Penny Board 27-Inch Cruiser Review

I first rode a penny board 27-inch cruiser when I visited Australia a couple of years ago, and although I’ve been interested in the very art of skateboarding for the greater part of two decades, I truly enjoyed riding the penny board.

It had a simple design, yet it was so smooth and comfortable. It was perfect for downhill riding and glides through surfaces smoothly. The wheels are soft, with a standard bearing, and could do a few tricks, especially carving. The colours are really appealing and the boards are super flexible.

I only wished the board came with a grip tape that would have made landing tricks (like the Ollie) possible. But notwithstanding, is the penny board worth being a skateboarder’s choice?

The Penny 27-inch cruiser complete skateboard: What’s the deal?

The Penny board, or Penny Australia as it was first known, was first made in Australia. They come majorly in two sizes: 22 inches and 27 inches boards but there’s also a longer board of the penny family, the 36 inches penny board commonly called the penny longboard.

These penny boards come in countless styles and colours that give them distinguishing identities. With wheel diameter measuring 59mm, this penny board 27″ cruiser is adapted for smooth riding.

Complementing the 59mm wheels is an ABEC 7 bearing which gives the board a seamless feel when riding.

The decking on the board is made with either plastic or maple material, so it is extra flexible. With a 27″ length, it is easy to carry around without having to bump into people in transit. The board comes in a weight that is approximately 2kg and this makes it really lightweight.

The board comes fully assembled inside its box, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together by yourself. All you have to do is buy and get ready to ride straight away. How does that sound?

The Penny board 27″ is relatively stable because of its length, and riding it is similar to riding a longboard. It is ideal for late teenagers, affords more control and can be on the road for a long distance without hiccups.


Key Features

Features at a glance

  • Manufacturer: Penny
  • 27 inches Length
  • Weight: 2.49 kilograms
  • 59mm wheel diameter
  • Wheel hardness: 83a
  • Product dimension : 2 x 7.5 x 2.1 inches.
  • Width: 7.50 inches
  • Product name: Penny 27″ cruiser complete skateboard


Are The Parts Good?


The Penny board 27″ cruiser decks are made from maple or plastic materials, designed to give the structure of the deck a combination of strength and flexibility.

What makes this board stand-out is its size. With its 27 inch length, it is bigger than the 12 inch Penny board and also wider. At 7.5 inches in width, it cannot be compared to the smaller board of 6-inch width. This causes the Penny 27 inch cruiser to have a wider platform, making it more stable.


ABEC 7 premium bearings, fitted with big tensile bolts. These help to hold the wheels in place and gives in a non-frictional feel when being ridden. Although while this is great, you have to know that bearings degrade really fast and will have to be upgraded when they do.


Penny trucks are made entirely from cast aluminium. The purpose of the trucks is to connect the board’s wheels and bearings to the deck. The trucks are composed of two parts; baseplate, which is screwed to the top part of the deck, and the hanger, which the axle runs through.

The trucks are about 4inches wide which makes them capable of sharp carves. Also, because of its trucks, the board is a lot more stable when it is going in a straight line.


Penny board wheels are made from polyurethane materials, with a plastic core. The wheels on the 27- inch Penny boards have a diameter of 59mm (2.323 inches), making it fit for a string of riding skills. It is also well adapted for downhilling.

Wheel hardness (durometer)

The hardness of penny wheels, known as the durometer rating is an important element of the penny boards design. Measuring on a scale of 65A to 100A, all penny wheels are rated at 83A, making it convenient to cruise.

What’s More To Know?


The board is not the cheapest of course. But I really think it is affordable considering how good it is. An adult can almost easily afford it and teenagers can easily save up for it. It’ll also make a great gift for a loved one who knows their boards.


The board is extremely lightweight. Weighing in at 2.49kg, it can be easily carried around without much hassle. If you have a large enough backpack, it could fit into it which is very convenient when you are mobile.

One of the most popular reasons that people have when they choose penny boards is that they are not heavy. They are small and they are very light.

What We Like And What We Don’t


  • Definition of convenience for every user
  • Because they are small, they are easy to carry around (portable)
  • Easy to navigate in crowded places
  • The board is very durable



  • Not suitable for performing tricks
  • It is easy to lose stability at high speed especially when you’re not on a straight line

Final Thoughts on the Penny Board 27-Inch Cruiser

Penny boards are one of the best boards, for beginners and experts alike because you can easily take it around and cruise even in places with a large number of people. And because of their size, it is quite easy to avoid obstacles.

This particular penny board is made for cruising, and though it is bigger than the 22 inches board, it might still be too small for some really big individuals. In that case, a longboard is much recommended.

If you are looking for a board that is built specifically for commuting, then you might want to pick out the penny board.

However, if you want to take on more skating challenges, like throw in a few tricks as well as commute, then the longboard is perfect for you. But if that is not your thing, you should totally get the penny board.