Skateboard Commute Tips & 4 Key Benefits

A skateboard can come in very handy when going about your daily activity. While it may not be that easy to learn, the fun – when you learn it – is worth every bump and fall. There are a number of different skateboarding styles available – park, street, vert.

This piece will focus on skateboard commute tips, the benefits, and the tricks you can use to get better at skateboard commuting.


Below, we will look at 3 key things

  • Getting started with skateboard commuting
  • The benefits of skateboard commuting
  • How to improve at skateboard commuting


Getting Started with Skateboard Commuting

The first step you need to focus on when looking for skateboard commute tips is to buy the right gear and dedicate time to practicing.

The Gear

Find below our in-depth guide for selecting the best skateboard for commuting. There’s also a look at skateboarding shoes and which ones to get to allow you to look the part when whizzing along.


Any free skateboard that you can lay your hands on would be great to learn with – if you can find one. Although, if you will need to buy one, then anything from a longboard or to a Penny board will suffice. For prices around the £50 mark, you should be able to get a good enough skateboard.

Skateboard Shoes

You should consider getting some skateboarding shoes. Trying to ride through town with a pair of your work shoes on, can be a mistake waiting to happen. You can get yourself a pair of vans or generic types of skateboarding shoes from Amazon. Getting a pair below the £50 mark should be a good enough pair.

Start Practicing

Once you have laid your hands on some decent skateboarding gear and shoes, then you just need to get some practice hours in. You can do this by riding your skateboard every day. If you’re going to the gym, the grocery store, to class, work or anywhere at all, use your skateboard.

At the initial stage, it might be a bit uncomfortable and you may have to move at a very slow pace. Slowing down when you feel you are going too fast and having to lift up your skateboard every now and then to avoid collision with people are things that may also occur.

After practicing for a while, you’ll notice that your balance on your skateboard will be a lot better and you’ll be much more comfortable starting, turning or stopping. So while it may seem easier to walk, push yourself to commute to work on your skateboard.

Benefits of Skateboard Commuting

For Saving Time

When you skateboard commute, you are bound to spend less time on the road. This, I believe, is one of the major upsides to commuting with a skateboard. You can save anything between 10 to 20 minutes recouping valuable time that is often spent on the road.

For Social Reasons

The fun that comes with being on the road, air blowing through your hair is another reason you should start skateboarding. When you skate in a group, it also gives you a chance to mix and socialise with others and this reinforces a great feeling of belonging. Skateboarding adventures with your friends can be a thing and you also have the option of making new friends at meetups, clubs and skate parks.

When you and your coworkers skateboard to lunch or when you tour the city with other fellow skateboarders, it can be a great opportunity to bond. Needless to say, skaters are some of the coolest people around.

For Health Reasons

Skateboarding is arguably a sport and as we all know, all sporting activities can be beneficial to your health in a good number of ways. A professor interviewed by Men’s Journal recently described skateboarding as a ‘rigorous cardio workout’. Skateboarding helps to reduce stress and also helps to develop the muscles in your legs. An additional benefit you get is better hand-eye coordination and core balance.

Exploring New Neighbourhoods

The great thing about skateboards is that you do not have to worry about looking from somewhere to park. You also do not need to worry about security or getting a parking ticket. You can explore new neighbourhoods on your skateboard and cover ground in very little time.

You can stop as often as you like, irrespective of it being a restaurant, shop, or bar. All you have to do when you get to your establishment of choice is to pick up your skateboard and walk straight in.

Skateboarding is cool… In many ways

Skateboarding does look cool but that’s not the only kind of cool associated with a skateboard. On a very hot day, skateboard commuting will help to keep you cool. Feeling the wind on your face while you breeze along a sidewalk or in front of an entire apartment block would make you want to quit walking.

If you are late to work or class, rather than run or leave in a rush, you can use your skateboard and push a bit harder. This way you will be relaxed when you arrive at your destination instead of sweaty, flustered and out of breath.

To do it properly and reduce the chances of you getting hurt, you need to invest some time learning how to skateboard. When you know how to skateboard, you’ll never get tired of how amazing it feels when you move on your board with a cool pair of headphones on your way back from work or simply to catch-up with friends.

Check out our other articles for a look at the best shoes and the best skateboards for commuting.

How to Improve at Skateboard Commuting

The better you get, the more relaxed and comfortable you get with the elementary aspects of your skateboarding: Starting, pushing, turning and stopping.

You can then start adding new tricks and techniques in your daily commute if you realise that you have grown too comfortable and are no longer updating and improving your skills. The secret is to always keep an eye on what you do and make sure you constantly try to get higher-level skills at all times.

New tricks you can try learning include power slides, tic tacs, riding switch, manual, acid drops, etcetera. Tricks like this will help make your skateboarding commute a lot smoother.

Below are a few extra cool tricks to add to your skateboard commute:

  • Tic Tacs – For quick turns or moving without alighting
  • Foot Stomp – slow your speed
  • Pumping – increase your speed without going off the board
  • Manual – useful for acid drops
  • Acid Drops – go down curbs
  • Ollie – climb curbs
  • Power slide – a quick stop
  • Longboard Dancing – why? Just because it looks cool

Of course, you do not need to be limited to doing just these tricks and can explore advanced tricks that you can try out in skate parks or on the street.

Click the video below for a sneak peek at some other tricks you can incorporate into your commute.