How Do Skater Trainers Work?

In the world of skateboarding, skater trainers are a relatively new trend and lots of beginner skateboarders constantly wonder if they truly work. There are also a lot of questions to be answered, with some people saying they work amazingly well, while others categorically say they don’t work and are just a marketing scheme.

The focal point for a beginner to skateboarding is how to ride without falling off and learning how to do tricks. Are tricks meant to be done when in motion or when stationary?

And whatever the options are chosen, are skater trainers a must-have and how do skater trainers work? The truth is skater trainers do work for beginners who are frightened of falling off a skateboard. Skater trainers will help them feel comfortable and can sometimes eliminate their fear of seeing their boards go off with a mind of their own. Trainers generally do not really help you learn tricks faster, if anything, they kind of slow your progress.

The trick to mastering skateboarding is to have absolute confidence and a desire to understand your skateboard and how you can be in sync with it. Trainers can work for some people and be a total waste of time for others.


How Do Skater Trainers Work

The Moving vs Stationary Debate

The real question is not just a case of whether skater trainers work or not and if you should use them, it’s more important to consider whether the tricks you want to learn can be learnt while moving or when stationary. Studying both sides of the arguments closely will help you come to your own conclusions as to why some skaters trainers do work and why some argue that it’s just a money-making strategy.

You see, like every other exciting activity, skateboarding beginners are often too keen to advance too fast. There are processes to everything and step by step guide on how to progress in every sport. Skipping steps will not really benefit you, on the contrary, it will impede your progress in the long run. You must first understand how to be in sync with your skateboard before you can attempt to learn ‘basic‘ tricks.

Pros and Cons

As is with every debate, no sides are actually completely wrong, an idea just works better for certain people more than it works for others. In the same vein, learning tricks while moving on a skateboard works for some people, while learning from a stationary position works for others.

Of course, there is a difference between landing a trick while moving and achieving it while stationary.

Whatever method you choose to use, it will work for you as long as you have pegged down the basics of skateboard riding. When you practice a trick from a stationary position, you have a better feel for the trick and it’ll help your muscles remember how you did it.

A major reason skateboarders go with learning while stationary is that performing a trick while in motion is more difficult and kind of scary. Of course, they cannot be blamed, because lots of tricks are always scary the first time (I still find certain tricks difficult after multiple attempts), but it’s actually not as bad you many would think.

It is actually okay to fall down once in a while.

Also, while we’re here, you should know that falling while doing a trick stationary causes more damage than doing it while moving. You’re more likely to hurt your shoulders and ankle because you are in less control of the situation. The impact is also a bit more on the joints in your body.

If you fall off your skateboard while moving, however, it’s easier to roll when you fall because you have already gained momentum.


Reasons to Buy Skater Trainers

The number one reason why people use skater trainers is probably more psychological than physical, in that it helps them feel more confident on a skateboard. Getting on a skateboard for the first time is a bit daunting for most beginners and having skater trainers that remain fixed on the boards will turn the fear down a notch.

Skater trainers are also designed to stop your skateboard from sliding out from underneath you. Once you have them in place, you can work through the motions without being worried about falling and hurting yourself. My advice is if you choose to get a pair of skater trainers, ensure you only use them to get a hang of your board.

Do not use them to learn tricks, that’s not such a good idea.

However, if you truly believe skater trainers will accelerate your learning curve then you should totally go for it. You should know though, that there are cheaper options if your reason for getting trainers is your fear of your board slipping from beneath your feet while practising your balance. You can train on a patch of grass or carpet, something that will cushion your landing if you do fall down.

Reasons to Not Buy Skater Trainers

In my opinion, skater trainers are a waste of money. You can buy yourself a set of Spitfire or Bones wheels for the same amount you would get trainers. They are more fun and the truth is that I think with better wheels, you will progress faster.

If your wanting to get skater trainers is because of your inability to control your wheels, then you could just tighten the nuts on your wheels so they stop spinning. Locking your wheels on a piece of carpet, or rubber mat does the same thing. You can also tape a drying towel and on some socks on your wheels.

Anyhow, the choice is yours to make. If you really want skater trainers, then go get one. Or you could choose to use any one of the other tips I mentioned.


Skater trainers have their perks. While they’re great to some extent, you should never use them to learn tricks. I can suggest that beginners get them but not rely on them. Especially if you are scared of stepping on a skateboard for the first time. They can help you get accustomed to using your board and will stop your board from moving when you don’t expect it to. You can totally use trainers for that.

However, the minute you have gotten comfortable with the board and you have mastered your fears, get rid of the trainers. Skater trainers are okay to use until you get comfortable riding your board. They won’t help you in the long run.

On that note, instead of getting a pair of skater trainers, you can consider buying better skateboard parts that will help you a lot more in the long term. What is more important is that you get as comfortable as possible riding a skateboard. Whatever what you go about doing it, does not matter, what matters is that you are actually doing it.