What Is The Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings?

What Is The Best Lubricant For Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboarding is an incredible sport. The feeling of being able to move on a board with your feet and hands while gliding around effortlessly is an amazing experience. One thing that can make skateboarding even more enjoyable is having the right equipment, including bearings for your wheels. A lot of people don’t know how important it is to have good quality bearings because they’re not something you see or use often- but they are actually one of the most important pieces of equipment in a skateboarder’s arsenal!

A common problem for skateboarders is having the bearings in their trucks or deck of their board become too dry and not working properly. This can lead to problems such as wheel slippage or a lack of responsiveness when trying to turn your board. There are many different types of lubricants on the market but some people prefer natural oils because they do not feel like petroleum based products will affect the environment around them as much. However, this choice comes at a cost; these oils need constant reapplication because they wear off quickly from friction with other surfaces and don’t work well under high temperatures, making them less ideal for use.

This article will provide you with a list of quality lubricants that can suffice as an answer to the question of the best lubricant for your skateboard bearing. However, before we get straight to the list, we’ve opted to shed a little light on qualities or features that would help you rightly pick out a good lubricant.

Getting straight into it, the first thing to factor in when searching for a good lubricant is the base of the lubricant. For your skateboard bearings, the best thing you can do is getting an oil-based lubricant, that is, if you want to grease properly all of the moving parts in your skateboard bearing. Now, for skateboard bearings, not just any oil-based lubricant will do, you need an oil-based lubricant that’s able to withstand high temperatures, as well as a thin or lightweight lubricant.

This last aspect brings us to the next factor you should consider, which is viscosity. Viscosity here is a term used to describe the thickness of oil, that is, how thick your oil-based lubricant is. Now, for skateboard bearings, you need an oil-based lubricant that is thin or lightweight, therefore, you need one with low viscosity. Having mentioned these two important features to look for when you need to get a lubricant, the next step is obviously to get into the list. Therefore, below is a list in no particular order of five top-quality skateboard bearing lubricants.


Bones Speed Bearing Lubricant

To start off the list is a top-class product from one of the best skateboard brands in the world. The Bones speed cream is perfect to grease up any skateboard bearing, especially when you realize this product is specifically engineered for skateboard bearings.

This cream is made up of a specialized blend of high speed and low viscosity lubricants that ensure your skateboard bearings move faster and last for a longer period, without considerably less wear. The high-temperature formula used for the Bones speed cream ensures that friction is reduced, it also puts in place a reliable thin lubricant film which helps provide it protection against rust or corrosion.

Also, another quality of speed cream is that you are sure of high-performance results every time you use it. The Bones Speed lubricant cream is also backed by a lifetime warranty. So if you need long-lasting protection against rust, corrosion and friction, as well as improved speed and performance, then this will be of great help to you.

Oust Bearing Speed Kleen Kit

Here, we have one of those kits that come with both a cleaner, as well as a lubricant. Hence, if you decide to go for the two in one kits, this is for you, especially since the cleaner it provides is one that is simple, fast and easy to use for cleaning your skateboard bearings.

Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit
  • Oust Bearings Speed Kleen Kit

When it comes to the lubricant it provides, this Oust product goes environmental, and instead of the normal harsh and sometimes hazardous chemicals, they provide an effective alternative in the form of an orange citrus cleaner. The orange citrus cleaner is an amazing cleaning solvent that is safe, non-toxic and especially effective.

Also, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about damages being done to your bearing races or ball retainer, as the orange citrus cleaner won’t affect any damage to either your skateboard bearing races or ball retainer. Now, apart from all that, there’s also an extra advantage to using this product, which is, the fact that it’s an outright fast and effective way of cleaning your skateboard bearing.

So if you’re looking for an extra effective bearing cleaning lubricant and cleaner, as well as maybe something more environmentally friendly, you should get this.

Heady Shake Skateboard Bearing Oil (Speed Mode)

Following the trend of high quality and amazing skateboard bearing lubricants is the Heady Shake skateboard bearing oil. This is an amazing bearing lubricant and like the oil in the name implies, it is an oil-based lubricant.

The Heady Shake oil is a high-quality oil-based lubricant that is specially engineered to remedy the issues of any skateboard bearing.

This oil-based lubricant somewhat has a preference, that is, it especially pertains to or matches the needs of ceramic skateboard wheel bearings. However, this does not limit the general benefits of this oil, one of which is the faster, smoother rides it provides when applied to your bearing.

Also, it offers protection against locking, freezing and all-round bearing dryness, which can damage your wheels. Another advantage of this lubricant is the fact that it has low viscosity, hence, making it an incredibly lightweight oil-based lubricant, which poses no issues of being too sticky or greasy.

Triple Elite Liberty Oil For Skateboard Wheel Bearing

This is another example of a top-quality skateboard bearing lubricant. The Triple Elite Liberty oil is specially engineered to penetrate and lubricate bearings, in order to achieve the results of prolonging the skateboard bearing’s life, as well as removing breakage caused by dirty and improperly lubricated parts.

Liberty Oil, the Best 100% Synthetic Oil for Lubricating All Moving Parts...
  • 100% Synthetic oil that will reduce friction between any moving surface.
  • Safe to use on plastics and painted surfaces.
  • Comes with a medical grade 1 1/2 inch long stainless steel needle tip applicator for precision oiling...

Also, this particular lubricant acts by forming a protective shield against corrosive build-up, rust, as well as abrasive components like dirt and sand. Also, an added bonus to utilizing this product is that you get incredible pressure resistance, as anti-wear properties, which work without affecting any coatings or seal materials.

