How To Be Consistent Skateboarding-8 Ways That Work

Having one’s skateboarding tactics is very crucial to a pro skateboarder’s success. Skateboarders that work on their consistency perform better than those that do not. Skateboarding is more than knowing how to use the board. A lot of physical and mental work is needed to be exceptional.

Consistency is not a one-day thing but something that is built after years of relentless practice. Pro skateboarders that we admire today were not very good at the beginning of their careers. They had their pits and falls. Some performed badly at events and contests. As time went on, they learned to work on themselves to be where they are today. They learned how to be consistent skateboarding.

If you want to know the secret of great skateboarders, check out how well they’ve trained hard to be consistent. Top skateboarders are where they are today because they worked hard to be consistent.

Being consistent does not come along the way. You decide how you want to be consistent. You have to make up your mind on it and abide by it.


Meaning of Consistency In Skateboarding

Consistency in skateboarding is creating and maintaining unique training habits and routines, as well as attitudes that yield the ability to perform at a given performance level. The rule is simple. Ask yourself the rank you want to be in this career. Improve yourself to be just where you want to be.

It does not involve receiving awards, praises, or attracting so many fans. It’s more than getting results. It is a mindset. Once a skateboarder creates these routines or habits, he begins to live with it. He carries this mindset throughout his career. It is something you do today, and change tomorrow. It is a continuous strategy to be practiced regularly if not daily. Stick to it and it becomes part and parcel of your being. It is like an identity. Something that makes a skateboarder what he is in the game.

Consistency attracts awards and other benefits that he can ever imagine. Consistency in skateboarding is the strategy that skateboarders use in achieving their set goals in their performance. It is not about daydreaming to be great in the game. Mapping out plans to achieve this greatness cannot be overlooked.

It is important to note that consistency is different from striving to be perfect. Perfectionism is pursuing unrealistic goals. It ruins a skateboarder’s career. It creates a negative mindset that hinders growth which in turn leads to frustration in personal life and career.

On the other hand, consistency leads to improvement. It is the ladder that skateboarders use to climb to the peak in their career.

A skateboarder striving for consistency will use his mistakes in performances to be better. A perfectionist will get disappointed at himself for performing below his expectations. His frustration will make him perform poorer next time.


How to be Consistent Skateboarding

Understand What Consistency Means to You

Find out what consistency will mean to you. Is it to learn new skills, performing with more confidence, or improving on current skills, etc. This can be compared to setting up goals before proceeding to create tactics to achieve them. Once you figure this out, proceed to how to achieve them. Draw up ways to maintain consistent positive attitudes, intensity, and focus.

Set Realistic Goals

Set goals that are attainable. Have a routine. Determine when and how long you want to practice, and how often you want it. Make up your mind on this, and stick to it. For example, you can decide to tell yourself that you are not going to stop practicing until you get a particular trick. Consistency has a lot to do with repetition, commitment, and the drive to get a trick.

Maintain The Same Positive Attitude and Mindset Always

Do away with negative attitudes. Embrace a positive mindset. Your mind controls how well you are willing to take other measures to be consistent. Quit striving for perfection. Don’t overthink it. And do not overdo it. Skateboarding itself is not easy. Do not make it more difficult to be too hard on you. Enough of the self blames for not winning or getting new tricks properly during practice.

Consistency is a mental exercise. Your mindset determines how far you achieve your goals. It goes with the saying that, if you can believe it, then you achieve it. Believe it. Think of it that you can attain that performance level. The power of the mind controls the talent itself. Get your mind right and everything will be easy to achieve. Control your mind; your mind will help you control your boards.

Be confident at all times. Do not be nervous. Nervousness will slow down how fast you learn. Then fear will gradually creep in. Before you know it, your confidence level drops. No matter how hard it seems, keep believing in yourself. Always have positive vibes. Find out what motivates you. This will always be your force. It will make you see reasons to move on when you do not feel like it.

The right attitudes improve how well you are willing to train. It also helps you relate well with your fans, colleagues, the body as a whole, and in obeying the rules of the game. There is no need to put yourself at the risk of being sanctioned every time or getting into fights with colleagues.

To achieve this, work on your mental health. Clear your mind off negativities including malice, and strife.

Also, don’t be intimidated by the success of other skateboarders. Their strategies are different from your own. The best you do is learn from them. Don’t be angry that another skateboarder performs better than you. It will breed jealousy. Jealousy will hinder how well you can perform.


