Slick Revolution Review: Urban 80 Electric Skateboard.

Skateboarding has evolved so much over the years and I don’t just mean the skateboarding techniques. Skateboards have gone from wooden boards to incredibly put together remote-controlled boards for an easy commute.

I can’t say I’m not happy about this development because not only has it made skateboarding superfly, it has also made moving around super easy.

There are companies out there that have taken skateboarding design and creation to a new level and who has produced top-notch skateboards.

The focus of this article review, however, is the Slick Revolution’s Urban 80 Electric Skateboard.

The Urban 80 Electric Skateboard- Overview

Urban 80 was designed for the typical commuter in an urban environment. With its 80cm length, it is really easy to carry around in crowded places, convenient enough to take on a bus or train without hassles.

Unlike the original Flex-E-board, the Urban 80 comes in a smaller package fully packed with more range and power. This makes it a much more portable alternative.

Urban 80 is pretty pricey so it might not be the first choice for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. The board is a load of technological goodness that has features that will appeal to both skateboard enthusiasts and noobs alike. It comes with an advanced controller fully equipped with 3 different speed modes, an LCD screen and 3 braking strengths which makes the board easily and comfortably controlled by the rider.

If you have to move through smooth roads, going from your home to the office or to school, or you have to shred really tough and hard ground, the Urban 80 has got you covered. It is designed so spectacularly that you get to choose your wheel size depending on how much wheel strength you would need. There’s the 83mm Slick wheels, the 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels, and finally, the 120mm Foam Core Foamies.

The board comes with really strong brakes which does a lot in most emergency situations where you need to make a sudden stop. If you’re new with E-skates, you might find the brakes as too strong or too forceful. But that’s okay because there is a way to rectify that feeling. You mostly just need to get used to strong breaks and know how to regulate your weight when you are about to hit the brakes. Surely it is better to have strong breaks than tired ones.

The Urban 80 Review: Key Features.

We’ve singled out some kickass features of the Urban 80 E-skates, now let’s check out some of the things that makes this board cool.

Features At A Glance

  • 2400 watts of power.
  • 3-speed modes.
  • 3 braking modes.
  • Wheel choice: 88mm Slick wheels, 110mm rough stuff wheels, and 120mm foamies.
  • Top speed: 22mph | 35km/h(83mm Slick Wheels). 25mph | 40km/h(110mm Rough Stuff Wheels).
  • Range miles and kilometres: 15miles and 24 kilometres.
  • Advanced wireless controller.
  • Regenerative brakes.
  • USB output.
  • Weight: 6.5kg/ 14.3 pounds.
  • Climbing gradient: 20%/ 11.3°




The Urban 80 is designed to go a good 24 kilometres or 15 miles on average. Depending on the wheel size, the board can do a speed of 22mph and 35km/h, and 22mph and 40km/h. The top speed that can be reached by the 83mm Slick wheels is 22mph | 35km/h while that of the 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels does 25mph | 40km/h.

Which, if you ask me, is a good range overall.

With its 3 speed modes, a rider can easily and conveniently choose what riding experience he wants. You can either choose to practice, have fun, or activate the expert mode. Whatever works for you and makes you feel safe. It’s your choice.

Also, backing up its 3-speed modes is its 3 braking modes. With a feature such as this, you can feel free and confident to explore and ride as fast and wild as you choose to know you can immediately pull to a stop if the need arises.


Weighing approximately 6.5kg or 14.3 pounds, the Urban 80 is extremely portable which is a much sort after feature for a commuter skateboard. Despite the small size of the board, it has been tested to perfection and can hold the weight of a rider of about 120kg without causing damage.


Urban 80 was produced with the customers pocket in mind. For the value it offers, the board is worth the cost. So the board surely gives you value for your money.


Irrespective of how harsh your surrounding terrain is, hilly, bumpy, rough, or hard, the Urban 80 has got you covered. You don’t have to be worried about wrecking your board over bad roads as the Urban 80 comes a sturdy suspension and is equipped with 2400 watts of power.


Holding up this awesome amount of power are hardcore wheels that are designed to hold against imperfect conditions. With the newly introduce 78A wheels, the rider is sure to enjoy a much more comfortable and smoother ride with added grip.

83mm Slick Wheels

The 83mm slick wheels are the smallest of Urban 80 wheels which are designed for hard grounds and smoother tarmac. It accelerates better but gives a slightly slower top speed.

110mm Rough Stuff Wheels

This wheel gives you a smooth ride over bumpy roads. It is so well designed that you won’t even have to worry about riding into bumps because well, it can handle it.

120mm Foamies Wheel.

If you want to cruise over bumps without the slightest feelings of vibrations or discomfort, this is the wheel to go for. It is the Slick Revolution’s latest addition and it focuses on offering more comfort than the other wheels.

What We Like And What We Don’t


  • Allows choice of wheels to ensure the comfortability of the rider.
  • Speed modes and break modes make the skateboard suitable for skateboarders of any skill set.
  • Regenerative brakes which allow for reuse of stored energy gotten when brakes are applied.
  • It can be used in rough and bumpy terrains without causing damage to the board.
  • Has a reasonable speed range.



  • Does not come with batteries.
  • Price is a bit steep for newbie skateboarders

What’s In The Box?

The Urban 80 Electric Skateboard, when purchased comes with the following items:

  • 1 Urban 80 Electric Skateboard
  • 1 Advanced Wireless Controller
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • 1 E-board Charging Cable
  • 1 E-board Skate Tool
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Set of 83mm Slick Wheels or 1 Set of 110mm Rough Stuff Wheels or 1 Set 120 Foamies


Final Thought

Having used the Urban 80 Electric Skateboard for a short while, I do think it delivers – on quality looks and balance.

It is very well made and the design works for anyone who enjoys skateboarding, both professionals and newbies alike. I love how its operation does not involve technicalities which makes it easy to operate and control.

If you are in the market for a skateboard, I’ll recommend this one.