Now, like the Heady Shake oil, the Triple Elite Liberty oil is also an oil-based cleaner, which has an amazing feature of coating the surface with an oil film, in order to protect the equipment, as well as clean it and to cut friction. In all, this is a great oil-based cleaner that virtually protects every inch of your skateboard bearing.

Ardent Reel Butter Bearing Lube

To finish up the list, we have the Ardent Reel Butter Lube, although not specifically designed for skateboard bearings, but still manages to serve as an all-round bearing lubricant. Especially since it’s a fully synthetic lubricant that provides durable and reliable performance over various ranges of temperature.

Ardent 0270-A Reel Bearing Lube 1oz
  • This bearing lubricant is for use on all saltwater and freshwater reels to keep them performing at their...
  • Due to its ultra low viscosity, the bearing lubricant works thoroughly into all bearing components and...
  • Preserves your reel’s bearings by providing corrosion protection to prevent bearing noise, grinding,...

This particular lubricant has an excellent catalogue of quality features, but nothing steps close to its ultra-low viscosity, in my opinion. Now, by virtue of this ultra-low viscosity, this bearing lubricant becomes extremely lightweight and can work thoroughly into every inch of your bearing particles and will remain in place.

Apart from that, it also has an amazing feature of providing maximum protection against corrosion build-up. Also, you should note that this bearing lubricant works by flushing out any and all foreign debris or dirt that has been picked up over time, from the bearing.

How to lubricate skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings are the most important part of a skateboard. They provide the necessary friction for your wheels to roll, but they also take a lot of abuse from all that rolling around. A little bit of bearing lube will keep your bearings in tip-top shape and make them last longer.

A sad day in a skateboarder’s life is when they take their skateboard out for a ride and on that ride, they notice their wheels aren’t spinning freely on their own or they hear a weird noise coming from it. When this happens, it means your skateboard bearings are clogged up and long overdue for a cleaning session.

I always one hundred per cent blame the skater, when his or her skateboard starts to squeal, cause it means the maintenance and cleaning sessions are required, and parts like the bearings start to have issues.

  1. Clean your bearings
  2. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the bearing surface
  3. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before use
  4. Enjoy!
  5. Repeat as necessary, but be sure to clean your bearings after each time you lube them up!
  6. If you’re still having trouble with squeaky or rough bearings, try using a different type of lubricant such as Bones Speed Cream or Teflon Spray Lubricant (or any other brand that is compatible with skateboards).


While the top tier quality skateboard bearings we often use come with tolerances and clearances that are thinner than a strand of hair, it follows that if you don’t regularly clean or keep your bearings lubricated, the continual accumulation of water, dust, sand and mud will ultimately clog your bearings up.

In light of that, it is quite clear that your only option is to clean and especially lubricate your skateboard bearings frequently. Now, when it comes to the lubricating, greasing and cleaning of your skateboard bearings, you’ll no doubt need two essential items, which are a lubricant and a cleaner. While the cleaner serves to help remove the build-up, the lubricant which is the most pertinent serves to keep things moving smoothly.

You should note that there are some brands that offer these two items as a two in one solution, coupled with an oil and a cleanser, as well, there are others who provide one or the other. However, regardless of whichever way you as the buyer prefer these items, the deciding factor ought to be quality of it, that is, the best quality of lubricant for your skateboard bearings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you ought to give your skateboard the proper care and maintenance it needs, or it will break on you. Also, you should always remember that when your skateboard bearings stop spinning freely or start singing in a grinding tone, it’s high time to stop riding it and start lubricating and cleaning.

However, if you choose to ignore the signs and ride your skateboard on dirty or badly lubricated bearings, your reward would be permanently damaging your skateboard bearings.

Also, there’s the risk of injuring yourself too, if your skateboard wheels freeze up or locks while you’re riding, so it’s best to ultimately avoiding this by simply cleaning and lubricating your board.

5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

5 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

A common fact acknowledged by both experienced skateboard riders and professional riders alike is that for the various styles of riding that exist in the world of skateboarding, there are various and preferred versions of skateboard parts or accessories that either help or deter your chosen style of riding.

Of the parts, the wheels are the most pertinent, for if you get the wrong skateboard wheels for your style of riding, you won’t be able to properly ride.

For a quick look at the best skateboard wheels for street cruising, see the links below.

This is mainly due to the wheels of a skateboard are an incremental part of a skateboard set up and have a major effect on the comfort of the ride, as well as on the rider’s balance and performance on the board. This bit right here is more so pertinent for riders who prefer street cruising with their skateboards.

Hence, to properly ride with no issues and for better balance, grip and speed, you need to get good wheels which fit your style, be it street skating or any other. Therefore, for those who want to cruise their skateboard through the street, this article is set to help you, as we’ve done our research and we’ve come up with a list of the best possible skateboard wheels you can get.

However, before we get into the list, we understand that purchasing wheels for your board can be a tedious chore sometimes. Especially when you have to consider the various factors you ought to before buying skateboard wheels. Also, most times most skaters don’t even know the factors to consider at all and because of this, we are going to help by highlighting the main factors.

Tips To Buying Skateboard Wheels

Now, as already mentioned, placing the right set of skateboard wheels to suit your skating style will definitely go a long way. However, knowing the right brand of skateboard wheels or the right wheel itself to buy for your style, won’t matter if you don’t consider factors like the wheel’s durometer and diameter beforehand.

Also, factors like the wheel’s contact patch and its shape should also be taken account before making a purchase. In light of this, below are brief highlights on factors you should consider before buying skateboard wheels.

