Can You Skateboard In An Airport?

Skateboarders are looking for ways to enjoy the skateboarding activity to the fullest. It’s thrilling when you practice skateboarding on the road, pavements, streets, parks, ramps, hills, and unusual places. It’s also exhilarating trying out new tricks on different platforms to capture moments to show to friends and post on social media. Many skateboarders wonder what it would be like to skateboard in an airport. Well, that dream has come to reality for some while others are still conflicted about whether to do it or not.

The question of import in this article is “can you skateboard in an airport? It is very possible to skateboard in an airport provided they do not have any law which bans skateboarding. Also, the utmost care must be taken if this task must be undergone because accidents can easily occur.

This article will highlight a few things about skateboarding in an airport. The appropriate time to skate and places on the airport premises you can carry the activity out. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


Can You Skateboard In An Airport?

It’s no news that skateboarding is among the hazardous recreational activities. So, it has to be done with great caution as it can incur severe consequences. Skateboarding at the airport is more unusual because the airport is a bustling place. In the real sense, it’s not a conducive place for skateboarding. You wouldn’t want to go bumping into people and causing chaos. Security restrictions about sporting equipment vary from airport to airport, depending on the location of the airport.

Laws that ban what can and what can’t move in an airport varies in all airports. Some airport has no rule about skateboarding activities on its premises, while some do. Skateboarding in airports where it is restricted might get you in trouble with the TSA. Skateboarding, as well as biking or rollerblading, appears among the hazardous recreational activities. And although there’s no outright law that forbids skateboarding in an airport. Skateboarders are at their own risk if they engage in the activity.

Some airport, however, doesn’t mind your skateboard carried with you. Sometimes it will need to undergo check-in although skateboards are not among the airport’s list of banned items. So, you should be able to take your board into any airport in the world. Some persons claim security stopped them while skateboarding at the airport. While some skate past security men who do not engage them about the activity.

Yet, skateboarding in an airport is a matter of safety, and it has to be done with care. People are all over the place, and it will be a bad move to bump into anyone and inflict injury on them and yourself also. Passengers at the airport don’t like it when skateboarders skate around the airport. Not only are they mindful of their luggage and safety, but they also view people that engage in the activity as irresponsible.

The safety and security of customers and passengers are of top priority at an airport, and it impacts the use of skateboard in its premises. Security men can take it upon themselves to stop all forms of skateboarding. And sometimes won’t let you into the airport terminal building with a skateboard.


How To Skateboard In An Airport

Airports are generally busy at all times. It doesn’t matter the time you choose to skate through the airport. Because even at 5 am, a large number of people will be around to check-in so they can get to their destination on time. Many people catch early morning flights also, especially people travelling for business. Airports are busiest in early mornings and night time.

Visibility is also limited early in the morning and late at night, which makes it a little challenging to skate. But if you are hell-bent on skateboarding in an airport. Go in the afternoon or evening time when the airport would be less busy.

I carried out some research on people who have engaged in skateboarding at an airport. And to my surprise, I came out with some exciting results. Many of them claimed no one at the airport stopped them. Some said they skated through security guards and weren’t engaged in the activity. Although some argued that passengers gave them a frown, no one told them to stop skating. So, from the research, as long as you go about it with care. Regulating the speed at which you skate and being mindful of people nearby, then you should have no problem skating.

Airports have different places you can practice skateboarding. The airport terminal is a good place to breeze through, but be mindful of passengers. An airport parking lot is also a place you can practice skateboarding, but it has to be with care because of the people around and the vehicles going out and coming into the parking lot.

A lounge is also a place you can practice skateboarding, although it’s kind of dangerous to do so, because of the space and all but the floor is so smooth and quite tempting. You can practice skateboarding on the airport runway, hanger, etc. You can skate to get around the airport, as long as you go about it with care wearing a helmet and other protective wears, you should have a great time.

Before engaging in any skateboarding activity in an airport, find out the law that governs that airport you want to skateboard in, especially rules that address the use of skateboard within the airport premises. If there are no direct laws that prohibit the use of a skateboard in that airport, and you are hell-bent on skateboarding in the said airport, proceed with caution. Use protective wears, helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads. And above all, be mindful of passengers and people at the airport. If the security men order you to stop, obey, and stop the activity immediately



To conclude, there are few ups, but more downs to skateboarding in an airport. It’s fun to skateboard in an airport making videos and taking pictures; it makes you look cool. But at the same time, it can go south very quickly if you encounter a strict TSA officer.

Remember to always read about the airport you intend to skateboard. Also, carry out the activity with the utmost care.