How often do you practice? Do you go and off practice?  The practice is a major rule in the journey to consistency. It makes you get better. This is not a playful or unserious practice. Real practice is required to be a consistent skateboarder.

Leave your comfort zone. Don’t rely on your ancient tricks and skills. Try out new stuff too.

The only way to master a new move is to practice all the time. It does not only stop at knowing a new move, but practice to keep up with the old ones. After you land a trick the first time, continue doing it to be consistent at it. Continue landing a particular trick in single. This will help you to remember it even after a week.

When practicing among people, don’t be shy to try new tricks. It is ok to get laughed at when you fall while trying out a new trick. If you pay attention to how people will react to your mistakes, then you make yourself miles away from consistency.

Also, when practicing, take note of your mistakes especially when you keep missing a particular move. Figure out the things you did wrong in each attempt. The purpose is for you to figure out how to correct yourself. Once you know your mistakes look for ways to correct it. Do not rely on your strength alone to get this done. Research online, read books, watch other skateboarders practice, watch videos, ask questions.

An easy way to know your mistakes is to film yourself when practicing, watch the video when you are relaxed in order to detect your mistakes.

If you keep missing a particular trick during practice, give yourself a break, relax a little, and take a deep breath. You can do this while keeping your feet on the board and then land it.

Practice with friends to know who can land a trick first. Practice with friends, especially those who are better than you so you can learn from them. You can be great too when you practice alone.


Take Care of Your Health

Being consistent means you have to be on the scene always. Going in and out of hospitals will take you out of the scene. In the process of recovery, you could forget new skills and tricks that you have learned before. The time that you use in getting old tricks can be used in learning new ones. Illness and injuries slow down consistency in skateboarding.

Live a healthy lifestyle to stay fit. Do not risk your health trying new layoffs because of potential injuries that can hamper your career. Take caution while trying new tricks.

Put on your safety gear and helmet. Be careful when skating at night. Stay off harmful foods, drink, and drugs. Regular medical checkups are important too. Know the status of your health so that you can fix whatever that is not right before it weighs you down.

Don’t wear out your body with too much practice and other activities. If you skate for many hours in a day, give your body time to rest. You need your body to function well so that you can practice well. Rest will help you get back to your muscle memory. Skateboarding requires both cardio and muscular workouts; therefore, you need rest to get back in shape.

Thinking about new tricks, and your goals when you are not practicing can help you get better at it, your mind needs time to rest too.

Ensure that you have enough sleep in the day. Create time for relaxation and fun.

Build Your Image And Strong Fan Base

Work on your online presence. Online presence attracts a huge fan base. Figure out how to interact with them. Build a community of engaged supporters. Interact well with people.

Cave out an image for yourself, something that people can know you for. It could be how well you respond to criticism, failure, your friendliness, a particular skill you are known for, etc. Whichever image you create for yourself, your fans will know you and like you for it. Some can know you for being an inspiration, an epitome of hard work, or humility. You do not have to be all. What is important is that you create a positive image, and maintain it. This will get you more supporters.

One of the processes of getting a huge fan base and supporters are, shunning illegal activities, supporting young skateboarders, and connecting with the public.

Be Dedicated

Devote yourself to skateboarding. Make up your mind if it is really what you want to do. From this comes to passion. Dedication will make you consistent with the level that you want to be on the skateboard.

When you dedicate yourself to it, daring new tricks plus working on yourself will not be a burden to you. You will find joy in it. You will it as something that is expected of you to do.

Dedication yields a fighting spirit in skateboarding. That is, not giving up easily. When you do not give up, you become consistent in it. Don’t give up on anything until you learn it. Do not relent until you have reached your full potential. Do not let laziness place you in one spot.


Do not get tired of repeating one trick until you get it. Repetition hastens consistency in skateboarding. Apart from practicing, repetition is needed when exercising for skateboarding. Having a routine is crucial in learning how to be consistent. Routines involve doing the same thing continually at a given time. So if you are lazy or impatient to repeat your practices, being consistent may not be possible. Lots of tricks that pro skateboarders put out there are products of continuous practice. They keep learning how to put an upright attitude.

The process of being consistent in skateboarding continuous till the day a skateboarder decides to quit skateboarding. A skateboarder should make up his mind on what he has to do great in the game. If he can do this, he will make himself a consistent skateboarder.

With all the things listed above, if you can follow closely and work hard at it, consistency won’t be a problem for you at all. And while you work, remember your body and mind need rest. So don’t get yourself sick trying to be a better skateboarder. You’ll only be hampering your progress.