  • Diameter: This is one of the core factors to consider when deciding on what wheel to choose. With regards to skateboard wheels, its diameter is usually measured in millimetres, with a size range of 50mm – 75mm. Now, the diameter of a skateboard is a core factor because there is a clear correlation between the diameter of your wheel and the speed and acceleration you’ll be able to achieve while utilising that wheel. In light of this, the smaller the diameter, the lesser amount of speed you can achieve. This also goes in the opposite direction, in that the larger the diameter, the more speed and acceleration you’ll get. Overall, you should always take the diameter size of your wheel into account, as it will greatly affect your riding. For instance, as a new rider, the diameter size of 50mm – 53mm ( the smallest skateboard wheelsets) is more your fit as you learn, while for pros and experienced riders, they should be looking at a range of 60mm and above to achieve their desired top speed.
  • Durometer: Apart from the skateboard world, I doubt the term durometer exist anywhere else. However, in regards to skateboard wheels, durometer is the measurement of a skateboard wheel’s hardness. Hence, the harder the skateboard wheels are, the higher the durometer. The scale of measurement used to determine the durometer is an ‘A’ 100 point scale whereby, a 96a – 99a skateboard wheel is harder than a 78a wheel. However, there’s an additional scale used for measuring here, that is, the ‘B’ 20 point scale, whereby it measures 20 points lower, therefore having an additional 20 points for harder skateboard wheels. This translate to an 80b wheel and a 100a wheel having the same durometer hardness. Now, being that this article is generally meant to help street cruisers, you should note that a higher durometer wheel isn’t best for you. The reason this happens is while softer wheels achieve less speed, they help to absorb impact and are therefore perfect for rough surfaces. So for a street cruising skateboard, get a wheel measured of about 78a – 87a which should be at the perfect level for you.

Now, apart from the two core factors above, other factors you should consider are the contact patch and the shape of the wheel. On the contact patch, this is the part of your wheel that has contact with the ground while you’re riding, that is, the surface area. This is an area of consideration as it greatly affects your performance while skating, especially in the area of body weight and speed acceleration.

On the shape of the skateboard wheel, there are basically two shapes to pick from, which are the sharp-lip and the round-lip shape. The importance of this is, which shape the best suit your style and for street cruising, the sharp-lip shape is your pick.

Having said all these factors, the next step is to highlight our main topic, which is the best skateboard wheels for street cruising. For that purpose, here is the list we arrived at:

Powell Rat Bones Green (90 A) 60mm Wheels

To start off the list, you have one of the best retro-designed skateboard wheels, that’s perfect for street skateboarders.

Powell-Peralta Rat Bones 60mm 90A Green Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 5 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 5 Inches

The Powell Peralta Rat Bones wheels are built with undeniable quality and amazing features like an 85a durometer, that set it apart from the rest and ensures it’s one of the best set of wheels for rough roads. Now, the high standard features it has isn’t limited to just its durometer, rather, there’s the fact that its diameter is 60mm, with a width of 44mm and an ideal weight of 256g.

Altogether, it is clear that this particular set of wheels is a good fit for cruising and perfectly suitable to take on any surface you place it on.

Spitfire Classic Series Skateboard Wheels

When it comes to skateboard wheels that can be classified as all-rounders, that is, to fit any style of riding, you’re looking at the best there is. The Spitfire classic series are uniquely built skateboard wheels, and also as possess high-quality features.

Spitfire Unisex's Formula-Four Classic Wheels, White, 60 mm
  • classic shape
  • #1 shape in skateboarding worldwide
  • proven for speed and control

Their unique sense of build quality comes from the fact that they’re hand-poured and shaped, making the set of wheels a real testament to longevity.

As for the high-quality features of the Spitfire classic, you can easily see it in its 52mm – 54mm diameter or in the 99a durometer and also in the two different colour-ways they provide, as well as the modern design it wears.

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard Wheels

Based on the pricing, this set of wheels is a bit on the premium side, however, the reason is quite understandable, as the Ricta wheels are undoubtedly creative and overall comfortable.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 92A The 92a Urethane is A Happy...
  • 92A formula
  • perfect choice if you're skating a rough spot or looking just looking for a smoother ride
  • The 92a urethane is a happy medium that allows you to skate rough spots without compromising...

Also, there’s the fact that the Ricta wheels provide for riders NRG Hi-Energy Urethane Formula, which makes the wheels perfect for street or road cruising. Apart from these, there are also the features of a 52MM diameter and a 92a durometer.

So if you’re in the market for skateboard wheels that offer you unfailing smooth rides on rough surfaces and increases your performance, then this set of wheels are a match.

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

So we have another skateboard wheel from the Spitfire brand, the Spitfire Bighead wheels which are particularly suited for beginner street skaters.

The reason for the last bit of largely due to this set of wheels amazing rolling efficiency on any smooth surface.

Apart from that, another feature this set of wheels has is it sporting the highest level durometer, that is a 99a durometer, which will no doubt provide sufficient grip and balance.

There’s also the added advantage of multiple diameter sizes which it comes in, that is, from 48mm to 63mm and with sizes in between. So for new street skaters, this should help you learn and hone your style of riding.

Shark Wheels California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Now, this is the last set of wheels on this list, however, this set of wheels are uniquely futuristic and innovative. The reason for such praise is based on the Shark wheels being uniquely and smartly engineered in a hybrid round shape that doesn’t fall within the normal skateboard wheel shapes we know.

Shark Wheel Cruiser Wheels - 60mm - Blue - California Roll Skateboard...
  • Sine-wave shaped wheels that are fast
  • Better slide control
  • Go over rough terrain better than any wheel

Now, the amazing thing about the hybrid round-shaped wheel is that it is three times faster than the wheels around, and it is also smoother. Also, apart from the remarkable hybrid round wheels, there are other features that make this set of wheels top tier. For example, the durometer is set at 78a making it the right level for street cruising, while the diameter is at 60mm.

