What Type of Skateboard Should You Get?

There are individuals who think that skateboards are just that; skateboards. They don’t see the specs, they don’t see the way one looks smaller than the other, and neither do they see that there are different lengths, width, nose, tail, etc to different skateboards. If you’re one of these people, hey, look again!

But look on the bright side, that’s why I’m here. We’ll see the variety of skateboards that are there. If you’re asking yourself what type of skateboard should you get, then you need not look any further because you will be well informed here.

There are a ton of different parts on a skateboard, but one thing you must know as an aspiring skateboarder is that the most important of these parts is the skateboard deck. The board deck is that flat board you rest all your weight on when skateboarding. That one part is the most obvious to differentiating which skateboard is which.

A shortboard for instance, as opposed to a longboard or cruiser, is ideal for street skateboarding[1]. It continues to be the best pick for doing tricks, as a pro or a beginner. There are certain things you must take into consideration before you settle for a board:

  • Picking the right deck
  • Choosing a board shape
  • Determining why you want to skateboard.

Now that you know these, let’s dive into what skateboards you should get and which fits your needs.

What Type Of Skateboard Should You Get?

We are not going to go so deep on all the different types of skateboards. We’re only going to handle the basics. As a beginner, there’s only so much that would interest you or influence your decision on what board you would like to get. Most beginners are either interested in longboards, cruisers or popsicle skateboards.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the things you must consider before deciding to pick what skateboard would work for you, is to decide what you want to do. Do you want to just cruise around the block when the need kicks in, or do you want to perform some top-notch tricks? Conceivably, you want to ride downhill or cruise for a much longer period, or you want to focus majorly on doing tricks and becoming a badass skateboarder. When you’ve made up your mind on this, then you can make the right decision on choosing a skateboard.



Popsicle Skateboard

The popsicle skateboard is by far the most common skateboard in the market. One out of two skateboards sold is a popsicle skateboard. They are the skateboarders’ go-to for boards made for technical tricks. So if you’re interested in that, this board might just be what you need.

This board varies in size, so you have to consider what you weigh before deciding to pick one up.

Reasons to Buy

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you like doing flip tricks, you relish the street skateboard in style, riding in your local skatepark, then this is your one-stop destination. The popsicle board is what you need. The good news is, it’s not that expensive to purchase too, so you can always work with a reasonable budget.

  • It’s more affordable than a cruiser board or longboard
  • Easy to commute with
  • It’s the best if you’re into learning tricks

Reasons Not to Buy

Forget the excitement of performing stunts or doing tricks, are you willing to always replace parts of your board at short intervals? Because that is what is true about the popsicle skateboard. With all the stunting and tricks, your board is sure to wear out occasionally. Not just your board, your shoes will experience damages a lot too.

You must also know that the popsicle skateboard is hard to ride, unlike the longboard which is built for easy cruising. If you’re not the persistent type, you can easily get frustrated and choose to throw in the towel. I’ve seen it happen lots of times. If you’re compelled to succeed though, it’s worth it.

  • It’s harder to learn how to use or ride
  • It damages easily so parts need to be replaced repeatedly
  • It’s easy to get discouraged and might feel the need to give up and try something else
  • Wear and tear on your shoes which suggests necessary shoe replacement from time to time
  • Not adequate for long-distance commuting


Longboards are really great for beginners. If you want to surf the streets, learn new but limited skills and experience the calm that comes with cruising on a board, then longboards are your sure bet.

Longboards are available in several shapes, purposes, and sizes and it has a variety of styles like freestyle, dancing, cruising, downhill riding, etc. Regardless of the different types of longboards, you don’t have to be confused on which to pick. You can just get one and move with it. Some boards are easier on beginners that others, but the truth of the matter is that any longboard can work for you, as long as you don’t yearn to do those complex riding styles.

Reasons to Buy

Because of their large board, longboards are pretty easy to ride. They provide comfort because you’re ultimately balanced while riding. There’s no fear of misstepping and maybe spraining your ankles.

Longboards can take you long distances, longer than small boards can take you. Also, generally, you don’t need to have accumulated lots of skills to be able to use a longboard. They last longer too and help you save money from having to purchase new shoes every once in a while. To make it clearer:

  • It’s easy to ride
  • It provides absolute comfort when riding
  • It is more durable than the popsicle skateboard
  • Though expensive at first, it is cheaper in the long run
  • They’re very easy to balance on

Reasons Not to Buy

Where there are advantages, there are sure to be some disadvantages, no matter how minute. And here, the longboard has a few. Excessive weight is not something anyone can easily overlook. The longboard is indeed comfortable and balanced but the price for that comfort is in its bulkiness. Also, a good longboard is expensive to purchase, unlike the popsicle skateboard which is cheaper.

  • Longboards are heavy and huge
  • As I would advise, quality is always best especially when it comes to your board. And a quality longboard is not cheap.


Graceful, portable, and fast, cruisers are longboards, but smaller and lighter. They’re the best skateboards for commuting in because of their speed and of course, they’re best for cruising(duh).

Mastering a cruiser is not a piece of cake though, especially if their boards are really small. But if you can get one with a wider board, you can learn the ropes in no time. Cruisers aren’t built for tricks either, though, you can do a limited number of tricks on it(not the crazy stuff please) but they are hard to pull off. So if tricks are your forte, get a popsicle skateboard.

Reasons to Buy

If you said nay to the longboard because you don’t feel like logging around some heavy board, and if you need speedy transportation, you should totally get the cruiser board. Here are some reasons to buy a cruiser:

  • Lightweight and really easy to carry around
  • Built for cruising but can also satisfy your need to try a few tricks here and there
  • It’s really fast, hence works great for commuting

Reasons Not to Buy

Yes, you can ride longer distances on a cruiser, but you’d have to push a lot. It’s not as free and effortless as the longboard. If you’re really into doing tricks and stunts, I’d rather you get the popsicle skateboard because cruisers can not really satisfy that need. Except you don’t mind replacing your board over and over and over again.

  • Not your go-to for technical tricks
  • Does not offer the comfort a longboard does
  • Though fast, it is stressful to ride long distances



What Type of Skateboard Is Best for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner and you hope to find a specific or detailed description of what particular board is best for you, I’m really sorry to break it to you, but you won’t find it. There are too many things to take into consideration, so many factors to analyze and a myriad of details you need to be sorted out before you can choose what works for you.

There are a lot of things that should influence your decision. Your environment, your funds, your preferences too.

You must first decide what you want before proceeding to the technical decisions. If you love effortless cruising, go with a longboard. If you have a knack for attempting dangerous stunts, the popsicle board will suit you.

It’s not that big a deal. Skateboarding is supposed to be fun. Have fun figuring out what you want.


[1] Street League Skateboarding – Link