Boosted: Stealth Electric Skateboard Review, 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose It

A lot of manufacturers claim to be the best at designing and producing E-Boards, but only a few actually deliver. The Boosted Stealth electric skateboard is one of the few that has turned the tide of the game with its range of top of the line electric skateboards.

The Stealth Electric Skateboard is Boosted company’s most expensive and fastest model yet. The Stealth Electric board comes with similar design and components as other boards previously designed by Boosted. The difference is its new and improved range of 14 miles, as well as its run speed of 24 mph which is impressive when compared with other electric skateboards.

So do you think this e-skateboard deserves all the props it gets? Let’s find out.

Overview of the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

The Stealth Electric board is almost everything a skateboarder could imagine a skateboard to be. It is a step-up from Boosted’s previous designs with added features that promise users a great experience.

Boosted’s previous models have always been favourable to new riders in terms of accessibility and ease and that did not change with the Stealth. The craftsmanship of the board is absolutely fantastic and the speed, range, and acceleration are top of the line.

The Stealth is undeniably among the best that Boosted has produced so far, with how fast and powerful it is. The Stealth is so much power packed that I’d suggest you get a sound helmet before you decide to ride it.

The Package

In the past, Boosted has used trucks, wheels, and decks that were manufactured by other respected skateboard companies but that changed not long ago as Boosted now produces these parts by themselves. This switch thankfully did not reduce the quality of these parts(my opinion).

With its lightweight poplar score, the board is still springy and very much comfortable. And an added advantage is the board’s wide spacing of the trucks helps the rider take full advantage of the springy deck’s shock-absorbing nature.

Stealth Electric Board Review

The Boosted Stealth E-board is probably one of the most amazing skateboards I have come across, what with all it’s awesome features.

The fact is, it is hard to experience the Stealth and not fall in love. Of course, I am not saying it’s 100% perfect, but it comes close.

Here’s a list of features you should expect the Stealth to come packed with.

The Features

  • Regenerative breaks
  • 14-mile range
  • Top speed: up to 24 mph
  • 25% hill gradient
  • Bluetooth enabled remote control
  • Ride modes: 5 ride modes, which includes the new hyper mode
  • 2,100 watts of power
  • Super flexible composite deck
  • Dimensions of 11.3 widths, 38.0 lengths, and 5.7 height
  • Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels
  • Weight: 17Ibs

Boosted Stealth


The Boosted Stealth skateboard is built to take you up to 14 miles range on a single charge. So you can easily charge up your battery, which generally takes about 1 hour 45 minutes and go wherever you need to go without worrying so much about your battery dying on you.

Speed And Regenerative Brakes

Not only does the Stealth have lightning-fast speed, but you get to be the master of how fast you go. With this E-Board, you can clock a speed up to 24 mph effortlessly.

You can explore up to 5 different ride modes starting from the beginner mode to Hyper mode (which is crazy awesome). With this, you have a choice to decide at what speed you want to ride at and when. This makes the board both beginner and expert friendly. And if you’re a Daredevil, it’ll work for you too.

The Stealth electric skateboard also comes with regenerative electric braking which greatly compliments its 5-speed modes. For a board, these powerful, powerful brakes are needed and Boosted came through with their electric brakes.

And the fact that it is regenerative means you can always put back a little charge into your battery every time you pump the brakes.


At 17 pounds (18kg), the Stealth skateboard is an average weight for electric skateboards. Although if you carry it for long enough, the weight can begin to tell on you. But that’s totally understandable because a board that features and offers as much as the Stealth does, is bound to weigh slightly more than normal.

This doesn’t have to be a problem for you though, as long as you plan ahead and actually use the skateboard instead of carrying it.


The Stealth comes at a pretty expensive price. So, for all it can be described or classified as, cheap is not among them. But if you crave the very best features you can get in the market, you’re surely not going to find them for cheaps. Boosted’s Stealth guarantees you get what you pay for and more.


Equipped with 2,100 watts of power, the Stealth electric skateboard can basically get you through most terrains. You can tackle any hill due to how much power the board packs, climbing them easily and descending confidently without breaking a sweat.


The Boosted Stratus 85mm Wheels provides the rider optimal acceleration and enough shock absorption which makes bumps feel and look insignificant. Built with metal pulley, the wheels are more efficient, quiet and long-lasting.

What We Like And What We Don't



Boosted Stealth

Final Thoughts on the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

For me, the Stealth Electric Board is one of the many wonders of electric skateboards. A lot of its features appeals to me and provides a great riding experience.

Its design is superb and although it is expensive, it’s a board worth getting.

My thought on this? If you can afford the Boosted Stealth Electric skateboard, then go for it. You’ll find you made a pretty good decision.