Additionally, the new innovative wheel construction also provides for better grip and slide control, as well as making skating in the rain easier.

Overall, when looking for the perfect skateboard wheels for your street cruising style, you should always consider the main factors to help you pick out the best option.

Best Trucks And Wheels For Skateboards

Best Trucks And Wheels For Skateboards

Selecting the most ideal skateboard trucks and wheels isn’t as simple as it may seem. To correctly choose the best wheels and trucks for your skateboard, you will need to learn some things about skateboard trucks and wheels in general.

If you’re a skateboarder, then you might already know what skateboarding trucks and wheels are and just exactly what they do. However, if you don’t, you will need to know how they work if you really want to get the best of the bunch.

Skateboarding wheels and trucks are important components of skateboards as they play a part in the way they ride as well as the overall performance of your skateboard. To find out the best skateboarding wheels and trucks, a good understanding of the differences among a host of features like size and height will prove very helpful.

This will not only help you pick out the best wheels and trucks, but it will also help in making you become a better skateboarder.


  1. Spitfire Bighead Wheels

The Spitfire Bighead has gained a lot of positive reviews majorly because of its efficiency when used on top of smooth and flat surfaces.

Spitfire Unisex's Bighead Wheels, White, 53 mm
  • BIGHEAD shape
  • Wider riding surface.
  • Full control.

Note that it has a 99a durometer – making it a very hard wheel you’ll come across in the market. Spitfire skateboards are very reliable and arguably have the best skateboarding wheels for tricks. This is because it can roll smoothly on almost every surface. This makes it ideal for professional competitions or for people looking to show off their complex tricks.

When combined with the correct diameter, the speed is quite remarkable. Depending on the type of your skateboard, you should select the most suitable diameter. This wheel is sold in 6 different colours which include blue, royal blue, yellow, purple, green and red.


  • It provides solid hardness that is suitable for top-grade requirements.
  • It can be able to run seamlessly on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.


  • It isn’t beginner-friendly.
  • It doesn’t work so well on rocky or rough surfaces.


  1. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

This is one of the first names that comes to mind when talking about skateboard trucks. Always remember that each rider has his/her own preference when it comes to skateboard trucks, especially when their riding styles and skills are put into consideration.

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks, Black
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 1 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 1 Inches

Havoc has one of the best trucks in the skateboarding world and it’s quite a common knowledge that they have consistently provided high-quality skateboard trucks for reasonable prices.

It is one of the lightest (if not the lightest) skateboards currently available on the market. These trucks are particularly suited for beginners and early learners of skateboarding. It is also suitable for casual skaters who aren’t planning to do a lot of grind tricks.



  • It is affordable.
  • The trucks are of standard size.
  • It is made with aluminium alloy.
  • It is ideal for beginners and casual skaters.


  • Isn’t ideal for street skaters.
  • Might experience kingpin bite.
  • Isn’t a good model for performing grinding on trucks.



  1. Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Skateboard Wheels

These are similar to the Spitfire Bighead wheels and is ideal for people who don’t like the branded design. Its durometer is also 99a, meaning it can be used by professional skaters on parks, pools and ramps.

Spitfire Unisex's Formula-Four Classic Wheels, White, 60 mm
  • classic shape
  • #1 shape in skateboarding worldwide
  • proven for speed and control

Even though these particular wheels don’t possess the sleek design of the bighead, its spinning patterns indicate the union between its wheels. This helps to ensure that your deck stands out.

It is important to note the diameter of the scale of the wheels with your colour selection. This means that the red colour has 51mm, the green has a wheel diameter of 52mm, yellow with a diameter of 53mm, so it goes. These wheels are of high quality and if you notice defects in your product, the brand’s warranty should be able to comfortably cover this.



  • It is solid enough for professional skaters to use.
  • It runs smoothly on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It is made with the best materials.
  • It also has brand recognition.
  • It comes with a unified design as well as a spinning model.


  • It isn’t suitable for beginner skaters.
  • Quite inefficient on rocky and rough surfaces.


  1. Gullwing Sidewinder Skateboard Trucks

The Gullwing is a well-built truck made and constructed with quality materials to ensure optimal stability and adjustment. Whether it’s a turn on flat ground or a 180 in a parking lot, these trucks will ensure that the transition is seamless.

Due to it being very stable even at top speed, this board will concisely and seamlessly respond to sharp and light turns.

However, the most satisfying thing about these trucks is its double kingpin feature that allows the trucks to steer further than the normal designs. This means that skaters can decide to create momentum via turning or pumping.


  • With its double kingpin system, you can steer farther distances than most trucks.
  • It is well built.
  • Its great stability ensures that it rides smoothly.
  • It can be easily adjusted.



  • It is majorly suited to be used in freestyle deck.
  • The wheelbase has to be raised by approximately 4″.


  1. Ricta Clouds Wheels

This is another skateboard wheel firmly high up the list. If you’re the type that enjoys travelling and cruising atop skateboards, then this will certainly fit your requirements. The wheels are ideal for both amateur and experienced skateboarders.

Value not found Ricta Unisex Adult Clouds 92A The 92a Urethane is A Happy...
  • 92A formula
  • perfect choice if you're skating a rough spot or looking just looking for a smoother ride
  • The 92a urethane is a happy medium that allows you to skate rough spots without compromising...

The wheels are created out of soft urethane and they still possess a steady construction. Their major objective is to go through rough surfaces which include streets, hills – as well as being able to roll over cracks in the surfaces.

They ensure that a seamless experience is provided when cruising with its 52mm wheels. This size makes it well-balanced between acceleration and speed. Users will have complete control over the velocity they would like to reach.



