of 5.05 pounds (about 2.29kg).


This skateboard is relatively fast, which is as a result of the ABEC-9 Precision bearings.

The minority 32-inch skateboard smoothly manoeuvers on streets, pools, and ramps.

Its 5- inch aluminium trucks with PU bushings make this skateboard lightweight and sturdy.

It has remarkably stunning styles ranging from modern to classy, making this board suitable to be used as a gift.

The cold-pressed 7- ply maple hard rockwood deck makes for a durable and stable feel.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It offers a high weight capacity of 220 pounds regardless of its lightweight.
  • The wheels speed up freely.
  • It’s a ready-to-use skateboard, after unpacking there’s nothing to adjust.
  • It is incredibly stable and very sturdy.


  • The grip tape is prone to peeling.

KPC PRO Skateboards

This skateboard is among the best selling brands of skateboards in the market; it is budget-friendly. It provides you with high quality without having to break the bank.

One good thing about this skateboard is that its deck is constructed with 7-layers of Canadian hard maple wood, which makes it very strong, flexible, and easy to control. It has a width of 3.9 by 31.5by 7.7 inch size, which guarantees a better placement on the board regardless of your height.

The KPC pro skateboard is a skateboard for all riders, whether you’re a beginner, skilled, or a professional. You can have a smooth ride by using this board because it has a grip tape that allows the rider to fix his feet securely on the board without the fright of slipping off the board. It has a mild concave-shaped kicktail and nose, which enables you to raise it high in the air. The road’s condition, whether rough or bumpy, does not cause a disturbance in your craving for a steady ride because the board has soft and large wheels.

You will eventually fall in love with the stunning blend of different deck graphics used to design it that is enough to satisfy your cravings. This skateboard is the only skateboard that allows the rider to alter the board’s design according to his own choice.

The manufacturers have gracefully assembled the components to provide the customers with the best product. They also put into consideration the price of the product as you can have all the features of expensive brands at an affordable amount.


The inch deck and black grip tape are strong enough to accommodate tall and heavy riders.

Its modern concave shape adds more comfort to riders and helps them perform tricks a lot easier.

The kpc pro skateboard is perfect for all levels of riders.

It’s made of aluminium alloy trucks with the combination of ABEC 7 bearings, which ensures you have a smooth ride regardless of the road texture.

This board is a well-balanced mini-cruiser due to its 52mm known graphic wide wheels with impressive quality.


  • It is effortless to control and manoeuvre
  • The board is very affordable
  • It is lightweight yet durable.
  • The tight and soft wheels make it perfect for learning.
  • The board is sturdy and firm, it’s capable of supporting 90.7kg of weight.


  • The paints on the skateboard are prone to peeling when used actively.

Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Skateboarders of all levels desire a skateboard that can handle the everyday grind that they place on it. How would you feel if you purchase an expensive board to find out it’s worth is less than it’s weight?

A board’s style and price are of significance to both professionals and beginners. This skateboard is one whose exquisite construction and design do not discriminate as to the level of riders to use it, as it’s best for beginner adults and intermediates.

The Powell golden dragon flying has a deck with an extra polymeric strap instead of three straps in the ligament. This extra polymeric straps hold the pack together and put it in place. In a situation where there is a crack in the deck, these straps come in to play, allowing you to ride out of it. These straps do not only make the deck stiffer, but it also works in preventing the deck from breaking into two pieces. This board boasts of its excellent grip because it’s covered in grip tape with a deck that has different functionality.

I personally admire this skateboard because it has stunning graphics, which makes it pleasing and perfect for skating in the park. Its screen-printed bottom is very colourful, having the feel of scathing dragons giving it a unique look.

The Golden dragon skateboard is constructed using the Airlam process. This process involves mashing all the required materials together at a very high pressure, which results in this durable skateboard capable of withstanding riders of weight up to 200 pounds.

This skateboard is one of the best skateboards made in Asia and also the toughest. This board is perfect for those who desire a quality skateboard at an affordable price. Each piece of this skateboard has been constructed for stability and also tested to guarantee that the result is an overall outstanding product.


This skateboard is made up of cast aluminium trucks which offer excellent durability

The concavely shaped deck has a length os 31.625 inches and a width of 7.625 inches, its wheelbase is13.75 inches, nose of 7 inches, and a tail of 6.63 inches.

This skateboard offers reasonable control overall, and it’s perfect for tricks.

It has carbon steel axles and kingpin, which increases the strength of the board.

It has an extra polymeric strap which makes the deck stiffer and holds it together even when there is a crack.

It possesses hand casted polyurethane sturdy wheels, with a diameter of 55mm that allows high rebound and provide great roll and grip.

The easy guide capability of the skateboard makes it easy for beginners and even intermediates to pull out tricks effectively.


  • The board is relatively fast, even with riders who weigh about 200 pounds.
  • The wheels are smooth and glide along freely.
  • The board is amazingly durable regardless of its lightweight.
  • It is constructed with high-quality materials.
  • It’s relatively cheap for the quality it delivers.


  • The board’s speed may be a problem for young children.
  • The wheels can be a little too hard to move on pebbles on the road.


Skateboarding has become an everyday sport not only among the youths but also among kids. There are so many brands, structures, and designs of skateboards available on the market presently. We carefully selected these few brands as the best skateboards in the world because they surpass the others with their outstanding attributes, and also for the fact that they can be used by all levels of riders.

These skateboards allow for smooth and fearless riding. They give you the feeling you desire, so whether you are an amateur looking to buy a skateboard, an intermediate or a professional searching for a better skateboard, search no more.

Our carefully selected list of the best skateboards in the world has much to offer and will wow you. These skateboards are very affordable for the quality they deliver, so if you’ve been on the fence about which skateboard to get, now it’s all up to you to choose the skateboard that best suits you out of our selected few.



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