  • It provides a pristine balance between amateurs and experienced skateboarders as they can both make use of the wheels.
  • It can run comfortably well on most rough surfaces and rugged roads.
  • It is reliable and durable.
  • Its 54mm wheels ensure better control is gained.


  • Its price is quite expensive – especially for beginners.
  • Doesn’t perform optimally on smooth ground.


  1. 149 Stage II Skateboard Trucks

The Stage II Forged Titanium 149 is regarded as the most current of all the Independent products. The greatest advantage of this truck is its use of the most modern manufacturing features to ensure its strength is maximized – while minimising its weight.

Independent Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks 149/5.5
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 356 T6 Aluminum Hangers and Baseplates
  • 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles

It is available in an extensive list of axle choices that include the 109 and 215 models – among others. As well as the hanger being 149 mm, it is great to use with decks that are larger than the normal ones – with sizes ranging from 8.25 to as much as 8.75 inches. Unlike the Gullwing model that has a problem regarding trucks of low height, the Stage II model fashions out a regular measurement of 53.5mm that ensures there isn’t any wheel bite trouble at all.

It is made with the best materials and at first glance, you would be of the opinion that it would be too heavy. However, the truck is actually lighter than most of Independent’s models.



  • It has various choices in axles.
  • It is robust, solid and strong, yet, is very lightweight.
  • It doesn’t have any problems concerning wheel bite.
  • Made with materials of high quality.



  • It is on the expensive spectrum.


  1. Orangatang Mini-Logo Wheel

As regards Mini-Logo, their series is mostly geared towards simplicity and optimal performance. Its durometer is in size 101A which makes it even harder than most wheels.

Even though the wheels are quite hard, with the help of the remarkable rebound formula, they can prove helpful in making a dangerous landing become a more comfortable one.

These wheels possess cuts of two kinds: the A-cut, that has a 50-56mm diameter, is predominantly for the street skateboarder. These are the ideal sizes for park or tricks skating.

On the other hand, the C-cut is predominantly meant to be used by transition skaters who are hoping to become professionals. This C-cut has a size of between 55mm – 60mm, that is ideal for skating on the pool, ramp and on smooth surfaces.



  • The hardness of its wheels makes it suitable for professional use.
  • It works so well on sleek and flat surfaces.
  • It doesn’t cost that much and it also assures optimal performances.



  • It isn’t suitable for beginners.
  • It isn’t efficient on rocky and rough surfaces.


  1. Alomejor 1 Pair Skateboard Truck 4-8 inch Longboard Independent Trucks 

Like a lot of trucks, this particular model is differentiated with colours. Its price is also remarkably affordable.

Alomejor 1 Pair Skateboard Truck 4-8 inch Long board Independent Trucks for...
  • 【WEIGHT SAVING DESIGN】Skateboard truck has clean lines incorporated into a superb weight saving...
  • 【FOR SKATEBOARD】Long board independent trucks bracket mounted on the bottom of the skateboard. Great...
  • 【DURABLE TO USE】Skate board bracket is made of high quality of aluminium & magnesium alloy, this...

The consensus is that low price equates poor quality, but in this situation, I strongly disagree. The Alomejor skateboard truck is an almighty exception – as it is very good in quality and in its performance and construction.

Regarding 5” hanger, it is highly recommended to go for decks with sizes like 5.25”, 8.1” and others, meaning it is also ideal for boards – mostly penny boards. So, for any parent who wants their kid to learn how to skateboard, this product is suitable.

They are durable, stable and sturdy to help amateurs keep a perfect balance while also bearing the brunt of hits and bumps that will not hinder its efficiency for years.


  • It is manufactured with high quality and durable materials.
  • It is very cheap.
  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • Its balance is pristine.


  • It can be difficult for the bolt to fully connect with the trucks.

Best Backpack For Skateboarding, 10 Great Choices You Can Afford

Best Backpack For Skateboarding

A skateboard backpack is an essential tool for all the skateboarders around the world, especially those on the go, it would come in handy when you need to carry a lot of items while skateboarding.

But what is the best backpack for skateboarding? Trying to get a new skateboard backpack or looking to replace an old one could be a tough decision since there is a lot of skateboard backpack options. So to make the right choice, you should factor in size, weight, zippers and if it’s waterproof.

Let’s start by doing a quick overview of skateboard backpacks. We will give detail and critical analysis on each of our selected skateboard backpacks, showing you the pros and cons of each of them.

Skateboard backpacks are ideal for helping skateboarders store additional items like tools, pieces of equipment, and other essentials like these all-important padded shorts that I grew to love. So they don’t need to worry any of their belongings will be damaged if they lose their footing or balance. The skateboard backpack must be highly durable, resistant to wear and tear and also has to be practical.

So an ideal backpack should have all these properties and still be stylish and affordable. With that said, let’s have a look at the top rated backpacks for skateboarding.

1. Ventcy Tactical Military Backpack - Most Versatile 

Ventcy military backpack has been in the business for twenty years + now and is continually evolving with a new amazing new feature for all their backpack models. It comes in different colours, and it’s very stylish.

VENTCY Tactical Backpack 40L Assault Backpack Tactical Military Backpack…
  • 🏕️ 2 years After-sales service: VENTCY military backpack offers 2 years after-sales service for…
  • 🏕️Top Grade Material: The army rucksack is made of high intensity 1800D nylon fabric with strong…
  • 🏕️ Comfortable: Ergonomically designed shoulder straps are padded, with integrated air- flow…

The backpack army rucksack is made of high-intensity nylon fabric with durable seams and stitching, giving it very good wear and tear resistance property. It boasts of padded shoulder straps, adjustable waist strap, which opens with a clip, also boosts an integrated airflow channel; this all helps in creating amazing comfortability.

It has an external expansion system designed to be combined with other equipment like straps to make the backpack more comfortable when carrying your belongings like your bag, skateboarding accessory kits and other kinds of stuff you want to carry.

It has a dimension of (49 x 33 x 15) cm or (19.29 x 12.99 x 5.91) inch that is a storage capacity of 35L, this is a relatively big size skateboard backpack. It’s suitable for carrying your laptops and your books, and also suitable for everyday school use, school trips, tours, excursions and a lot of other applications.

It would also be a perfect gift for your loved ones when celebrating their birthdays or during the Christmas celebration.



Venom Skateboards Pro Skateboard Backpack

The Venom professional skateboard backpack is perfectly designed with considerations for those in need of a sturdy pack for all their on-the-go needs. It is available in different colours and made of strong nylon fabrics giving it very good wear and tear resistance.

Venom Skateboards Pro Skateboard Backpack School Rucksack with Board…
  • 💻 Laptop compartment (Fit up to 17″ laptops) Carry your laptop safely with the internal pocket to keep…
  • 🎓 Back To School Backpack With Velcro Carry Straps For Your Skateboard. Perfect for traveling around…
  • 🎒 Capacity: 23 litres – Plenty of room to carry all the important day to day items , including your…

It has a storage capacity of 23L with velcro straps on the front to help secure your skateboard while you’re on the move. It also has board carrier straps, a 17-inch laptop travel pocket, which means you can carry your laptop and other gadgets safely.

It also has a zippered front pocket, zippered side pockets, padded back panel, chest strap, side compression straps, padded adjustable shoulder straps, grab handle.

This backpack is strong enough to handle whatever life might throw your way with plenty of room for all your other skateboarding kits; it’s perfect for day to day school use, school trips even hangouts and your next skateboarding trip.



Burton Treble Yell Daypack - Highly Rated Backpack

The Burton Treble Yell Daypack is the ultimate backpack for carrying all your equipment; it was designed to perfection and styled in different colours like the animal-silhouette design, which comes in black and blue etc. This backpack offers a lot of cool properties, which also make it perfect for heading a back to school backpack.

Burton Treble Yell Daypack – Dress Blue Heather, One Size
  • Two side water bottle pockets; hanging zippered accessory pocket
  • Laptop compartment [16in x 11in x 1.5in] [40.5cm x 28cm x 4cm]; tablet sleeve [10.5in x 9.5in] [26.5cm x…
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps; adjustable sternum strap

The backpack has a capacity of 21L of storage. It is made of a durable fabric, the 600D polyester, and the 300D polyester material, which helps to resist wear and tear all year round.

It has a large compartment for tools skateboarding equipment, clothes, textbooks, and a lot more. It also contains a 15 inch padded laptop sleeve, which will come in handy when you want to take your laptop, gamepads, and any tech you want to carry with you it.

Additionally, there is a separate fleece-lined sleeve at the front, which provides a convenient place to store your tablet. It has two mesh stretchy water bottle pockets that offer a place to carry your beverages when you are on the go, with adjustable board straps.

It’s a perfect backpack for skateboarding, and also when heading to class or gym, with this bag, you can bring everything you need. It’s a very comfortable bag with ergonomic, contoured shoulder straps with a little thumb loop to adjust the fit, which helps it fit your body without pressure points.



Dakine Skateboard Backpack

Dakine is a well-known skateboard backpack brand; They produce some of the most popular skateboard backpacks. They are good at their craft with a line up of awesomely designed backpacks built to perfection. And they just keep doing it all the time.

  • Packs&Bags
  • Packs
  • Zipped Pockets

The Dakine skateboard backpack is very stylish and comes in a variety of colours; it has more than ten different colours such as carbon, timber & several different colour patterns. It has a lot of awesome qualities, ranging from design to protection, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The product is spacious 26L worth, it’s not so big for a student’s backpacks, but it has enough room for your tools, with a lot of well thought out pocket spaces. This includes a fleece-lined pocket for glasses, a padded laptop sleeve which holds computers (laptops) up-to-15 inch in a separate, lined, padded compartment. There is also a fleece-lined tablet compartment too. This pocket helps keep all of your electronics safe.

It has an insulated cooler pocket for your lunch, which is shockingly spacious at 8.5-inch long x 10 inches wide x 3inch high and comes with dividers. Plus, it’s spill-proof, so fewer worries for your meal, it also has other pockets for other accessories.

The Dakine skateboard backpack provides a lot of comfort and practicality; the adjustable straps will help reduce the impact of your load on your shoulders, creating stability and keep the weight evenly distributed,

This backpack is top-notch as its stowaway straps, and extra pockets blend in stylishly with the product’s aesthetics. With all these qualities, what more could you ask from a backpack?



Element Mohave Skate Backpack

This Element backpack, just like Dakine and Venom, is another one of these popular skateboarding brands known for its high-quality backpack built to meet the industry’s highest quality standards. Apart from backpacks, they’re recognised even for other products like clothes, shoes, and a lot of other accessories.

Their Mohave Backpack model is one of their more impressive backpacks.

The bag comes in more than 15 colours, and it’s made of 600D polyester material. This high-grade material makes it easy to hand wash instead of spot-clean in case of spillage. It also has solid zippers and polyester stitchings to gives the backpack wear and tear resistance, Due to the polyester material, the backpack it’s very stretchable when needed.

The backpack has a capacity of 30L with three pockets, two external and one internal, which is the laptop compartment to keep your electronic gadgets like your laptop or tablets; it’s not so big, so might not contain laptop beyond the 15-inch limit.

With all these properties, its safe to say, it’s an awesome choice for students going back to school. It’s very comfortable for long-term wear with the help of the two front-buckle straps, durable and big enough to hold what you need.

When you’re purchasing your new skateboard backpack, it’s important to go with something you that you will love. The Element Mohave fits the description. It’s like wearing an old friend.



Volcom Vagabond Backpack

Volcom is one of the top skateboard brands that you can always trust to produce the best of quality without a second thought. As skateboarder or snowboarder, you should know Volcom’s known for their quality and durability

So, it’s quite common sense that their Vagabond Bag is included in this list as one of the skateboard backpacks we will be exploring today.

This Vagabond backpack is one of the biggest backpacks out there. It has a capacity of 35l, which is pretty massive for a longboard backpack, this implies you will you able to hold all of your textbooks, notebooks, and other school necessities, But without organisation, that space won’t be managed properly.

The backpack has two compartments. The large one is built to hold the majority of the stuff you want to carry, while the second compartment, which is the smaller one, is polyester-lined and built to carry your electronic gadgets like your laptop and tablets.

The bag also contains an amazing seven pockets, one interior tablet slide pocket located in the laptop compartment, two interior slide pockets, four exterior slide zip pockets, which include a phone zip pocket at the shoulder strap.

The Vagabond skateboard backpack also contains shoulder and back paddings that help keep the bag stable and comfortable when skateboarding. As a skateboarder looking for a big backpack, the Volcom Vagabond is an excellent choice.



Nike SB RPM Backpack

It might come as a surprise seeing Nike on this list of skateboard backpacks. Well, Nike has been producing some nice backpacks for a while now. One of the more better ones is the Nike SB RPM Backpack.

This Nike skateboard bag at the time of this writing has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon. Nike shattered the quality-expectations with a lot of crazy features. It has an entirely separate 15-inch laptop compartment adding extra protection.

Its made of 100% polyester giving such strong wear and tear resistance quality and also water-resistant, with a spacious main compartment for storage. Also, there is a lot of easily-accessible pockets for other electronics, with interior and exterior organisational pockets.

It boasts of curved shoulder straps that help provide a comfortable fit, even after along rides your neck and upper-back won’t ache from carrying the backpack. Its stabilising sternum strap also helps balances the weight for even load distribution.

On the bottom-back are two buckle straps, not the usual Velcro, which helps to provide multiple skateboards carrying options.

All these qualities come together to make the bag comfortable, secured and durable.



Burton Kilo Backpack

Anytime you hear the burton brand, you’ll probably think snowboarding, skateboarding doesn’t come to mind. After all, they’re considered one of the best snowboard brands ever.

It’s easy to understand the confusion. Well, It’s easy to transit once you’ve enjoyed one deck sport, in this case, from snowboards-to-skateboards.

Burton Kilo 2.0 Daypack – Worn Camo Print, One Size
  • Front vertical zippered closure accessory pocket; fleece-lined accessory pocket
  • Side water bottle pocket with zipper expansion; side accessory pocket; Internal zippered mesh pocket with…
  • Padded laptop compartment [17.75in x 10.5in x 1in] [45cm x 27cm x 2.5cm]; tablet sleeve [11.5in x…

We will be reviewing the Burton Kilo Backpack, for its many awesome features. Like the Nike backpack, the Burton skateboard backpack also has a padded separate 15-inch laptop compartment where you could squeeze in your 17″ model if need be. It also has a separate, fleece-lined pocket for a tablet or any other electronic gadgets. So, you can carry both, without worrying about damage.

It has a 27L capacity, which could hold all of your accessories. It contains several internal and external pockets, which helps you organise a lot of your items. It has two exterior side zip pockets that could be used as water bottle holders, two interior zip pockets, a large exterior front zip pocket, an additional fleece-lined pocket, to store your goggles or sunglasses securely. You could still keep them in a soft case in case.

It has shoulder straps, which are fully adjustable to your body. A moveable sternum-strap, which aids weight distribution, it has two vertical snap-in buckles to help you Strap in your board, the Straps are eight-inches across, and can stretch to around nine-inches. So, it’ll hold any skateboard or longboard up-to-9-inches-wide.

It’s perfectly designed to reduce the contact points, such as the surface area against your back, decreasing the overall sweatiness against your body.

In other words, if you’re a huge fan of comfort, this backpack is for you. The bag is also available in different designs and colours, including camo, black, floral, and tie-dye.



Nixon Unisex Landlock SE II Backpack

This Nixon landlock backpack is one of the most stylish backpacks around; it has one of the best designs, built for longevity, comfort with strap integration. The rear part of the bag is designed to fit and accommodate your longboard. It is made of ripstop, which is a durable material, and due to its durability, the grip tape of your board won’t tear up the backpack.

Nixon Landlock Backpack III Paradise/Black One Size
  • Two mesh side storage pockets. Small top pocket with media port is lined with micro suede. Internal…
  • When you’re feeling boxed in it’s time to get out there. Explore your world in sleek style with the…
  • Large volume main compartment with internal laptop compartment.

This is a very important feature because it keeps the bag from tearing or ripping. It also gives the bag a unique customisation style, as there are more different colourway possibilities to consider.

The bag is made of the strong polymer material, which almost all the backpack on this list is made of, the 600D polyester; due to its durable nature and wear and tear resistance, it’s a very popular material choice among top skateboard backpacks. The adjustable skateboard straps can easily be tucked away and hidden for style purposes.

The interior design of the bag is also very distinct from other models. It features a major pocket with a synch opening, kind of like a big pouch. It comes equipped with a small mesh pocket inside the pack for stuff like notebooks.

Now onto one of the favourite features of this bag. It has a side pocket that is heavily padded for your laptop. This is very important as not many bags have proper padding to support laptop carrying. There is a pocket at the very apex of the bag as well with fleece lining for objects the size of phones, keys, sunglasses, etc. This bag also comes with an adjustable sternum strap to adjust the backpack in the best possible way. Also features a port to run headphones through a hole seamlessly through the backpack.

This backpack has a unique design and comes with high recommendations. Not to forget it has a storage capacity of 33L, which is a little above average for skateboard backpack capacity. Having a bigger storage unit can be very important for some as it could theoretically serve as a better school bag or hiker equipment, depending on your choice of application.



Carhartt WIP Kickflip Backpack

Some of us may not want the fancy backpacks we have been listing and would prefer something not so expensive since we just want to carry just the skateboard what is the use of getting a multipurpose bag. However, if you are looking for a skateboard that won’t fall apart as soon as you insert your skateboard, then you would like the Carhartt WIP Kickflip Backpack. It’s cheap and made of high quality.

  • Vintage Skateboard Styling
  • Padded Back & Straps for Comfort
  • Subtle Iconic Branding

The bag is made of durable material and could handle a high amount of wear and tear, also water resistance. It has a rugged zipper which is built to last, it’s a versatile bag and its quite large it got a size of 81 * 21cm, more than 30 inches of space thus large enough to carry medium to large size skateboards.

Due to it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use. It also adds a lot of comfort to you with its ergonomic adjustable straps, which helps in reduce and adjust the weight across both shoulders evenly.

There is also has a convenient pocket to carry any other items you might need, as I said earlier it’s quite cheap and it cost about 6 dollars which a real catch considering the quality, especially when you are on a budget.



How to Choose the Best Backpack For Skateboarding

Backpacks are very useful, for most skateboarding expeditions, you won’t just be carrying your skateboard but some other things too. Which are quite important as your skateboarding. I’ve taken some time to show you why you should get a multipurpose skateboard backpack, and they are down below.

  • Extra Protection

Most backpacks come with padded linings and secured zipper pockets made with strong materials capable of keeping your sensitive items safe. Some have durable straps which will hold your bag no matter how heavy the bag is. Also, the compartments are well padded, especially the laptop compartment, so your electronic gadgets won’t get damaged.

  • Multipurpose use

A backpack can be used for different purposes. Such camping, meetings, going to school or college, travelling. And your backpack should be there for you when you need to carry some of your stuff to a distance. You should be able to carry your laptop and other needful gadgets and if the backpack size is big enough, you can even carry clothes, books and other things.

  • Well organised

Just like all the bags we talk about in our top 10 list, almost all the backpacks contain multiple pockets for the organisation of your items so owning a skateboard backpack where all your things will be well-organized comes in handy. You can have a safety compartment for your laptop and right behind the laptop compartment, there will be another large compartment for storing notebooks and other stuff even side pockets for other things

  • Bad climate support

Some backpacks come with the water-resistant feature, which will be very helpful for you when rain interrupts your journey. And waterproof bags are even much better. You can maker use of them even in heavy rain, water won’t be able to get inside. These bags are really helpful as you won’t need to worry about the climate nor the gadgets inside.

Skateboard Backpacks - A Buying Guide

There are some features of skateboard backpacks which makes them cool, such as comfort, durability, storage capacity and so on. So we took our time to demonstrate every single thing that you should consider when getting your ideal backpack.

Type of skateboard backpack

There are generally two types of skateboard backpacks, one where the skateboard will be inside the bag and then another one, where you keep your skateboard strapped to the outside of your backpack. Both are useful, but the second type is recommended because they can choose to store more stuff in the backpack while the skateboard hangs outside the backpack.

Size of the bag

Size is a highly important factor when considering an ideal backpack, the size you choose depends on your needs. some skateboarders go for large backpacks because in it they could store all their safety equipment such as helmet, knee guards, tools, spares, and so on. While some opt for the smaller ones.
But I will suggest you pick a backpack that’s big enough to carry the items you need. at least a backpack that can accommodate most of your safety skateboarding equipment.

Body strap

Now some skateboard backpacks come with only one strap, I would recommend you avoid those, especially when the bag is big. The problem with one body strap bag is, when the backpack becomes heavy, the bottom side of the bag will start moving left to right, which is super irritating and it also causes bad posture. Due to the fact, the bag will put much pressure only that point.

I recommend that when deciding on the best backpack for skateboarding, you go for two straps, one for the waist and another on the breastbone. Why? Because it will help distribute the weight evenly, which will make you feel you are not carrying something so heavy even when you do, the bottom part of the backpack won’t swing due to the waist strap. On the flip side, two-strap backpacks give better balance.

The Weight

When filling your backpack items, it will get little heavy, and there is nothing you can do about it, What you can do is, choose a backpack that is made of materials that’s lightweight when compared to others, because lightweight backpacks will weigh less than the heavy ones when you load them with items.


Like we established earlier you won’t always have clear clouds over your head sometimes it would rain and sometimes you might get caught in the rain. Of course, you won’t ride in the rain but what if the climate was good when you were starting but turned rainy in the middle of your journey. That’s where a waterproof backpack would come in handy. Waterproof backpacks won’t allow water to get into the bag and will ensure your gadgets remain safe inside.


It imperative in choosing your backpack, you pick a backpack that all compartments are secured by high-quality zippers. We should know zippers are a lot more secure than the buttons or velcro. While skateboarding there is a high chance that things will get tossed around and button or Velcro might not be able to withstand the pressure which could cause you to lose your things during skateboarding.


The durability of the most important factors to be considered and its the first thing you should check before buying your backpack. So you don’t end up buying a new backpack every six months. So you should pick a backpack that is made of high-quality, durable materials like the polyester 600D so it would tear easily.

So with all this, I’ve written, you have hopefully decided on the best backpack for skateboarding for your needs. If you found an alternative that works better for you, please let me know about it in the comment section.